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So, just to get the blog going, I thought I’d start with introducing some plans for my new army.

As I am very much into the idea of Bull Centaurs, I will focus a bit on them. Also, as I’m not to keen on more or less immobile stuff, there won’t be any war machines until I have a healthy amount of all the other great stuff in the list, such as the K’daai, Infernal Guards and Hobgoblins. Later on an Iron Daemon will surely find a way into my army, a hell cannon after that, and then the other machines might follow.

Not yet decided on a paint scheme, but I will try and get some good stuff going soon.

As it is now, I have converted two smallish units of Bull Centaurs. WIP-pics will follow in a couple of days, when hopefully I have added some more to the units as well.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage




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I’m looking forward to seeing pics1!


Thanks guys.

So, pics. Well, I seldom seem to have much time now a days, but I managed to get most of the first couple of Bull Centaurs ready, together with two Taar’ruks. None is completly finished though, and the pictures suck (taken in a hurry at work…)

Also, I realised that I need to rebase the Bull Centaurs, and reposition them quit a bit, as there is no chance they’ll be able to rank up as it is now. I hope I can find a way that doesn’t look too weird. They are big guys, these guys.

Anyway, I hope the crappy pictures shows what I’m going for if nothing else:

What’s left to do is putting on some shields on the spear guys, details on the spears, fix the Taar’ruks with more green stuff and get them some bling-bling, and generally tidy everything up. And get the bases done.

So, what do you think?


Incredibly cool… not to mention expensive I bet. I like them a lot. I used chaos knights and regular ogre bull torsos for mine, but yours are definitely more menacing with the juggernaut and minotaur combination.

I do like them though! (9.0/10 rating)

Thanks for the pictures.


Cool stuff! But you are aware that they use spears to figth in extra ranks, right? :wink:

Some of them looks like they are about to hit the head in the floor, but that might be fixed when you are doing the bases, right?

Oh, and I have fixed the most important bit for Tag Team. Ordered some dice for us last night. :slight_smile:


wow! I really want them now!!

Da Crusha:

very cool Bull centaurs! I did a similar thing with the minotaur upper body and defiler head but used a great Taurus bottom half, just one though. you can see it in my blog.


OMG those are amazing, they look very scary


Wow, really cool!!

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Thanks for the encouraging words, all.


Yeah, kinda expensive. But I already had a lot of the stuff, just lying around, so.

Your idea sounds cool too - I first thought of using Chaos Knight horses, but decided I wanted them a little bigger. So, enter the Juggers.


Poses fixed, so now they’ll hopefully be charging the enemy, not the ground.

Also, removed the spears and made them into handweapons. Probably for the best.

And, look forward to see the dice!

Da Crusha

Cool idea. I’ll be sure to look it up. I guess it would be even more expensive using a Great Taurus on every BC though.


So, an update - the first painted Bull Centaur. And a Taur’ruk at that!

After some thinking and surfing around for some inspiration for the colour scheme, I just knew one thing - I didn’t want them to be to dark.

Also, as I already have made two chaos armies with the black/red/white scheme - which I think is quite a nice combination, and would fit CDs perfectly - I wanted to stay clear from that. Of course, would have been nice to be able to incorporate everything into a big combined Chaos Army sometimes, but I honestly think I would have got bored doing the same thng yet again.

I took a good look around me, as I sat at work, watching big machines just doing their thing. And I realised that yellow and black with some browns, as the machines, would be quite cool. So I started experimenting.

And, well, I’m quite pleased with the result. There are some things I’m not completly satiesfied with, but I think I’ll get there.

So, here goes:  

Need to think about the base - is this how I want it? And then also add some dead/dry grass or something.

What do you think? I know it’s not the classic darkish Chaos Dwarfs with lava bases, but maybe it works anyways?

Kera foehunter:

More Please!!

Must feed my addiction !!


Solid work! The color scheme works very well with the model and is quite sinister looking.

Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration.


Very nice.

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Looks good. I think the base is nice, perhaps add some grass as you said.

But…I don´t know, I think you can push it further. At least one colour on the model can be brighter to really make the army pop. As for now, the look is very cool, dark and sinister. And natural. But also not…eye-catching enough?


Thanks, all. I will try and get some more work done tonight.


Do you have any suggestions? I was about to make the loincloth red at one point, but feared it might have ruined the overall look. I am quite pleased with it as it is, but I certainly see what you mean - there might be just something that is missing.

Come with suggestions and ideas - I’ll certainly think about it.

And besides, I think that the Bull Centaurs will be eye-catching what ever I do - the sheer size of them makes that a sure thing.


Small update: My Sorcerer-Prophet!

His skin is actually not as yellow as it seems on the pictures - there is a bigger difference from the clothes, no problem to tell tem apart.

(And of course, the base is not done. So never mind that.)

And to get an appreciation of the size:



So what are your thoughts on Yro’s model? How did it paint up and how was the detail?

I’m still waiting for mine, and of course am going to convert it a bit, but either way I really like the color scheme you got going.

Thanks for posting pictures of your work.


Glad you liked it.

The model’s very nice. Details is excellent - especially the face. A joy to paint, actually. Very glad I registered here on CDO when I did, as I got to get one of the Ashen Priests just in time.

Only thing is the beard, I guess, as that is veery fine curls in it, so a bit hard to get right.

Seeing it like this, on pictures, I see a lot of mistakes I need to fix. Like the feet - totally forgot them! And to extreme highlights, some paint in the wrong places, etc… But overall, yeah, I’m happy with it.


Cool… Thanks

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