[Archive] I had "the dream"

Auretious Taak:

Dreams never mean anything, and should NEVER be taken as literal desires or fears.  They are truly weird though.

I disagree.

In fact many, MANY people worldwide disagree with this concept.

I shoudl look into the science of it, it is probably damned fascinating all those neurons firing away lol. :)

Auretious Taak.


It could be argued that the brain gets bored during sleep and decides to do something rather then wait 4-10 hours until you wake up. Now graned in a sleep state the autonomic functions ate still going but cognitive thoughts…

Might just be that simple.

Lord Zarkov:

So...X-rated dreams or just very meaningful to yourself and not really wanting to air the thoughst here. There's another thought, what is the level of maturity of gamers on here, how far can we discuss stuff of a more mature content?

Auretious Taak.

Auretious Taak
It varies quite a bit, I think mostly adults, but there's likley to be children as well (also we don't want people seeing bad things written if we get googled).

Personally I wouldn't go further than GW stores recomended '12A' equivalent, but best IMO to stick to PG


In fact many, MANY people worldwide disagree with this concept.

Auretious Taak
Many people believe all kinds of silly things (myself included) but it doesn't make them true. I've not seen any proper science that can determine anything from dream analysis, beyond "if you see or think about X then you are more likely to dream about it".


My understanding of dreaming is that we can process everything we experience whilst awake.  

If you never slept your brain would get worn out.  Not sure if its true that you would die if you never slept?

Personally I’d love to only need 2 hours sleep a night.


hmm, i don’t think i’ve ever had the “warhammer” dream. excepts perhaps the reoccuring zombie dream when I lose to vamps

@ Grimstonefire - I remember reading a study that not sleeping will lead to death, I just can’t remember how long it said it would take and I’m fairly certain they weren’t saying that the cause of death was suicide. I’ve pulled 80+ hours without sleep before, and you start to go a bit mental.

Viskar Zhragoth:

Old bit from college…Warning long and winding…

The brain has a organic device known as the reticular formation (basically near the medula - you know the thing that makes the heart beat and our lungs breath). The brain has a very difficult time differentiating “real” life from our dreams. In fact the reticular formation turning off is the mechanism our bodies use to not react as heavily to dreams, though when we have extreme emotion the mass of chemicals in the brain can still travel and cause a reaction. Hence, starting, twisting, flopping and moaning during nightmares.

Basically we can’t tell the differences between “real” and “dreams”. So to our brains all reality are dreams and all dreams are reality. Of course, the question is who’s dream is it…

Yours…Mine…Or someone else’s.

And yes, I think dreams are a way for the brain to “work through” our own subconscios. but I also don’t think they mean anything other than …gee I’m thinking about that a lot…I want that a lot…I’m feeling guilty about that…or nervous about that.

One other note - the reticular formation works most of the time 100%, but can occasionally flutter open. This can result in sleepwalking. It can also happen when you have been drunk or are waking up from a night out. Sometimes that sudden lurch we feel when we wake up is the reticular formation coming “unstuck” and going back to active.

Kera foehunter:

lol so how many of you guys remeber there dreams!!


I’ve done 50 hours without sleep and it really starts to go weird. Imagine constantly being in a state where everything has more than one meaning, you mistake trees for people, and a bird flying overhead is a large ball about to hit you.

Viskar Zhragoth:

Well, I just drove from Seattle to Michigan with about 7 hours of sleep…deer became friends and cars big vicious monster cats about to pounce.

But I also once did a sleep deprivation study in college (it was in performance versus sleep for athletics and academics (basically, no sleep then try to do something physical and something mental to find out how bad you become.) This was important to me since I’ve suffered from insomnia at different levels at different times.

But as far as dream, I tend to have about 1 vivid dream a week. I’m sure I have more, but one that I can remember for days after…

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

24 hours without sleep

man it was boring

just waiting for the sun to rise ‘huh’

Kera foehunter:

well i did have 50 hour but i did 39 with out sleeping before i went from eastern ohio to carlin nevada!! but i like the zone!!!

Cornixt lol i do that on a normal baces!! it called being blonde


I would say I remember 75% of my dreams and I dream on a very regular basis. such an active imagination… the reason I avoid scary movies. I don’t know what my mind will come up with when I’m sleeping!

lol @ Kera… blonde. haha


I am a vivid dreamer and I remember most of them.  My dreams are ussually very organized and resemble stories.  When I was little I had the misfortune of suffering several concusions and underwent sleep studies for headaches that I was having.  When that happened I was told that I go into a stage of REM sleep that few people go into, something like less than 1 percent of the population.  I don’t remember what the stage was called but it was characterized by extremely vivid dreams.  They asked to study me more but it involved sleep depriving me and I didn’t want to do it. I was like 12 at the time.  

Anyway one of the most interesting thing about dreams it what the person who has them does with them.  For some of us they are very important life altering things and for others ideas not worth remembering.  I’ve noticed that creative people tend to have more vivid dreams and remember them more than those who aren’t creative.

Kera foehunter:

i know i do but do you dream in color??

But im more of a day dreamer than one that remebers there night dreams!!


I dream in colour. It is apparently a sign of a disturbed individual.


I know I dream in colour… because I can wake up, recount my story and say things like “she was wearing a bright blue scarf” or “there was this delicious red apple” or whatnot.

My gramma from my mom’s side used to have vivid, colourful dreams. My mom tells me in the morning when they would be eating breakfast she would recount her dreams to keep my mom entertained. I guess I get it from her. :slight_smile:


Longest I went without sleep was 48 hours, much like Cornixt it started to get really bizarre towards then end.


My dreams are usually vivid and always in colour. How do you dream in black and white? I remember at least one dream after 80% of nights, although by the evening I have usually forgotten it unless I have told someone about it. I have only managed proper lucid dreaming a couple of times, and I accidentally woke myself up shortly afterwards both times.

Kera foehunter:

well most of my night dream ecape me !! but once in a while i get a hell of a dejavu!!

when i go to a place never beenthere before and i know i been there !!! and i know this place some how??!!

Wierd huh