[Archive] Look at these rubbish figures!

Thommy H:

From Mantic. Apparently they’re dragons and not, as the models suggest, those little plastic ride-on see-saw things you get in the toddler part of the playground.


Ha! you took the words out of my mouth.

is there a slot in the side you put 20p’s in?


Mantic infuriate me. They have the means to do plastics and they just waste it. Did someone actually get paid to sculpt these? Is his job title actually ‘sculptor’? How does he sleep at night? Just flabbergasting. And there aren’t many situations that justify that word. But this is definitely one of them. Jesus.

Thommy H:


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They are drakon rides, so they don’t ride dragon. But I agree those don’t realy look like something you would want to sell.

Thommy H:

How is a Drakon not a Dragon? I can see it has two legs, but that makes it a Wyvern. Why call it something so obviously derived from “Dragon”? “Draco” is Latin for Dragon, after all. But that is the least of these miniatures’ problems.


Im sorry to say they look kinda like those cheap dragon figures you buy in welsh gift shops. Not that I have a problem with that. Kinda cheap looking.


I am going to go against the trend here, but I don’t mind them. Sure they are not the fierce dragon models that they could have been. I would certainly use them in a wargame. I suppose I am sort of player that likes a little bit of “toy-ish” charm in my games.

I would even field a cavalry unit riding (or trying to ride) the following mounts.

Thommy H
Here is an example of what I have in my collection.

Empire Pistolier on War pig - Left Side

Empire Pistolier on War pig - Right side


You know, if the necks were half as long and pointed forward instead of making that question mark shape, I think they would look OK.

But they do look pretty silly right now.


They remind me of the little plastic Dragons that came in the old Mighty Empires set.


They look like the some sort of inflatable dragon you would buy on holiday at some sort of awefull gift store, along with some sticky rock and half melted cornish cream fudge.


Honestly, they look like the '90s GW plastics. GW plastic boars, wolves (that are still around), & horses from that era have a similar symmetry.


Haha, those Dragon Riders were… eh… Horrible.


Im sorry to say they look kinda like those cheap dragon figures you buy in welsh gift shops. Not that I have a problem with that. Kinda cheap looking.

Speaking as a Welsh man I can say our quality of dragon model is far superior to these models! ;P

richard barby:

what size are they it does look as if there quite small


lol i would be tempted to get them just for the comedy value :smiley:


So it looks like I am the only person who would actually field these dragons on a gaming table. Well I guess my “street cred” has just diminshed. - Hang my head in shame. :slight_smile:


I think that their identical poses with the left leg so far back is what makes them look so funny from that angle, but they do look odd in general. Some different heads would have gone a long way, but it seems that only the champion gets one.


The heads look like statues faces.

and I even don’t like the elves.

no part of it is good. well maybe the wings.


I think the wing are the worst part, they are far too smooth and look like they were taken out of a child’s finger painting.