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Good Thursday blog followers.  I am very pleased to post another update today.  This time my unit of board and sword infernal guard unit, aka “the brick.”   Someday I will go back and freehand some runes on the shields.  Enjoy!


Excellent progress. Your army looks really good.


Good monday blog followers. Today i have stormvermin kit-bashed hobo’s for ya’ll. I hope you enjoy. Let me know if there are any questions.


those are gnoblars from GW or they are from other brand???

thank you and the unit is amazing!!


Really good looking Hobbos! :slight_smile:


Smooth Hobbos, nice work!


Thanks once again for the compliments. These models were a hoot to build and paint.

@Topota. Here are the bits I used to make these sinister little buggers. And as Herby states, yes this is a popular kit-bash. I actually got the build from someone on here. I will have to go back and findout who originally posted them.

- Stormvermin body

- Gnoblar Head

- Ungor bow arms


I have what i believe is a special treat for blog followers today, and that is Ogre Allies!  

First some ironguts with 2 bruisers (1 w/GW and the other a BSB).  I intend on making some modifiable bases so i can use these as Bull Centaurs as well.  It was very tricky to get these guys to rank up with the models being so big.

Back rank & musiciian…

Champ solo shot…

Standard Solo shots…

BSB shots…

Bruiser w/GW shots…

Next up some ‘count-as’ mournfangs…

I hope you enjoy these fellas as much as I do.  Thanks!


Nice conversions - keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Nice idea!

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omg! are all of those original metal taurus/lammasu bodies? impressive!


One thing to add, dunno if you’ve just done it for display shots, but in games the musician in the Ironguts unit should be in the front rank and one of the heroes should be in the second rank.


Wow, a very cool idea, and very nice conversions!!! Great work!!


thank you for the info boomboom; fantastic work with those Ogres!!! :hat off


Wow, what a fantastic army blog!

I love the black with red highlights armour. Makes for a very menacing looking force.

The destroyer and hellcannon are fantastically original!

I’m not usually a fan of the ogre cull centaur conversions, but your’s look really good!

The skin colour on the hobgoblins makes them look particularly peculiar, but in a devilishly good way!

Hope to see more from here! :smiley:


I thought I commented on it earlier. Apparently not. Those chariots are insanely cool.


I thought I commented on it earlier. Apparently not. Those chariots are insanely cool.

+1 for sure...;)!


That is a cool update! Brutal allies indeed.

I wanted to create bullcentaurs with GW ogres first, but I found them to be too fat. But you’ve made it work. The brutal masks and the altered gut plates. Fit nicely together.

And those juggernaught pulled ogre stirred chariots must be some of the nastiest thing to take a charge from. SLAM!


Thanks all for the words of encouragement.  I actually have a ton more pics of this finished 3K army, with alot more finished models and conversions, however moving the pics from snapfish to picasa is time consuming and I haven’t gotten enough free time to move them all over.  If you would like to see more pics, including display board, please check out…


Or you can view my army blog on my local gaming club forum at the following website. WARNING: My club is full of immature grown men that like to make fun of each other, use foul language, and occasionally make homophobic remarks. Just keep in mind we all great friends and all posts are made in good fun.



WOW, AMAZING!! Went thru the other blog, and your army, table and scenery looks fantastic!

The lava is perfect IMHO, and your gaming table must be one of the coolest yet!!!, and what a great tower!!!

You should really make time to fill out the blog here on the CD forum, your army and work deserves it!

It’s nothing more to say really than brilliant !!!