[Archive] Ishkurs Undead Host

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Hey guys! At last I can showcase my first unit of an vampire counts army that is (very slowly) taking shape on my workdesk. ^^

I decided to start off this new project with a unit of grave guard.

As a unit filler I built a small dolmen that goes nicely with this particular unit fluff-wise and stilistically. And it saved me the effort and material needed for 6 more warriors. ^^

I wanted them to look really ancient and tried to emphasize that their style and technology does not really match either the Empire, Norse or the Tomb King’s styles. The colours of the armour and bones were achieved simply by washing with several shades of Devlan mud, Thraka Green, Gryphonne sepia and / or Badab black… I found I really wanted to have this kind of colouring while battling (way too many) Draugr in Skyrim. :slight_smile:

The unit is led by an yet-to-be-named wight king, that model was just way too cool to not be used in my host!

Thommy H:

Fantastic unit. Really, really like that.


wow! your unit filler is wicked! really awesome, I love the way you made the foot troops fit in with it! What a great unit, I love the colors… can’t wait to see more!


Quite simply one of the nicest looking units I’ve seen! Beautiful!

What do you use for your backgrounds ishkur? Really sets your models off!


Thems are weird Chaos Dwarfs. Too tall for starters.


At last I can showcase my first unit of an vampire counts army that is (very slowly) taking shape on my workdesk. ^^
I think your definition of 'very slowly' is different to mine :)

Awesome stuff as always, nice to see a lighter colour scheme for a VCs army, not the usual blacks and reds. That banner is really quite special too.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Glad you like them! :hat off

Well it is kinda slow considering that I started work on these in mid January and only finished the wight king yesterday. Albeit some of that time was spent for re-painting things that didn’t look like I wanted them to - such as the bases or the banner for instance, which I probably redid 3 or 4 times until I had found a design that I was happy with. Such trial-and-error is quite typical for me when I start a new army, but hopefully the final design will now be easy to translate to other units. It certainly will work fine with skeletons and ghouls (possibly zombies), maybe not so much with corpse carts and dire wolves… only time will tell! ^^

@vulcanologist: I use these: MASSIVE VOODOO: Photo Backgrounds

lolz @ GRNDL :smiley:

Kera foehunter:


you know what ?? each time i see your figure they are 10 time better than the last one.

Have you sold your soul to Hashut??

Thommy H:

Such trial-and-error is quite typical for me
What? And all this time I was sitting here thinking you were just incredibly talented? Pfft...anyone can be good at stuff if they practice and persevere. It's tantamount to cheating.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Perhaps the most enjoyable Undead unit I’ve seen.


And I was sure I would never like something in lightgray-purple and washed!


Unit looks amazing.

Really like the filler and the scheme



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Totally love them! This is amazing, as always.
Don’t get me started about Draugr, I Fus-Ro-Dah’d way too many of them to shreds lol.

You could name the characters in your army after the Dragon Priests though… ;D (Yeah, you know them ;))

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Hehe, nice idea Borador! :slight_smile: I might do that. After all, I had a particularly nasty encounter with Vokun very early on in the game, and his mask served me very well for the next about 20 levels or so. ^^


You’re welcome ;p

I had that on one of my many rerolls as well, (picking my final character took ages lol) he is quite tough early game haha.

You could ofcourse sculpt similar masks for unit champions and heroes/lords :wink:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Pssst… I used a mask for my first necromancer conversion already :wink:



Show the greens to us already! (:


Magnificient unit! I love your idea for the unit filler, aren’t they called Grave Guards? Get the tomb to be guarded!! :smiley:

I do agree with you about the wright king. I love that miniature and you did a great job.

Ok, too many compliments!

Uncle Fool:

I’m spell bound. If I was attack by this mob in the street. I would say, " wooo, slow you’re horses guys I need to keep looking at you for the next hour to get all the details"! After that they could flog me to within an inch of my life (but not kill me), because I want to see the next installment. Thankyou so much for sharing this great work, mate.:cheers:cheers:)