[Archive] Kobarf's Chaos Dwarfs


Well, here are the humble beginnings of my cd army:

There are only three at the moment with one finished, but I did finish a sorcerer as well (unpainted that is), I’ll try and post some pics of him in the weekend together with the two dwarfs below that are now painted :slight_smile:

The finished test model:

And two more before painting:

Let me know what you guys think of them.



Very nice, did you craft the skin that is on the one shield? Looks awesome, might have to ‘borrow’ that for some of my guys if you dont mind.


you masks and shield icons look nice-its not an easy thing to do

What kind of sculping materiel do you use?


These guys rock! I am really impressed! Don’t forget to show off your awesome art as well!



Nice models, your masks look pretty damn good. How did you do the skin on the shield?


I would guess it was a bit of putty stretched across the sheild. :slight_smile:


great minis! from what putty u made all “changes”… magic sculpt?


Thanks for the comments, glad you like them :slight_smile:

I use magic sculpt yes, for those of you who don’t know it, it’s a two part modeling putty just like greenstuff. But it’s less elastic so you can get a sharper finish with it.

The face on the shield is also made with magic sculpt and since it’s hardly that of an original idea of course you can ‘borrow’ it :wink: .



Wow, amazing! And great paintjob as well, even though I thought you would have a more pink skintone on them seing your awesome scetches :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought you would have a more pink skintone on them seing your awesome scetches :P

I'm glad he didn't ^^. on his sketches the skintone looks great, but in "real live" pink dwarfs maybe look too... ehm... much as elves :0

by the way... the sketches... hey Kobarf, i want more sketches! :hat off


dwarves in pink? never!!!

not even slaanieshi obsessed dwarf renegades with identity problems would wear pink


Awsome modles.Do you know where one can buy this magic sculpt.


More sketches are coming up, hold your horses :slight_smile:

And I NEVER said pink skintone, I said purple, there’s a huge difference :~

And it is a bit more purple or should I say pale in real life, trust me.

I just didn’t had any skintone crayons for my sketches :rolleyes:

As for the magic sculpt, I always buy it from a certain guy at conventions but you might want to google it I’m sure something will pop up.



Magic sculpt looks good, is it much more expensive than greenstuff?


Very nice indeed. I shall have to nick a few of those ideas.


Nick away :hat off

I actually think magic sculpt is cheaper than gs, especially if you buy it from GW.

Anyway here are some more painted warriors:



These guys look excellent! Awesome shields!


Nice job - that magic sculpt does work well

I like the shield icons; the’re very original and sculpted cleanly

The Flying Beaver:

Flesh stretched over the shields- excellent! Go for more of that theme, please.


your a criminal, i blame you for making TOO COOL CDs! :hat

hehe, i love them, especially the one on the right side. his mask is very cool and i also planned to make some of these armors. but they are for my death rocket crew, to make the different zu my warriors.