[Archive] Interested in a summer campaign?


Would anyone here be interested in taking part in a summer campaign if CD were a playable faction?

I can’t tell you more at this stage (as I don’t know myself), but I trust that the people organising it have had a lot of experience in doing this sort of thing, so it’s bound to be good.

One of the people organising it has contacted me to ask whether we could generate enough players to make a faction. They are currently working on the storyline, and they’re considering making the CD an important part.

I’d just like a quick idea of the number of people who would want to take part so I can reply.

Anyone who has done one of these before knows they’re usually great fun.


I would be happily bringing my Chaos Dwarfs to the table! I’ll be the first to sign up if I can! :smiley:

So Yes I’d love to fight for the Dawi Zharr cause! :slight_smile:


do you mean games workshop are organising a summer campaign


No, this is run by a forum.

Kera foehunter:

it does sound like a great idea !! I never done one before could you explain more

what it is??and how you play it !!!



I’d definitely be up for it.


This is a great initiative guys; I hope we get plenty of people willing to paticipate.


That depends is it just online like the ones over at Ulthuan.net or will we be posting real battle report if its the latter then I cant do it. My only opponent is during school time since my local games workshop wont let me use my chaos dwarf even as count as.

Thommy H:

I have several armies but only one opponent. Count me in if that works for what’s planned. If it’s just a case of submitting results and participating in some kind of online strategic metagame, then I’m pretty sure that would be no hardship for me.


I’d be down, but I have no idea how these things work.


That depends is it just online like the ones over at Ulthuan.net or will we be posting real battle report if its the latter then I cant do it. My only opponent is during school time since my local games workshop wont let me use my chaos dwarf even as count as.

Why not? My local GW lets me run mine as Chaos Dwarfs.

I'll play a few games.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I’d be in…but how does this work online?

Just finished my 10 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders. Sat down last night at 12:00pm and stopped at 5:00 am. :smiley: I was determined to finish them!


I’m guessing you enter which army you went against and how it finished. There may be scenarios that you have to play at times also.


So that could be at least 8 of us so far. We probably need at least 20 people.

The campaign is being run by Da Warpath, here is the link to how one of the previous ones have run.  I don’t know what story lines they’re planning, so I’m not sure if the sea feature will be used.  I suggest anyone who is interested has a good read:


Although the mechanics behind it seem fairly complex, it essentially boils down to us working together to decide where to attack and when, and when to consolidate what we have. I don’t know about you guys and gals, but a report every two days would stretch my patience, not to mention my time. I might be tempted to start keeping a record of all the games I play over the next few months so I can ‘use’ them in the campaign.

Has anyone actually taken part in one of these before?  If you have and you’re willing to get involved we could sure use a commander.  I’m guessing that most of us haven’t (myself included), so we’re probably going to struggle as most of the guys on the other forums have a hard core of experienced people who regularly do these.

But it’s the taking part that counts!  We’ll bring the flaming vengeance of Hashut.



Ok as the GM who got in contact with Grimestonefire, I just wanted to clarify a few things…

1) The primary reason why we want to include CDs is to try and raise their profile amoungst players… The GMs all love the character of the army (not so much the greenskin slavery ;)) and personally I would be one of the first to start a new army of CDs if a book came out. We feel that one of the best ways that we can do this is by giving them a primary role in a campaign that will recruit olayers from a number of WH forums.

2) As for a timeline, summer is jumping the gun alittle we don’t have a solid date for the campaign yet but our last two campaigns have launch in October… I know its far off but we like to take our time setting them up… Also we are running another campaign right now on DWP so we need to finish that up first…

3) Don’t look to deeply at the mechanics from the previous campaigns we are reworking everything from the ground up… We (the GMs) take care in trying to make sure they are as clear as possible before the campaign starts and we make sure that we are as available as possible to clarify areas that have you confused or misinterpreted… So don’t be intimidated by lack of campaigning experience… In our previous two campaigns we have had entire factions of newby players and they have been quite successful…

4) So the reason why i asked Grimestonefire to try and gage opinion was so that we as GMs knew that you as a player base were interesting in taking part since one of the most depressing things that you can do as a campaign organizer is to create a campaign for people and have no one to show up…

5) Although Gaming is a key part of our campaigns we strive to bring in other parts of the hobby as well… Fluffy battle reports, character stories, as well as conversion and terrain contests will all be apart of the campaign. We see these endevours as weighted equally to playing games so do not be intimidated by an inablility to play weekly games as there will be other avenues for you to assist your faction besides posting battles…

So if you are interested keep posting and we will keep you guys informed as we progress…

Kera foehunter:

Well keep the imfo coming!! So are we teaming up with the Greenies, i know they have a lot of pirate orcs!!!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Can’t wait to see how this is done! :smiley:


I really like the idea of people being able to do something if they can’t get a lot of games in. That is really cool and opens up the doors to a lot of people. As they can then support the army that they love! :slight_smile:

On a side note: for a few new folks they could have the goal of painting… say 500 points in a month or something as a way to contribute. :slight_smile: Though you may have thought of that already. Just thought I’d bounce the idea around.

Either way, it sounds fun!

Kera foehunter:

even some of older member need to fully paint there army !!!


October is a good deadline for me to complete my 2000 point list!

Thanks for clearing a few issues up Fauthsie.