[Archive] Khan!'s army thread updated July 13, with new and exciting things!


Hello all, I have decided that far too much time has been spent not working on my Chaos Dwarves, so I have launched back into the project and hopefully y’all will help me keep going!��

The first CDs I did in April looked like this:

I wanted to do a colour scheme that was a little different, and I carried that over to my helcannon and crew as well.

These worked fairly well, but I found that I wasn’t as excited about the whole project after a bit of time, so I got distracted by some Privateer Press stuff, like this guy:

Once that guy was done, and with all the brilliant stuff going on on the forums, I got back into the CDs and decided to change them up a bit and make them more interesting to paint for me, so I have changed the colour scheme quite radically.��It’s much more chaotic now, less industrial as was mentioned in previous threads, but I like it, and I think I’m going to run with it.��Comments and criticism are welcome!��Please tell me what you think!

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Furthermore, I have completed my first unit(!) and a hero-level character with a fairly simple and obvious conversion.��Please enjoy! :hat off

The BFSP sorcerer, and the first CD that I converted:


Well thats a very nice start to a Chaos Dwarf army.

I love your couler scheem it’s not often seen so your probly going to have a very unique army.



Somebody just earned an Army Gallery on the main website!

Well done Khan! Keep it up!!

DO you have a pic of the Hellcannon with crewman around it? :smiley:

Ghrask Dragh:

Those beards look awesome!!!

:hat off I really like the look of these guys, a big improvment on the ‘industrial’ look if you ask me! what colours did you use for the skin? will you use the same colour-scheme on your hellcannon crew or are they staying the same?

Can’t wait to see the rest of your army, I hope you come up with a really fun army list (as opposed to a win at all costs list) cause these would be great to play against if you do.

Keep us posted!! :cheers


Very nice work, the ginger hair is excellent.


Oh, very nice! I liked the Hellcannon crew but the new guys are even better. The lord’s a good conversion. And of course I like the skin color :stuck_out_tongue:



Il like you choice of colours, the orange beards really came out well

keep up the good work!


yeah, Snot-style-CDs! :hat off

hehe, just kinddin’, i like them very much, especially the red beards, they are pretty unique. the mask of the standart bearer rulez, i even wanted to make something like that, too :cheers


Very original, I like that.


very nice I like how the colors are a bit zany like the old hats but they still have the grim and sinister look of the new style dwarfs…


Thanks for all the comments!��Right now I’m chopping up some hobgoblins, I’ll put up some pictures in the next couple of days.��I also have to re-base a big unit of orcs, and a unit of black orcs so that they’ll fit with the CDs instead of on their own.

@ Xander:��w00t!��I don’t have a crew+helcannon picture yet, but I certainly could do.��I’ll put one up with the hobgoblins, but as I say it might be a couple of days because I have work+school+research to deal with right now.

@ Ghrask Dragh:��Thanks, I’m really happy with the beards!��The skin colour is a basecoat of Codex Grey, with a wash of Chaos Black to darken it a bit.��After the wash, I highlight again with Codex and then blend up to Bleached Bone.��I think I’m going to leave the helcannon crew as they are for now, because they actually come from my Tzeentch mortals army.��Because I am poor and cheap my CD army is going to consist mostly of what I already have lying around that I can convert.��I’ve got a test Ironbreaker/Immortal that will provide the basis for a big unit of them, and I’ll have some BFSP blunderbusses, and then lots of hobbos/orcs cuz I don’t have to buy new ones :slight_smile:

@ Snotling:��coughs in embarrasment��Yes, in fact these are almost entirely Snot-style-CDs, because frankly yours are awesome.��I’m much more of a novice with the GS tho, so these are only a poor imitation :hat off


Immensely cool army :slight_smile:

As others have noted, I like the orange/flame effect beards. It’s nice to see a departure from the traditional styling of CDs.


@ Xander: w00t! I don't have a crew+helcannon picture yet, but I certainly could do. I'll put one up with the hobgoblins, but as I say it might be a couple of days because I have work+school+research to deal with right now.

Ya, get some nice pictures, and maybe a picture of all your stuff you have so far. Once you do, I will try to throw up a gallery. No rush, I am still working on some other galleries too.
:hat off


Ohh! Chaos Slayers:) The red/orange look is very original and the result is very nice indeed.


Ace colour scheme very original will enjoy seeing these posts:hat off

We could probably do with a smilie taking his mask off but hats it is

Traitor King:


Well done!

A realy nice army you’ve got going there, I love the purple cloaks, they look really cool!

They ‘fiery’ beards are also nice, as is the Ogre coloured flesh.

Cant wait to see what colour the Hobs are going to be! (clothing wise)


i love those colours its cool to see a CD army thats not red and black for a change, makes a big difference to the whole look of them.

Uzkul Werit:

I’m loving the beards and the helmets. They look different to the normal lot of masked dwarfs I’ve seen.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Excellent lava-coloured beards. Work VERY well, especially with your hero’s beard, which, although a simple and obvious conversion, the paint scheme helps to make it look really unique and great. Kudos!