[Archive] JMR's Manticlicious Chaos Dwarves - Army Pictures (28 Dec.)


Hey everyone!

I’ve been lurking around on these forums for a while getting lots of inspiration for my own army.

I’m a long-time Chaos player, and I tend to spent a lot of time converting and painting my models and as a result almost never finish a unit. I figured I wanted to do something different for a change and complete a full army at a quicker pace. Keep things simple, but get things done.

Funnily enough, I ended up going for Chaos Dwarves. Converting/sculpting on every single model. I guess it’s in my blood :wink:

My chaos dwarves are based on Mantic’s regular dwarves (not the new Abyssal ones).

I hope to update this blog on a regular basis.

Enough talking, pictures!

20 Chaos Dwarves with hand weapon and shield.

20 Chaos Dwarves with 2-handed weapons.

These models aren’t finished, and probably won’t be for a good while. I strife to have all my models with a basic coat of paint before I go back to them for more paintingwork. For example, the beards on them have not been touched at all.

Leave a comment! :smiley:


These look great, I look forward to seeing the completed paint jobs. Lovely giant tusks, well done! :cheers

that guy:

I like very much!

Something about the standard bearer with the skull mask and chaos icon standard really floats my boat.Something about him reminds me of Army of Darkness for some reason.


Looks great so far! :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking awesome. Not sure why (because I normally dislike armour that hinders sight so completely), but I love the way you’ve made the helmets be so low down and how you’ve done the jutting jaw and elongated tusks. Keep up the good work and let us see some more of that cool creativity!


Thanks for the replies guys. I personally like the standard bearer too. He’s one of those models that somehow “just work”.

I’m trying not to limit myself to one specific style and incorporate all of the different aspects that make the Chaos Dwarves so much fun, while hopefully still looking like a unified force. That means my army will contain hats, masks, no-hats, industrial/steampunk etc. Whatever I feel like doing!

Despite the difference in styles, I hope to unify them by having some common themes such as the iconic beards, jaw+tusks and some lava/fire effects. Having the same bases will obviously help too.

More later!


Awesome work!

Nice to see some that look like mine :smiley:

Da Crusha:

very nice models they look fantastic!


Yeahhhh!!! Looking great.

That face on the musician in the first pic is totally spot-on I think!

Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see more.



Wow this is pretty cool, might need some better pics however.


Hoorah! I found some time to spend on my Chaos Dwarves again! And managed to take some pictures. I’ve been toying around with my camera settings when making these and I hope they are a bit higher quality, although it seems like they are a bit too bright.

Here’s what I’ve been painting recently, my Immortal/ Obsidian Guard:

I plan to make a unit of 28 of these (7x4)

These are very much work in progress. I tried a different skin tone for these guys, trying to get a dark and “shadowy” look on them. It actually worked, right up untill I started to add all the bright red and to a lesser degree, the gold/brass. I think I’ll repaint them with a more natural skin tone. What do you guys think?

The one on the right with the white beard was my test model. I’m going to redo his weapon to match the other’s weapons.

I have some more pictures to show. I actually haven’t worked on these for quite a few weeks now, but figured I should show a little work in progress anyways. This is my second Blunderbuss/Annihilator unit. I wanted to give these guys a bit of a crazed, steampunkish look, while my other blunderbuss unit has the classic big hats.

Front rank:

Second rank:

I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do with their guns. I’ve tried making blunderbusses on my other unit a good while ago (I really need to get some pictures of them…) and it didn’t really work out too well. So I’m going to either leave them as it is, or try blunderbusses again, or try and give them double-barrelled shotguns.



I’d be tempted to try again at the blunderbussess they look cool on them compared to the normal guns.


Not sure about the guns, a bit too much sharpshooter rifle for my taste, but the minis look great otherwise. Really like the googles! :slight_smile:


cool stuff,looks like theres a nice looking force on the way to show people,there is still something going on in the dark lands

Tarrakk Blackhand:

These guys are awesome! Really inspiring work with the Green Stuff too!


Really nice stuff. it borders comedy and serious. Those mantic Dwarves are excellent for converting to Chaos dwarfs.


Thanks for all the kind responses guys! It keeps me motivated :slight_smile:

I’m really aching to do more work on them, but I’m swamped in uni-work at the moment. If you see me update this thread soon, you’ll know I’ve been neglecting uni-stuff :smiley:


Hashut!!! An update!

When making pictures for my GH entry (thanks to all who voted on my humble entry :)) I also took some photo’s of other stuff I have been working on.

These hobgoblins have been in this state (or close to it) for quite a long time actually. I ordered the parts for them nearly half a year ago! Anyways, here they are:

These guys are part of a unit of 50. Which, I have to admit, is an awfully lot to paint for me :stuck_out_tongue: They still need shields and I need to redo the lava effect on these. The photo only makes the lava look worse than it actually is…

I’ve also been working on this:

Still very much work in progress. I have 4 legs being done at the moment, but I might expand that to 6. I also have one upper body that is pretty much fully finished, but just doesn’t look right, so I doubt I’ll be putting him to use.

Seeing as I suffer from this annoying thing called “never being satisfied of my own work”, I’m strongly considering cutting the blunderbusses I posted earlier in two, and giving them these self-sculpted legs.

The upper bodies will be wielding Great Weapons (cast separately). I have plenty of core warriors already, but like I said: never satisfied… :wink:



Whoa! Impressive sculpting! Well done. :slight_smile:


Great work on sculpting up those Mantics! Also, good work on the hobgobbos. This will be a splendid army, for sure. :slight_smile: