[Archive] I had "the dream"


Personally I'd love to only need 2 hours sleep a night.

Yeah, but they'd just pile more work on us. So perhaps in secret.

I'd prefer to not need sleep at all, but be able to if that makes sens. More along the lines of a means of relaxing.

I aim for six good hours and I'm usually ok. Once I get past eight, I feel like I've wasted time usually... except on the occasional sleep in on a weekend morning.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

it’s wierd sometimes i stop breathing when i sleep

now thats scary


When you stop breathing when you sleep its called sleep apnea. You should dee someone about that because it can be very dangerous. It is treated with a machine that puts blow by fan like pressure on you while sleeping via a face or nasal mask. The names of the machines used are called c-pap or bi pap. Most insurances cover the cost of them. Its something that you should consider Godbob.


Yeah Godbob, I have a few friends with it. Speedygogo is right on this one.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

well thanks the pluse side of thing is that i haven’t had it for a year now so when it comes back i will cosult my GP:cheers

Kera foehunter:

well i hope so !!!if not we can steal willmarks helmet for you!!!

now don’t forget godbob

Hashut’s Blessing:

Mr. Xander, was this after I’d told you I’d designed some sprues for CDs and that I’d send ya some if I ever made them and/or you helped?

Auretious Taak:

So...X-rated dreams or just very meaningful to yourself and not really wanting to air the thoughst here. There's another thought, what is the level of maturity of gamers on here, how far can we discuss stuff of a more mature content?

Auretious Taak.

Auretious Taak
It varies quite a bit, I think mostly adults, but there's likley to be children as well (also we don't want people seeing bad things written if we get googled).

Personally I wouldn't go further than GW stores recomended '12A' equivalent, but best IMO to stick to PG

Lord Zarkov
Lord Zarkov, fair enough then, I'll be sure to think about what I say here then, some forums such as The Golden Throne (largely 40k/WFB, very small group) are fairly open within reason so hence the asking.

I dream in colour most of the time. I have several zombie dreams, influenced heavily by Urbandead which I've played to much infamy (Gingerbread Men, Original CoL, et al), heck even had one last night influenced by resident evil which was on the TV and black and white cause my TV in my room is Old School Black and White haha! :D

No sleep for extended periods of time is not healthy, it does lead to death, several cases of it have happened, can't be arsed finding them. Best I did was 37.5 hours I fell asleep for 1/2 hour (curses) and was up for another 36 hours...my sister and some friends made a full 72 hours, it screws you up so badly. Oh and that Asian kid that died from 4 days of WoW non-stop...yeah, lol...

Auretious Taak.

zorn sabretooth:

i found xander!!!

wellielive in the freudian concept of dreams

“dreams are caused by repressed sexual feelinks, nein?”

Nein herr freud NEIN!!!

my weirdiest dream was basically the plot of apocylse now but i was willard and bill clinton was Kurtz

i don’t have a clue what that was supposed to mean!!!


My dreams are the by-product of all the pointless ideas/inventions of all of humanity combined together to make a mass-hellish swirl of pure confusion and paranoia