[Archive] Issue #2 Work-thread


Starting off:

Issue #2 is pretty much set in terms of content. Although Xander and I are doing a major overhaul in terms of layout.

I will posting a link to the VERY WIP state of the issue shortly.

Here is the game plan I want Sojourn and Cornixt to start with the editing of the Outline first for a couple of reasons:

1) Xander and I can continue to work on layout while you guys are doing revisions.

2) This will allow for Sojourn and Cornixt to focus on QA. Sojourn I would like you to focus on the grammatical like last time. Cornixt your job as content editor is review the material and make suggestions as to said content. After Sojourn has completed her edit, Cornixt give it a second look as well.

In future we add WIP docs showing the outline as it evolves.

Here is the WIP of the actual webzine itself:

Here is the WIP of the Outline of Issue #2 itself:

Let me know if there are any issues in accessing them.


In future, do not upload files with spaces in the filename, they are notoriously bad when trying to access said files online.


Also Cornixt, I’ll do my best to verify spelling of CD-ish words, but given my lack of in depth knowledge (i.e. Zharr Naggrund, or whatnot) I will need you to do a check on that sorta stuff. I find that there are different spellings/interpretations of some words. I try to be consistent, but things slip through.

I’ll likely begin editing/reading through tonight. :slight_smile:


Two points of note: Lord Archaon’s doombots article needs some major help in the rewrite department.

Wallacers Battle Report is good but needs to read a bit better.


Also Cornixt, I'll do my best to verify spelling of CD-ish words, but given my lack of in depth knowledge (i.e. Zharr Naggrund, or whatnot) I will need you to do a check on that sorta stuff. I find that there are different spellings/interpretations of some words. I try to be consistent, but things slip through.

I'll likely begin editing/reading through tonight. :)

"[[Zharr-Naggrund]]" and "[[Dawi-Zharr]]" will be the two most common grammar changes you may need to bring into consistency. :)


How are we doing in terms of the edit there Sojourn?


ahhhh, I was MIA, I’m working through it and will hopefully have something back to you by… Sunday? gulp

please sith master of the ultimate universe and castle greyskull, or whatever your title might be, be merciful! :wink:

I’m on it! =D Sojourn is back home and ready to rock this thing.


Now that Sojourn is nearing the end of the edit we can get moving on this. Cornixt if sojourn gets the edited text to you how much time to you need? Ideally I’d like to stick to the published dates.

Assuming that is done we need to have a checklist; so in no particular order:
1) review text in the PDF after text changes have been made.
2) Hyperlinks to appropriate articles when and where needed. Check they all work.
3) convert all b&w artwork to sepia.
4) fill “white space” as appropriate.


I forgot to check this forum since it was created, apologies for not responding sooner.

I can check most stuff in a day on weekdays, even larger documents. Weekends might take an extra day. The weird GW words are the ones I have the most problems with too!


Excellent I will try to get it to you tomorrow, it might be late Friday night but I’ll get it there.


I hope this works… I was going to e-mail you Willmark, but it didn’t send to your jabber account.

I hope I caught everything. fingers crossed sorry for taking the extra couple days.



Had one quick pass, then a much slower pass for general things like grammar and spelling.  I thought I would be able to finish it at the weekend, but it was far busier than I thought it would be (car troubles included).  Here is my completed version, I think I was pretty thorough and there are a few questions in there for the other readers/editors to chew over or decide upon.  I can’t promise I’ll be able to do any more before it is released, but I’ll try to have a look at least.

Side issue - Ads and Copyright

Do we have any sort of arrangement with the advertisers?

Any perceieved problems with using GW artwork, especially if we have any kind of monetary arrangement with the advertisers? GW tends to overlook the art on free websites, but as soon as money starts exchanging hands they get a bit legal.


Good question. Unlike a traditional add there is no money changing hands here. We included a section for Baggranor simply because he was intrumental with the covers of issues#1 and #2.


let me know if/when it’s ready for me to give it another look-see :slight_smile:


I’m thinking that Wednesday I’m going to have the layout basically in place… Once that is the case Xander & I can finish the layout. There is going to be some “gaps” in the layout due to trying to keep everything together and everyone flipping out about the “continued on” last time.

Also here is the doombots article by Archaon.


some days I’m good. today, I’m great. take a look, since I don’t know what a Doombot is, some “descriptive explanations” don’t make sense to me.

but, I think it’s good :slight_smile:


We are now nearing the finish line, great job team, just a bit more and well have bit of a breather for about a month or so.

Later tonight I’ll be posting the WIP PDF. We need to look at this as this now the switch to the final form. The outline can be utilized as well but when you see it you’ll realize how much stuff shifted around.


As discussed here is the WIP of Issue #2. Please review and note anything that may have been missed in terms of corrections. As noted in the issue #3 thread this should be the last time we go through proofing like this as I would like to have the corrected text before I start laying out the webzine.


nothing attached Willmark?


Her ya go:

Take special note of the submission section. I added a bunch more there and actually got Lord Archaons article to work, but had to add a bit there too.

Also please do a double check of the Index on page 2 as I had to shuffle a bunch of stuff around.

That’s about everything I can think of,

Based on the state of this I’m thinking we shoot for next Saturday as I’m doubting we ill get this done by this Saturday considering its Mia’s birthday, and I have to work Friday night and Saturday at Apple. not looking doable…