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This is my first time at sculpting from scratch, I make a lot of conversions but this is new to me.

hero quest dwarf and the brass wire base of the chaos dwarf.(brass because it is what I had spare)Sorry for the very bad focus.

I’ve started the basic structure from green stuff.

comments and suggestions are much appreciated.:hat off

(I’ve enlarged the photos for your viewing pleasure.)


the pics are a bit to small to realy see how it looks. But for some reason the legs doesn’t look right


The pics are a bit to small to realy see how it looks in real.

But it looks promise.

I agree with furrie in the leg’s righting.


Just a small update, I’v bulked out the lower portion and smoothed out a few rough edges(or at least make the slightly less rough.)Larger photos via links.



I will probably start work on the armour all tough I’m not sure wether to sculpt the arms before or after.

Suggestion and criticisms are always helpful.:slight_smile:


The weekend allowed me to do some more work on my little chaos dwarf. He now has a nice pair of steel toed boots, I wanted my scale mail to be different to the usual and so I opted for a very triangular pattern.

I made a chain mail loin cloth and then went on the make scale mail thigh guards. First I tried sculpting the scale mail by crosshatching on some rolled out green stuff the result was ok but wasn’t to my liking.I decided to go the long way by putting a green stuff base on the dwarf and then adding the scales on individually(never doing that again).

A poor quality photo of the dwarf with un-scaled(if that’s a word) thigh guards.


Finished scale mail. (kinda looks like a pine cone:P)



Different sides.

Bigger pictures in the links.

Comments and criticisms are much obliged.:hat off


Great gs work, he is comig on really well, cant wait to see him finished, keep the pics coming :slight_smile:


Hello here are photos from yesterday, my camera was playing up so it took longer then expected so with out further ado here he is.

The bulk of the armour is studded leather straps most will be covered by the beard.


he will have gw & shield but I thought a good chaos dwarf would need a sturdy knife you know for stabbing things.

scale shot with a DOW crossbowman, he might be a bit too tall what do you all think(well all three of you reading this:P)

now it’s time for the beard the most noticeable chaos dwarf trait.(as well as being short.)


Wow!!!He is looking soo far good.

But…What’s the prupose of the knife at the back?Are you going to put him GW or HW+Shield?

:hat off


I will be using the RH list. Warriors are able to have GW, HW & Shield here is one of the threads were it is discussed http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=7154 if you are interested


Wow, He is looking really good, I like how you did the scale mail and chain mail. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see him finished!


I’m impressed with this, especially as a first sculpt from scratch.

A little tip, never sculpt anything entirely in one batch of greenstuff. Do as you did and build a framework for the arms first and let it dry.

I like the combat knife thing.


Hehe, agree with Grim… The knife makes me think of Zhrambo the Slavehunter, all he needs is a kick ass bandana! :wink:



Thanks for the tip, it’s nice to have work appreciated.  


Nice idea although I don’t think I can fit a bandana round a helmet and mask.:stuck_out_tongue:


The chain mail was simply made by rolling out the piece of green stuff you wish to use and use a needle or other pointed sculpting tool. Mark the green stuff with  alternating diagonal lines in horizontal rows  going down vertically (I don’t blame you if you you find those directions slightly confusing.:o)The pattern should look roughly like this: /////////// only slightly closer together.  



I’m glad it actually looks like chain mail I was worried it would just look like patterned cloth.

As for the scale mail It was made by first making a base for the scales to go on form green stuff(what a surprise)roll it out to the size you want add it to the miniature similar to how you would for simple clothing.(It mustn’t be too thick or  the scales will puff out too much) you will need to let it hardden before the next step. For the scales roll out a piece of gs (Yay I learn how to abbreviate) now you must make sure that the surface you roll it on  is smooth, that it is easy to take of and dose not stick. To make the scales themselves use a sharp knife and cut a slanted crosshatch(So it makes diamonds instead of squares.) on the rolled out gs. Now come the hard part, take the gs diamonds and place them on the gs you put on the miniature in the first part, put them on individually in row by row starting from the bottom up  in a interlocking pattern overlapping at the tips of the diamonds. (It may help to allow the gs to dry a bit first so you don’t squash them.) Last thing thing is to use a smooth sculpting tool to smooth any rugged   surfaces. If you are working on a part that is bordered you may wish to use half and quarter diamonds for the edges and corners. If you are converting gw dwarfs you don’t need to do the first part.

I may make this a proper tutorial with photos later.

The main body is now roughly finished.


When sculpting the mask/helmet I had a planned design but when I stated sculpting those concepts when strait out the window and I just sculpted what looked good at the time but I am pleased with the result. It ended up as a Spartan welding mask of sorts the emblem on his forehead is the same and on the bead spikes. (he likes triangles:D). Just to note if it looks like the nose guard lower set in the face than the rest it not,it’s just the shadow from the emblem. 





He looks ace :slight_smile: cant wait to see him finished :slight_smile:


What Loki says!

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Awesome, You going to be making a lot of these guys ? One is cool but a whole army of these guys would be awesome.


Thanks for the nice comments. If all goes well I might cast him and make a army. There are somethings I would like opinions on, do you think I should add another layer on the beard to bulk it out and if I did cast him would anyone be wanting to by him.


I’v done even more work on the face and beard. the old mask was a bit too small.


The beard tips and knife hilt have been redone.



Comments and criticisms are much obliged.:hat off


I like the new helmet a lot better than the previous. the “expression” of the helm/mask is a bit blank though.


the "expression" of the helm/mask is a bit blank though.

I like it, it's quite unsettling so to speak. Great work :hat off