[Archive] Interview with Felix


I’ve just pm felix about his AoW CD, asking him whether he might answer a few questions about it for a WoH article.

If he agrees we should start thinking about some questions.

Just to let you know so we don’t ask him twice :smiley:


Sure let me know what he thinks and we can get something together.


Excellent idea.

Brainstorm mode:

Ask about his inspirations, favourite models, when he got into sculpting, how working for GW was, plans for future…


He has covered some of those questions before in one of the Warseer interviews, but I’m sure we can pick a few good ones.


Grim_ you want to write this up and submit?

Also were you looking to do a hobby article? you mentioned last time you wanted to do something regarding sculpting masks and we are in need of some hobby articles. Also you had mentioned something about a army composition article which would be welcome as well, up to you.


I am working towards one, but if I were to do it now it would be an odd stage to finish at.

Basically the one I’m aiming to do is a look at the flying juggernaut I’m making.

I’ve made one wing and the shoulder mechanism.  I’ve also cut out the chunk out of the shoulders and loads off the front legs.  I know your deadline is coming up fast, so I can’t promise I will have it completely done to show both mechanical wings fitted.

I could just do a back up one looking at the one wing?  The one wing to rule them all! :slight_smile:

I’ll write one on the engineer I made for the GH as that came out really well.  I’ll have it done tommorow.

The army design one I’ll tidy up and email you in the next couple of days.  Up to you to decide whether you want to use it.

On the interview thing he hasn’t got back to me yet, so we should wait and see. Regardless of whether he wants to we can do an article on his mini as its the most exciting CD to come out in ages.



Hi Grimstonfire,

Thanks so much for the tips given on the Dwarf Chaos Lord thread. Your tips have been very spot on and have taken care of most of them. So thanks!

Regarding the article for chaosdwarf.com ezine I will very gladly contribute to it by answering some questions related to the process of creating the chaos dwarf figure! It will be apleasure. I already know your website and have read your ezine and it is very high quality stuff to which I will be honoured to be able tyo contribute to.

Thanks again,

So we’ll need to start thinking of some questions. :wink:



How about the standard stuff?

1) why a evil dwarf? Have to be careful of the wording.

2) how long to do?

3) inspiration?

4) process?

5) work envioronment? Desk, tools

6) fan of chaos dwarfs personally?


How about these:

Firstly I want to say thanks Felix for answering some questions for us here on Chaos Dwarfs Online.  Let�?Ts begin by your choice of model.  You have a fair range of fantasy archetypes now for your Avatars of War range, what made you decide to sculpt an ‘evil Dwarf’?

Tell us a little about “The Devourer”; Chosen of Drakojia.  What was your inspiration behind this model?

How long do you think this miniature took to sculpt?

Some sculptors prefer to work to concept sketches whilst others just go with the flow, what is the process you use generally for sculpting?

Which parts of the miniature were the hardest to do, and are there any parts you were especially pleased with?

What sort of environment do you work in, and are there any special tools or equipment you use to help you in your sculpting?

Were you a fan of the old 3rd edition Chaos Dwarfs miniatures seeing as how most of them were also in plate armour?

4th and 5th Edition Warhammer brought about the �?~Big Hat�?T era of Chaos Dwarfs, whilst the 6th Edition Warhammer reinvented the range with the Hellcannon crew.  Of all the editions of Chaos Dwarfs which is your favourite and why?

�?~Evil Dwarfs�?T seem to be really under-represented as a race from all producers of miniatures compared to Dwarfs, Elves, Orcs etc.  Do you have any thoughts on this?  If miniature companies like Games Workshop or Privateer Press (Hordes) were to produce a full army range, what would you hope to see in it?


Looks good to me, man!

Well done!


The privateer press bit was a sneaky add in as I know he’s done a lot of sculpting for them :wink:


Run with it Dude and don’t forget to get photos of some of the Minis WIP if he wants to and a goosd shot of him as well.


Hey Grim how is this progressing?


Forgot to say I sent felix the questions a while ago, but he got back a couple of days ago to ask if they were urgent as he’s very busy.

I said he didn’t need to worry about the coming deadline (as I knew he’d miss it), but said we’d make sure to get the interview in a future one.


Ahh, that’s too bad as it would be nice to feature his miniature this time around at the very least to stay relevant. Perhaps we should press him for some answers. How many questions did you ask?

Viskar Zhragoth:

I agree Xander, having it in this issue would make it a lot more relevant, and we can then do painted versions of it in a future issue…tell him that, and he might like it! What do you think Willmark, Grimstonefire?


Felix emailed me some things, and I thanked him, and also put on a bit pf pressure for him to answer Grim’s questions. Hehe. :slight_smile:

Viskar Zhragoth:

Cool, I really think the timing could be great. I mentioned it to willmark about putting in an ad for the big guy, and maybe running painted showcases of the model in a few issues…


I do have some reservations about this with the mixing of various IP issues as noted in the Staff forum.

At this stage I thing this is going to be pushed to Issue #4 in any case.


I don’t think it’s a problem myself, as we’re not claiming any financial benefit in relation to GW, AoW or WoH.  If felix had paid us to advertise his mini as a CD, or we were charging people for WoH that would be a different matter. We’re simply making people aware of other miniature companies.

So as long as we clearly show that it’s an evil dwarf model that could be useful as a CD.

I was actually thinking we could do an article on Pulper’s minis at some point, seeing as he’s one of us and he is actually doing minis that are sold.