[Archive] Inferno Golems ideas


For those of you who play with the indy list (or any other fan list with golems in), have you made any models? Or got any ideas?

The Ork Mega Nobz make good ones (as has been done before).

With a lot of conversion work could terminators (chaos or regular) work?

Gar Shadowfame:

honestly i rly dont know how to make them, i wanted them to be a stone statues, but found nothing suitable yet, i want to avoid steam-tech look as i much preffer demonic-tech

Father Grumpmas:

I’m using a couple of Illyad miniatures elementals (fire and earth) and a reaper miniatures earth elemental.

Still WIP at the moment but should have them painted by next week - need them for a competition on December 6 :stuck_out_tongue:

Da Crusha:

this is a pretty cool conversion that I just found that has an inferno golum feel to it

CoolMiniOrNot - Steampunk dreadnought -converted by Decoy

Hashut’s Blessing:

Someone on the website (sorry, I can’t remember who) was planning to use the stone dwarf head statues in the King’s Wall (three stone heads with chain between) from the BfSP set as the basis for their inferno golems.

Golem, to me, implies automaton, so something without a will of its own.

Inferno, implies fire.

So, try combining ork killa kans and tarminator parts, include a furnace at the back (maybe like the old school train style ones) with flames licking out, flames coming out of eye sockets and joints and any orifices imaginable. Maybe that will help.


Lego for the win

It has the potential :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Throne, you really have found agood basis. The hands would need chaning and the eyes would need reapinting. Maybe try and get the red one though :wink:

Border Reiver:

The gent in question (yes, I cannot remember his name either) used space marine legs (maybe terminator legs would be more in scale?) and arms and the torsos from the King’s wall from BFSP. They are a little small for 40mm bases, but it is a good start. The dread conversion looks too big for a 40mm base, but could be a decent “giant”.


i’ve ben using the dwarf bodies from the BFSP set that makes up the dwarf fence.

Da Crusha:

I would like to get my inferno golems to look like the golden army from hellboy 2

I think I would remove the hands though and put the weapons directly attached to the wrists. I really like these because their round body shape would fit nicely into an army of chaos dwarfs.

Da Crusha:

wow I just found these hellboy toys that are only 2 inches tall so they can make great inferno golems without too much converting. they go for $8.99 USD for the pair. looks like Im going to have 4 extra hellboys…

Hashut’s Blessing:

You could always use one as a unit champion for them, lol :smiley:

nitro: sorry for not remembering that it was you that had the stonewall idea. Got a lot of uni stuff happening and I saw it a while ago (maybe a few weeks, but feels like months, lol).

Gavan Sing:

The Idea I saw was with a 40K Tau Stealth armour as legs & body, chaos warrior head, maurader shoulder plates, orc arms, an exhaust pipe at the back & appropiate weapons.

the size is small on a 40mm base but the creator put 2 per base for 3 base & it look neat with the dark bronze & gore red scheme

Warlord Zharhak

Uzkul Werit:

I’m using the Khador Demo Corps from Warmachine.


wow I just found these hellboy toys that are only 2 inches tall so they can make great inferno golems without too much converting. they go for $8.99 USD for the pair. looks like Im going to have 4 extra hellboys...

Da Crusha
Can i ask what they are called on the site?

Da Crusha:

nitro: ForbiddenPlanet International – KEEP YOUR FINGER ON THE FPI PULSE

this is actually where I first found them and then I looked at the toys R us website and found them cheaper there so Im just going to walk in and buy them…


Gavan, can you please find the picture of that?

BTW those Khador Demo Corps look to be perfect, but I’d replace the human head with a mask.

Gavan Sing:

unfortunately I didn’t take any photo of the fire golem & I will not be passing by that GW store again.

Looking forward to your latest idea of fire golem & immortal

Warlord Zharhak.

Da Crusha:

the khador models from war machine look great for inferno golems but they are a little expensive for my tastes…


IMO all Warjacks from Warmachine will make cool golems! :slight_smile:

But like Da Crusha mentioned they are a “bit” pricy! :frowning:

I also like the Hellboy “golem” or whatever this thing should represent in the film/comic!