[Archive] Just For Fun: Daemon Binders

Thommy H:

Next on the list of “upgrades” to the Ravening Hordes list are the fearsome Daemon Binders. These give the option for a slightly different kind of wizard for the Chaos Dwarfs, with some options that I hope people will find interesting.


HERO[/b]DAEMON BINDER … 90 points/model[/b]In the dark tower of Daemon�?Ts Stump, in the east of the Dark Lands live a mysterious cult of magic users who stand apart from the rest of Chaos Dwarf society. These macabre individuals are not Sorcerers in the manner of the Priests of Hashut, but owe their arcane powers to pacts with the monstrous entities of Chaos �?" daemons. These ethereal servants of the Chaos Gods hail from the far north of the world, the site of the collapsed polar gate of the Old Ones known as the Realm of Chaos. Throughout the world, daemons are feared by all those with knowledge of them, but the Chaos Dwarf Daemon Binders alone regard them with impunity, for they have mastered the art of enslaving these powerful creatures.

They blend the dark secrets of Chaos Dwarf magic with daemonic energy, binding unwilling entities to weapons, armour and monstrous cannons which they trade with other Chaos Dwarfs. Their creations include fearsome Daemon Weapons, magical Daemonic Armour, arcane devices such as the Daemonic Phylactery and war

machines such as the terrifying Hellcannon.

Most Chaos Dwarfs distrust and fear the Daemon Binders, who deal with powers beyond the ken of mortals, and the Priests of Hashut actively despise them for infringing on their territory as magic users. Many a Lord or Commander has had cause to seek out their services however, for their creations are valuable in the extreme, and can turn the tide of battle. On occasions, a Daemon Binder himself will march to war alongside a Chaos Dwarf army, lending his magical abilities, often enhanced with daemonic slaves, to his employers.

-------------- M WS BS S T W I A Ld

Daemon Binder 3 4 3 3 4 2 2 2 9

Equipment:[/b] Hand weapon, heavy armour.

Magic:[/b] A Daemon Binder is a level 1 Wizard. He may choose spells from the Lore of Fire, Metal, Shadow or Death as described in the Warhammer Rulebook.


· May upgrade heavy armour to Chaos Armour (4+ armour save) (+20 points).

· May be given access to either the Lore of Nurgle, the Lore of Slaanesh or the Lore of Tzeentch (see Warhammer Armies: Hordes of Chaos for details) (+5 points).

· May choose items from the Common or Chaos Dwarf Magic Item lists, or Arcane Items from the Hordes of Chaos list, with a maximum value of 50 pts.

SPECIAL RULES[/b]Chaos Dwarfs:[/b] Daemon Binders are Chaos Dwarfs and follow all the rules that apply to the army as a whole, and Chaos Dwarfs in particular.

Daemonic Thralls:[/b] Daemon Binders are accompanied by the enslaved spirits of daemons, whom they have bound to their will and it is from these creatures that they get their power. Unlike most Wizards, Daemon Binders can wear armour and cast spells, and so have access to Magic Armour, though they cannot carry a shield of any description (they still need a hand free to direct their incantations).


Interesting ideas.

A few questions for you. The Daemonic Thralls, these are just in fluff right? You don’t mean something like the Inquisitorial Henchmen? That would be an interesting idea actually… Like a small unit in their own right.

You also mention the sorcerers despising them for infringing on their territory as magic users. Do you mean because they object in principle to anyone else using magic (if so, why?), or because they despise the idea of daemon binding? Or maybe they think they are endangering those around them?

Pyro Stick:

I think they should be able to capture enemy war machines etc by binding a deamon to them and setting it loose on their owners.

Thommy H:

The Daemonic Thralls, these are just in fluff right?
Yeah, it's just a fluff explanation for how they can get access to different Chaos magic, and wear armour and stuff. In the 'full version' of my army list, where there are Bound Daemons in magic items, Daemon Binders do have access to a real Daemonic Thrall (that works like a familiar), which can then be customised with a Mark of Chaos to get the other spell lists. This is just a simplified version.
Do you mean because they object in principle to anyone else using magic (if so, why?)
Yes, it's the principle of the thing. They feel this way because they're jealous, petty, power-hungry individuals - they struggle even amongst themselves for influence and slaves, and now there's a new gang of wizards on the scene who bypass the whole power structure of Zharr-Naggrund.