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I’m looking for a way to scratch build wings for my great taurus thats converted from one of the new Juggernauts of khorne. I was originally thinking of converting them from either Bloodthirster or Balrog wings but decided against this seeing as niether would be very iron clade and forged after looking at both. So the only thing left is to make them from scratch. So basically I need some help to figure out how I should go about making them and how the best way to make them look like they naturally are a part of the great taurus?

Kera foehunter:

here are some wings that are steampunked that kinda cool


one of the Necromunda Spyrers have mechanical wings. They might be on the small side though.


- Kyte


@Kera foehunter: Thx for the pics. I think i’m gonna go for the bottom ones as the top look a little futuristic for a fantasy game.

@Kyte: I’ll be sure to look it up.


Does it need to be GW models? If not, then War Machine do an excellent range of crazy-looking vehicles and walkers. My mate uses one of their walkers as a winged Daemon Prince. Maybe you could try some bits from one of their kits?


Sounds interesting. Do you have any links to these “kits” you speak of?






Sadly a total lack of wings lol. I’m not sure how my mate made his now :hat

Something using Dark Eldar Raider parts I think.


I see. Thx for the links.


Privateer Press does bits orders, so you might try their website. The wings you might want to look at ore lord Terminus’ wings, they are very cool, but have a little undead look to them.



Nice find but not what i’m looking for. I’m looking for a way more or less to make the wings look as they naturally are a part of this miniature but if you looked at it you would think it was just a natural part of the figue and not something scratch built or bought from some were just so that it could have wings. Does that make any sense?


I understand exactly whatyou want Dino. I just know of no such item of the correct scale…


That is the holy grail for any conversion. Far too many just look unnatural.

Have your though about rotors? If anything you could use the blades in a wing shape like the pic of the lady above.


@slev: Really? What are they?

@cornixt: I was thinking of making my own, but if you got something in mind i’m all ears.


Err, I think you misunderstand my post. Read it again, word for word. I said “I know of no such item”


OOPS! Sorry about that. Dyslexia.


Join me in the DNA.

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wouldn’t it be NDA then ? and I could join to :smiley:

Kera foehunter:

i thought it was adn but i have add


Dyslexics of the world untie!

Anyway, I am in the process of scratch-building some mechanical wings for an Iron Warriors DP out of plasticard. If it works I want to use the same method for a Great Taurus at some point.


I found these:



They should be around the same dimensions as these:


And will probably be about right, although you could always add two pairs of wings, like those of an insect.

I’m considering using them with this model:


In order to make my Taurus.