[Archive] Ishkurs Undead Host


WOW love the look of the unit! Great paintjob, how did you do the purple?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Haha thanks Uncle Fool! :wink:

@Borador: I’m afraid the greens are not green anymore, I have already coated it skull white. The conversion is also really not very extensive.

@Shakhorth: the purple is simply hormagaunt purple, shaded with badab black, then highlighted with successively more and more skull white. ^^

Ghrask Dragh:

wow my friend, you really did it again, congrats on what Im sure will be an amazing blog.

Ive seen how good it looks online but tell me, how good is that king miniature in the fles… resin so to speak? :slight_smile: It looks like one of the only minitures I would buy and actually not convert. Perfect sculpt


Skull white is good Ishkur, feed me more of the best looking undead ever :slight_smile:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

The Wight King is a plastic kit, no failcast there at all! :slight_smile: Brilliantly executed I have to say, with some very clever layering of the different parts of the miniature. Some GS was needed, but only to cover up some of the seams. I had to warm and bend the cape a little, though to fit with the rest of the unit where I wanted it.

Alright, this is my first necromancer in WIP stage. A very minor conversion, really. But I kinda like the dynamics of the empire battle wizards. ^^


That’s looking very nice already!


Simple but effective convertion, great!


Cool looking necromancer!

The Odor:

Neat Necromancer

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Oeeeh nice unit!!! I hate playing against Undead (especially Ethereal creatures) but looking at these models is no nightmare. Keep up the good work.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Rise, ye long forgotten thread and do my bidding! :slight_smile:

A year has passed (a year without an awful lot of warhammer painting I have to admit) and I have resumed working on my Vampire Counts army. These past two weeks or so I have completed and painted up the core skeleton regiment and two necromancers. Here they are:

I slapped both necromancers into the same regiment for now, their positions are planned to be taken over by Heinrich Kemmler and Krell sometime in the future. I intend to make use of the dolmen unit fillers for most of the large regiments to have a unified barrow-styled theme for the army - which goes nicely with the backstory of Kemmler and Krell. Currently in the works is a regiment of Ghouls, next up will be a corpse cart (love that thing) and some dire wolves. Let’s see that it doesn’t take a whole year again! :slight_smile:

Hope you like them.
Cheers! Ish


Baaaah, it’s so cool I do not even know what to comment!


Mr Saturday:

Wow, fantastic work. I love the fillers (some nice osl there) and the general colour scheme is lovely. Top stuff!


Nice come back sir! Stellar as usual!


Very nice, very nice indeed. You’ve created a great atmosphere with the basing, colour choice and fillers. Well done.

Kera foehunter:

you bring life to the undead ishkur!!

I only bring death with my paint brushes :frowning:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Ah it feels good to build regiment-sized bases again. :slight_smile:

@Herby - these are indeed fingerprints. The prints of giant’s fingers… for the next unit filler I have taken good care to ensure a very smooth surface so they won’t show. Anyways, well spotted!


Amazing unit, just amazing!!! :hat off:hat off


drools uncontrollably

Ghrask Dragh:

Is that an necron head/face? Love the painting again ishkur, nice job mate