[Archive] I've finally found the army for me. Chaos Dwarfs


I know I’m a new guy here, and I hope I’m being pretty active considering that. I first want to state this is a great community. I want to post this as it’s a big sigh of relief for me, and I want to share that with all of you.

For some time now I’ve been annoyed with the fact that I hadn’t really found “the army” for me. I played VC at tournaments a lot, and I’ve done well a couple times even getting Best General once… and I did like the conversions if not the paint job I did.

Empire was my first (due to it being similar to Warhammer English Civil War, and my being a historical gamer at heart). I do think they are cool, and look great… but tactically while they have their advantages/strengths that I like, they have some problems for me at the same time. Dwarfs, I like to joke, do what I want to do with Empire… only they do it better. However, I just wasn’t to keen on them (though I do like the way they play)… I couldn’t justify being expansionist with them to easily.

I’ve gone through a couple others (Brets, Nurgle Mortals, even Orcs)… but I always wanted to do Chaos Dwarfs as I thought they were really cool. I liked the fact they were rare on one hand, I thought the figures were awesome, I liked the fact they were not the typical nice dwarf, but still had certain Dwarf qualities (tough to crack, hard to break, and solid infantry). There were just so many cool things for me. I put it off for some time, until this year when I finally started working on them. It was an on and off project until the summer. I found a cheap way to have standardized big hats/blunderbuss ends (right before summer break) and that was big thing for me that let me take off.

At the Anti-GT (where I won the best general) I heard of the Core Competency tournament which was designed to be a fun/friendly tournament. I set that tournament as goal to finish the army… at least 2250 pointts worth (I went with a slaveless list). Even though I went 1-1-1 at the tournament I had a blast, and didn’t feel the desire to abandon them as happened to my Brets and Nurgle.

I just love these guys to much to do a different army. I absolutely love the guys, I can get into them, I can get excited with a new purchase off E-bay or (recently) my first purchase here. Even though I have enough to do 2500 points by now… I want more

Another local tournament is coming up and I was considering going VC or maybe Empire… but I realized I really wanted to take Chaos Dwarfs (though a different list from the Core Comp) and it didn’t matter if I thought I’d have a very hard fight. I wanted to show them off, try to bring glory to Hashut’s name, and face more armies with the Chaos Dwarfs as I haven’t faced that many armies (different players, a lot of the same factions) with the Chaos Dwarfs. I’m really hoping to face an O&G army or High Elf army, as that’d be classic.

I’m just excited, I finally found an army I can be loyal to… be proud of the paint job/conversions… I’ll have fun playing… won’t tick my opponents off… I can get into the background off… love painting… love collecting… and just absolutely enjoy.

With all that said I also want to make a point that this website, and the people here are also responsible for this. I’ve browsed the other forums, but could never really get into them that much (aside from the two forums for the leagues of WI and IL). There are great people here, and the excitement here is thrilling to be a part of. You folks help make me feel like it’s a special brotherhood of people who follow their beloved Chaos Dwarfs and absolutely enjoy them… even if we are relying on an old list and face possible abandonment… yet we keep hoping (and I’d say wisely In My Humble Opinion) for that glorious day of our return when the Warhammer World will fear us even more!

I just really needed to express my gratitude and excitement, as I have finally “clicked” and found the army that has “that certain something”.


that was beautiful XD

but honestly good to see you found the army you stay with. but still always fun to bring out those older armies and make a goofy list just to get a good laugh

Tharzhul Firehelm:

Couldn’t have said it better myself about the little fellas, my thoughts entirely, nice stuff swiss. :hat off


Good to hear that the army is the choice for you, something I’m sure everyone here can understand.


You should chronicle your Tournaments for us. The CDO Awards are coming up at the end of the year, and I have been wondering who would win Best General.

You should go win some tourny awards and post about them, with pictures! This may help you earn that award come year end!



Great post dude.

My experience is somewhat similar, for many years I was a high elf player joined the various high elf forum, posted on the GW forums (shudder) but never really felt at home anywhere on the web.

As I often say now: “I’m home”.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

:Godbob stands up and gives swiss a round of apluse:

that was something

and i to can say this places is like a home

as it was my first fourum and when i looked or went on other site they just had this strange feel (not to say there bad) but this place has a warm fell every day i come on and there’s new posts and threads

although i don’t collect CD i’m backing them for a new book (or mini)

so like what swiss said thank you for making this site just brillent :hat off

zorn sabretooth:

…sniff i am not sure what to say

that post could of only more beautiful if it was directed by ridley scott and starred Chuck Norris ,Bruce Lee the Chicago Bears and O.J Simpson


I guess we know who’s winning the “most eloquent forum post of the year” medal.