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I thought it was about time that i shared some of other armies that i have other than my CD one so here we go, i thought to start off i would show one of favourite warhammer armies ( next to CD s that is ) that i have made my Japanese ogres enjoy :slight_smile:

My Samurai Tyrant


My two sushi chefs aka Butchers





For the core units i have 3 units of banzai bulls which i use to weaken units before i hit them with my Ironguts which are also Samurai but rather than being armed with a Katana like the Tyrant they are armed with a weapon called a naginata which is a massive razor sharp blade on a pole :slight_smile:


close up of a banzai bull


The iron guts


A close up of a iron gut with a naginata


This whole army started when a good friend of mine moved out to Japan to teach english i asked him if when he came back to vist us if he could bring me a banzai head band. A year later when he came back he did, as it was the insperation for this whole army i wear it every time i play with them at my local club, i have to say it always put a smile on the face of who ever i am playing :slight_smile:


Ok up next we have my very small Bone Griffons fleet for Uncharted Seas its a game similar to man o war but produced by a different company to GW the models are a very high quality


Yes they are dead whales and they rock in the game and yes the white one is ment to be Moby Dick :slight_smile: I like to have a laugh when playing games

Next up is some 40k I wont post the whole army as the marines are prity much all the same but i will show you the best bit of the army.

Stern Guard


My of my two Libraians


One of my two tatical squads


Close up of one of my sargents and a marine from the second squad



My terminator squad


Close up of one of the terminators


and last but on least my dreadnought


Here is some of my flames of war Vietman range here is Colonel Hal More with is commnd section out side a Huey Slick


For got to say there is 5 slaves to ever can name the space marine chapter that i have painted, it is one of games workshops one so its not one i have made up myself that you would have no chance of getting :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

what a cool group of ogre !!

Kera pirates is that chapter you painted there loki

due to the point of my rapid take over

( slaves please)


Thanks Kera :slight_smile: Not the right chapter but well worth 5 slaves for a great answer :smiley:


nice ogres!

I think the space marines are
Pre-heresy thousand sons


Your Ogres are so cool!!


Great stuff!  I want more pics though and more awesome stuff from you.  Keep up the good work.


Thanks every one i will post some more pics of my other armies up soon :slight_smile:

Congrats Wrah right first time, they are indeed Pre-heresy thousand sons I will get the keys out and release the well earned slaves to you :slight_smile:






awesome idea dude, seriously awesome!

Keep it up! ^.^


Thanks Borador glad you like them, they are great fun to play and always give me a laugh :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

um i seem to be the only one guessing the s m chaptert so did i win !!

or are you ready to say


I’m guessing Blood Angels? (aa)


I really love your’s Japanese ogre army. It’s soo cool!!!

If you have more time you can put on your’s sushi chefs aka Butchers

a big tunna.:smiley:


Sorry every one Wrath got it first go, its a Pre-heresy thousand sons army so the slaves have gone to him, Kera also got 5 slaves as well for her great names that she pm ed me with which made me laugh :smiley:

@ Rhazzouth, Thanks very much :slight_smile: One of them does have two big hunks of meat on his belt at the back which i painted up to look like bits of tuna :slight_smile:

Also a little update, not really an army but a model that i have always wanted to paint that i finally got my hands on this week for £2 from a good mate, i was not willing to shell out £30 for it form GW, so here it is my Warlord Titan ( also this has every epic model that i own on its base :slight_smile: was never really an epic fan )

Kera foehunter:

so do you have a army of Samurai ogre yet or are you going to Loki


I have a full 2000 pts ogre army with the Samurai Tyrant and his Samurai iron gut body guard the rest are just normal ogres with head bands but i am looking at adding in a grout of ogre pirates soon :slight_smile:


Oriental pirates I suppose? (a) like those which were showed in ehm I believe it was pirates of the carribean at worlds end or something =]

keep it up! :cheers


Yes something like that Borador , i will have to have a few peg legs and hooks in there i think :slight_smile: