[Archive] K'daai Destroyer Conversion


So there has been some discussion about using this model as a potential destroyer:

I picked one up for about $12 from Ebay.  It’s not as big as I would like it to be, but I did some converting and thought I’d show what I came up with.  I added 3 layers of cork to the bottom to give him some more height.  I also green stuffed the bottom to give the effect that he is melting the rock that he is on.  The additional cork on the base will be rock and the blank bottom will be lava.  For the base, I just used a movement tray and put the liners on top instead of around the outside to keep the true size.

The sword was a left over bit from my Soul Grinder, I think it worked out pretty well…  Here’s an image with one of Titan Wargames’ Chaos Dwarfs for size reference:

Grimbold Blackhammer:

That’s the first K’daii Destroyer I’ve seen so far and it’s a pretty good one. Thumbs up!!

Grimbold Blackhammer


Seems to be a really cool (!) idea :wink:

Longing to see it finished and painted!


a smart critter like you could make his lava feet spread out more.


yeah… unfortunately I used up the last of my green stuff… :frowning:

Making some good progress on this; should have a finished, painted one to post tomorrow…


Seems like a decent size.


Don’t know if this would work but as its secured with the green stuff already would wax do the job. Its shape-able (is that a word?)


You can’t paint wax, it would crackle the paint randomly


First off, I am a terrible sculptor.  Absolutely terrible.

Here is my meager offering for my K’daii Destroyer.  I always envisioned a flaming bull as a K’daii Destroyer, so ordered 2 toy versions from ebay.  Papo was the name of the company that made this.  I ordered 2, figuring that I could get 2 attempts at getting this right, and that the head of the rejected one would be put on as my BSB standard.

This is bertha the bull next to the original version.

I added a layer of green stuff, but quickly ran out and resorted to milliput.  I simply coated the model and etched in plating to represent hardened rocm over a magma interior.

I kind of like the fact that the head is down in a charging position.  It’s movement 9, so I like the result.  The tail in the back really concerns me, I wound up putting alot of milliput flames on it to make it a fireball to swat the unfortunate souls around it.

Did I fail to mention that I stink at sculpting?  Thank Hashut for cell phone low resolution!!

Please be gentle with the CC

P.S. that’s a 100mm x 150mm base


I like it. It fills the base nicely and, as you say, is already in a decent pose. The sculpting’s ok!


@Galladorn: Awesome find!!! Consider your idea dutifully borrowed :wink:


Sweet! Ol big bertha is based up and going to be undercoated tonight.

Groznit Goregut:

@ryanamandaanna: Are you planning on painting the flame part? It does look pretty good as see-through.

I’m really surprised that I can’t find some sort of toy robot bull. I could’ve sworn I’ve seen one somewhere in my foggy past. The only one I can really find is an old Transformer, but it’s not very good. I’d just love to use some nasty looking robot bull.

Failing a robot bull…does anyone know about a really big robot type thing to use? I know tjub built one and I love it. I’d really like some sort of gigantic steam punk creature. I don’t know if any of the Warmachine stuff would could as huge. I plan on using some warjack type things for my regular k’daii.


Finished!  I wish I was better at lava in general, but I’m pretty happy with how this turned out…


Beautiful! Just need to fix the base. You’re still on time to fill up the gaps with gs and paint a proper lava on the bottom…

but the fire elemental is great.


paint a proper lava on the bottom.....

... anyone have a good lava tutorial? ;)


For lava you could use PVA glue or GS, and make the flames all the way down to the lava. That would make it perfect, looks good now but that would be even better! :slight_smile:

Groznit Goregut:

Awesome job!

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Painted up my version of the K’daii Destroyer

Did I mention that I am a terrible sculptor?  I give you guys sooo much credit for creating your sculpts.


Massive, aggressive, unstoppable: I like it! :wink:

Well, actually your sculpting skills are not so bad as you say! I like the cracked lava effect, it’s painted very welll.

My only complain are flames, they are too… gummy, clumsy… dunno how to say in English.

Milliput is fine for the bulk of the structure but flames are better if made with green stuff. You can play with it and it’s preatty easy to create good flames. Just make stripes and stuck them to the main body of the flame and pull them with a sculpting tool, thorning the “sausage” in many smaller stripes.

Dunno if you figure out from my writings… ehm :frowning: