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Kyte Presents: [/color] The Kings of Pain - An all converted Chaos Dwarf army [/color][/size]

Hi there My name is Jonas Plass. I’m running Tzeentch and Wood elf army diaries on most other forums, so I thought I’d make a gnoblog here as well. The name of the army “The Kings of Pain” IS, as most might have thought stolen from the hit single “King of Pain” from The Police’s 5th album “Synchronicity”. LOL.

This diary will include all manner of WIP pics, notes Armylists, Battlerepports, Conversion tips and everything else, that is needed in the army. Almost every model in the army will be converted except a hellcannon+crew. I’ve bought some skull pass models, all for �25:

2 Thanes

2 Slayers

1 Bound Slayer

1 Goblin Shaman

1 Cart

1 Cannon

3 Crew

80 Night Goblin spearmen

20 Night Goblin archers

24 Dwarf warriors

16 Miners

10 Thundeerers

10 Spider riders

Goblin tower thing

I think that’s it all.

Now I just need to wait until the post arrives :smiley: While I wait, I’ve made some test models from the free WD models and a death rocket battery from plasticard

I have thought of a conversion list:

Thanes - Heroes on foot

Slayers - dunno… Maybe sorcerers. These are the only models without armour.

Bound Slayers - really dunno

Goblin Shaman - Hobgoblin Hero with great weapon

Cart - dunno

Cannon - dunno

Crew - Maybe sorcerers, maybe BSB

Night Goblin spearmen - Hobgoblin warriors

Night Goblin archers - Hobgoblin archers

Dwarf warriors - Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Miners - Chaos Dwarf Warriors with Great weapons

Thundeerers - Blunderbusses

Spider riders - really really dunno…

Goblin tower thing - base decoration or unit filler

Wall - base decoration or unit filler. Maybe a front filler, that counts as 5 blunderbusses…

Converting really isn’t a problem for me. Here is an example of what I can do with greenstuff:

This fella is my beastman general and won’t be part of this army though.

Here are some pics of the chaos dwarfs I’ve done so far:

Death Rocket (or Fireworks of doom):

Test models:

Dis I mention that they are going to get lava bases :wink: ?

And here is my army lists:


CD Hero - 94pts

1+ save Magic armour thingy

Great Weapon

CD Sorcerer - 125pts

Lvl 2, LO’Fire, Scroll

10 Warriors - 140pts

Full Command

Great Weapons

12 Warriors - 138pts

Full Command


10 Blunderbusers - 120pts

10 Hobgobbo Archers - 50pts


10 Hobgobbo Archers - 60pts



2 Death Rockets - 160 (Or 5 Hobgoblin Bolt throwers - 150pts. If so, Both HG archer units will have musicians.)

Earthshaker - 110pts

2 PD

2 DD + scroll.

Here is my expanded 2000pts armylist:

Lord - 386pts

Great Weapon

1+ save armour

Bull Taurus

Sorcerer - 125pts

Lvl 2



Sorcerer - 125pts

Lvl 2



Hobgoblin chieftain - 48pts

Heavy Armour

Great Weapon

20 Warriors - 250pts

Great Weapons

Heavy Armour

Full Command

20 Warriors - 210pts


Heavy Armour

Full Command

10 Blunderbuses - 120pts

Heavy Armour

10 Hobgoblins - 50pts


10 Hobgoblins - 50pts


23 Hobgoblins - 46pts

20 Hobgoblins - 40pts

20 Hobgoblins - 40pts

2 Death Rockets - 160pts

4 Crew

4 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers - 120pts

8 Crew

Earthshaker - 110pts

3 Crew

5 Bull Centaurs - 120pts

Standard bearer

Heavy Armour


Great Weapons

Total: 2000pts

CD: 6

DD: 4 + 2 scrolls

Models: 165

Now the list leaves me with some conversions, that can’t be made from the deal, but those are easily solved with bits and leftovers from other armies + some minor things, that I can get from a local bit pusher.

Great Taurus - Converted 40k orc dreadnought with pilot made from a regular warrior.

Bolt throwers - Plasticard with Night Goblin command models for crew

Earthshaker - Old hellcannon, that I bought before I realized that they weren’t usable in beastman armies.

Death Rockets - as on the picture. rockets made from balsa wood and plasticard.

Bull centaurs - GS cast the pony from the wagon and use The casts as base… Or anyone got a better idea? Steam punk Astragoth style centaurs from plasticard, anyone?

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage[/color]




Hope you like it!

I’ve recieved one of my 2 skull pass deals, and I’ve begun experimenting with different things. Here is the very first WIP unit of great weapon warriors. Please note the standard:

What most of you might have been waiting for is my mech taurus. I know that many will be disapointed to see that I chose the mech idea. There are mainly 2 reasons why I’ve done that.

1) Didn’t want to start another mayor sculpting project.

2) Got an orc dread for �0,5 and had lots of leftover parts + My theme is steampunk…

Anyways, here is a pic of the massive monstrosity. I know that many won’t like it, but I hope some will.

PS: It’s not even fully assambled. Most are tac’ed together and it still need hellicopter blades/wings/jet motors or whatever flying parts you’d like.

Here it is:

And a cheesy 500pts list:

Chaos Dwarf Hero - 70pts


Great Weapon

Heavy Armour

11 Chaos Dwarf Warriors - 131pts

Great weapons


10 Blunderbusses - 120pts

Hobgoblin Bolt thrower - 30pts

2 Hobgoblin Crew

Hobgoblin Bolt thrower - 30pts

2 Hobgoblin Crew

Hobgoblin Bolt thrower - 30pts

2 Hobgoblin Crew

Hobgoblin Bolt thrower - 30pts

2 Hobgoblin Crew

Hobgoblin Bolt thrower - 30pts

2 Hobgoblin Crew

Hobgoblin Bolt thrower - 30pts

2 Hobgoblin Crew

Total: 499pts

Models: 40

DD: 2

CD: 2, but no sorcerers to cast…

Quite an (ch)easy list to play, that gives you plenty of missile fire. Should do a massive damage.

- Kyte


I present you: A guide on how to make Chaos Dwarfs from skull pass miners!

It is pretty simple. Just follow the steps provided in the four parts.

This guide is the first in a seeries of articles about how to make the cheepest, cheesiest and greatest Chaos Dwarf Army from 2 skull pass sets.

Still to come is:

How to make Bolt Throwers.

How to make Hobgoblins.

How to make a cheap Death Rocket battery.

I don’t know when these guides will be made, but I promise that it will be soon. A strange thing that some of you might have noticed is the fact that this army is progressing much faster than any of my previous armies. This might have something to do with the fact that I have always wanted Chaos Dwarves. I really regret that I didn’t buy a Chaos Dwarf army, when they were at 75% off sale in a store in a ragged little town on my summer holiday 10 years ago. I could have got a taurus for �5! Woot! But what does little folish 6 year old me buy? a fu**king single pack of skinks! SKINKS! Hmmm. enough about that…

Anyways, here’s the guide:

I’m taking a day off tomorrow, and I actually hope to have the bolt thrower guide up either tomorrow or during the weekend!

- Kyte

And oh! Tho old pics of the Death Rocket were awfull! I’ve taken some new ones for ya:

This pic shows the skin highlighting (Which I’m quite proud of) a lot better than the original pic.

- Kyte again


I’d like to introduce my general:

Chaos Dwarf Hero on foot with Great Weapon, Heavy Armour and enchanted shield. This guy will stay in the warrior unit and use his high leadership value on my hobgoblins, as the Taurus mounted Lord flies around and cause Havoc. Really took my time painting this guy. He represent the best I can paint right now. I am particularly happy with the shin and the luxory cape painted to look very dark with a slight red twist. As you can see, he’s a whole lot bigger than an average dwarf. In fact, he’s (With the hat) as tall as an ogre, which is much for a dwarf. It might be because I’m a former ogre and Beastman player, that I have the vision, that characters should be particularly big. To make him bigger, I had to change his feet for hooves and lenghten the cape a lot.

The second thing I’ve done is these:

Dis all those guys in less than a week. It helps a lot to paint a whole unit at a time instead of groups of 3-4 models. Before I painted these, I redid most of their masks, as they were rushed and looked cartoony. I think I solved the problem quite nicely and the masks look more ‘grim’ than cartoony at this point.

And last (And least) A taster of what you will see in the next few days:

First of my many Hobgoblin Bolt throwers. I will make a guide on how to make the machine itself, when this one is finished.

That’s all and I hope to see lots of replies.


- Kyte


First up is my WIP Sorcerer of fire:

IMO, it’s a good example of how you can make an ugly model look alright, or even good. It still needs a cape and some more hair + some touchups before I can paint it.

Next up is my long awaited Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower:

the thrower is totally scratch-built. I am really happy with how the crew’s skin turned out.

The last thing is the promised guide on how to make bolt throwers. They are meant to be small and twiggy, as they’re only 30pts. Please note that if some of the pics don’t show up, right-click and chose view image:

that’s all.

C&C is welcome as always


- Kyte

The chosen of hashut:

You are very good at this, i especially liked your cd hero (even tho he’s a little big :P), how long have you been playing cd??


Truly inspiring. Can we add your guides to the wiki please?


I think it is safe to add them. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting these Kyte! Hope I didn’t bug you about it too much, hehe.

Love this stuff. That sorcerer is turning our cool. Which reminds me that I have to get Snotling to post his stuff too! I already got him signed up… but now he’s gotta post! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Once again, great work! Nice to see the conversion articles as well.


how long have you been playing cd??

The chosen of hashut
Since the week between Christmas and New Year... I used some scrap/leftover GS from the building of my daemon, and made a few chaos dwarfs from some free WD models... Then I bought a [[BFSP]] set cheap from a friend, who didn't like it as a Christmas present...
Can we add your guides to the Wiki please?

'Course you can, but please upload them to your server, Xander. I don't have unlimited photobucket bandwidth...


- Kyte


All images in the Wiki are hosted on the Wiki. Thanks Kyte!


14/2 07

Yet again, 10 days have passed and I’m back to show you what I’ve managed to do.

Apart from 2 science reports (school stuff), I have done a whole lot since last update. First thing you’ll probably notice is my new avatar. It is made by Xander from the Hand of Hashut forum. I believe that I was not the only one, who was tired of looking at that jumping paint-done ogre bull. This avatar might be just temporary though, and I might change it, when Corai’s beastlord ava is finished.

On to the models!

First up is my painted sorcerer:

As requested, I’ve covered his butt with a greenstuff loincloth. I am more than happy with how the painting turned out.

Second is 2 more bolt throwers… Only 5 to go…

Please note the unloaded one and the loader with sdulpted arms.

Then is my Earth Shaker:

I really hope that I’ll be able to use it as a hellcannon in friendly games (Or if there’ll ever be a new book…)

Might be the next thing I paint. I cut about half of the chasis off, as I’ve used the 2 cooler sets of wheels for my taurus (Watch earlier posts in this blog for a pic). I also cut some of the barrel. The crew are all converted in some way or another.

Last is a WIP shot of my Blunderbusser unit:

Not much to say. Pretty standard conversion work. Cut half off the handguns and gave 'em masks and dreadlock beards…

That’s all.

I’ll have a week’s holiday next week, and I might get my hands on some brownstuff… Any tips?

- Kyte


Man, your army is looking great! How about some group shots next time of everything you have done so far! Awesome work man!


Group shots would be a great idea, gives a new perspective for people to hold the army in (ie.awe)


I have thought of a group shot, but I decided to wait until I had a full 500pts army (Need to do BBs first)


- Kyte


Well, whenever the group shot comes, I know it will look awesome. :slight_smile:

Have you made any progress on those BBs? :slight_smile:


Have you made any progress on those BBs? :)

I've done the metals. Spent most of sunday on a game against my dad. I barely defeated his w00d elves. I will do the BBs and start on my earthshaker before the week is over though.


- Kyte


Sweet man! Can’t wait for those! Your army is shaping up nice and fast. :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Have you got most of painted now as well? Though BBs intrigue me greatly. Wait, I don’t think I’ve commented on yuor work on THIS forum. It’s GREAT!


March 1st 2007:

A long time since last update. Hope you haven’t missed pics too much :wink: But anyway, here are a lot of pics, both WIP and finished.

First up is my long awaited BLUNDERBUSS UNIT:

<img src="http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f162/Kineater/other/BBpaint.jpg[/img]
I think it’s the best painted unit in the army so far. And for those, who worried about the unit being all beards on front. you might be glad to see that they aren’t. Please note the crushed right eye on the detail-view pic. He’s my favourite Blunderbusser and is called Steven. lol.

