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this is the pic on the site, i never bought any of these but there other minis are fine

more minis

not a fan but they have everything

hope that is ok mal


The hussars look okay, I thought polish hussars would make good lancers, seeing as thats who they’re based on

Kera foehunter:

great paint job on the horsesand the banners


thats strange kera, cos i think they are repulsive :sick

Kera foehunter:

the horse rider would look beater if they didnot use a flash.You mad becase the guy with the cannon has bigger pecks!!


What scale are they gIL^?


28mm, when they get chopped of that metal base and put on gw bases they look little bigger than the current empire men, there bout the scale of 5th ed metals, plus its noted that kislevians grow taller anyway, but trust me they blend in very, very well and its hard to notice, plus they arent the typical “heroic” scale the gamesworkshop use

various bear minitures

my fav bears, they come in 4 poses, and fill a 40mm base. cant remember where they came from, ill look it up later


28mm teddy pirates if thats the kind of thing your into


ooo yea and this

Kera foehunter:

now check this out boys!!!she hot single and female and rides a bear


my kind of woman…

Kera foehunter:

Why becase she has a cool i patch like yours truly.

Wow im going to use it as me in my chaos dwarf army as�a�general.

merry chirstmas to me!!


doe the little fella come attached?


more info. about the the pictures that gil^ posted, the teddy bears.



If you were looking to buy some.


wargames foundry has a very nice set of eastern europe soldiers. I will try to post my cossaks.


whats strange is that when i bought these pikemen they was a picture with pikes so i was confused so i decided to email them to inquire about the pike, and this is what they said

"Many thanks for your enquiry about our Polish range.
The pikemen do not come with pikes. I think most of our customers use ‘wire’ pikes.
The figures are made from a low lead content white metal. Like most manufacturers we don’t recommend them for young children under 14 years of age.
Hope this helps.
Best Wishes
George and Chris"

so when you pay for these models you “dont” get pikes, whats the point in calling them pikemen if they dont come with pikes ?! when i bought them they had pikes…


Yeah, but have you tried using white metal pikes? They’re dreadful, and the wire would only cost you a few pence


Hmmm pikeman with no pikes, makes perfect sense to me


I might get some of those lancers though. Hopefully Perry Miniatures will move on to making some Polish models soon

Uzkul Werit:

Those Lancers from the top of the page looked great.


Yeah, I might order a couple as a basis for some conversions