Next up is something, that people making new CD armies have had trouble with, a Bull Centaur:
"><img src="http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f162/Kineater/other/banner.jpg[/img]
It will represent the banner of slavery, which is very usefull for a BSB in a goblinfull army. I’ll gladly take any advise on this, as it is such an early WIP, that I can still change anything. One thing is sure though: I can’t get any zombie bits to replace the Human slave. He will stay, but can be modyfied.

Last but not least, I present you the earliest beginnings of my warrior unit filler:
"><img src="http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f162/Kineater/other/Btroll.jpg[/img]
This is another attempt at making an awfull skull pass miniature looking good. I’m still thinking if I should add a facemask, or it would be unfitting, as it is obviously a slave troll. One thing I will add is a slaver holding the dwarf in a chain and herding it forwarf with some kind of spear or trident. I think the change of arm pose works great by the way.

Doubles Tournament report:

Yesterday, Ogre Stronghold member, Ralph and I went to a local doubles tournament. It didn’t go exactly as we wanted it to…

The tournament were made up of teams consisting of two independant 500pts armies.

Both Ralph and I used Chaos Dwarfs. Our lists were:


Chaos Dwarf hero on foot with GW and HA

10 Warriors with FCMD, HA and GW.

10 BBs with HA

3 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers

Death Rocket platform


Bull Centaur Hero with GW and HA

10 Warriors with GW and HA.

10 BBs with HA

5 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers.

For those, that don’t know, these lists are both legal, as BTs are 2 per choice. These lists might seem cheesy as hell, but that wasn’t exactly the case.

Game 1, against Wood Elves/Slayers:

They had:

1 Slayer hero with GW

2 Doomseekers

2x10 Slayers with GW

Waywatcher Hero with some bound spell spite

5 Waywatchers

2 units of Dryads. Don’t remember the sizes.

We let them set up the board, and that was a big mistake, because 60% of the board was full of difficult terrain (ruins/woods).

The game was quite boring. Everything but waywatchers and doomseekers stayed inside the terrain, so that they couldn’t be targeted, while the waywatchers ran from warmachine to warmachine. The doomseekers charged our bull centaur hero, who killed one, wounded another, but died himself.

Rather boring/cheesy moves from the other players.


Game 2, against DE/Ogres:

This was a funny concept. the team consisted of a father and his 12-year old son. You don’t see that very often…

They had:

Bruiser with BOH and IF

4 bulls with IF

4 Ironguts, with maybe a champion…

DE Sorceress

2x5 shades

2x10 crossbowmen.

This battle started out great. We killed the sorceress in round 1 with a BT. But then it all started to go terribly wrong. For the rest of the game, we almost didn’t roll anything but 1’s and 2’s. Only other things we killed were 2 ironguts (which the hero on foot slaughtered), 5 shades, who ran frm an undefeated BT crewman and 1 bull, who was shot by millions of BTs. We ended up with having only 10 BBs, 7 warriors and 3 BTs left while the enemy still had 20 crossbowmen, 3 bulls, half bruiser and an irongut left.

Result: Minor loss.

So what have I learnt? BT-heavy armies are not as good as expected. They are very vulnerable to scouts, and ogres work well with shooting elves in support.

Round 2 (of 4) will be held either on monday or on wednesday next week. To our great luck, we are allowed to change our lists, and even our armies for the next rounds, so I will most likely take a wood elf army and Ralph will be using either a less BT-heavy CD army, or an ogre army.

The night wasn’t at all wasted. In fact, I believe in faith, and I believe that the reason of our bad luck was the extreme luck I had at the beginning of the tournie, because I asked the store managers if they had a new plastic empire hochland sniper rifle in a bits box somewhere, that I could buy for a conversion. Sadly, they hadn’t, but while looking in bits boxes out in the back, my eyes came across a real treasure. an original Bull Centaur Lord model from the Bighat line! Along with the centaur, they had several other old Bighat models, but many were either missing parts, or overpriced.

here’s a pic. Sadly, there wasn’t a base, but that doesn’t matter. I got it for �2,5! That’s luck enough for me! He will count as a normal Unit Champion in my army.

That’s all for today. Ask questions and I shall answer as usual!


- Kyte :mask fusion :hat