[Archive] Lord of Nurgle (updated 06/09/08)


You may have noticed I’ve not been so active online of late.  Its mainly down to this guy, who is taking a stupendous amount of time to finish.

It’s Korpus Festerheart from Hordes of Chaos (page 41).  When he’s finished I’ll put up the links to other versions of this guy I found on CMON so you can judge how well I’ve done.

I won’t put up pics from other angles just yet, but I’m going to take loads of photos before painting!

Damn Adrian Smith and his spikes!?! :mad  There’s going to be something like 120 spikes in the end, almost all of which will be made from wire filed down.

I’ve done a fair bit of work since that photo.  I’ve made the base and done a lot of work on the axe.  I’ve also replaced the big shoulder blade thing as I made it from plastic and the tip snapped off.  Replaced now with steel wire filed down to a blade.


Well, from what I can see he’s going to be better than loads of the versions I’ve seen.

Most are too big/fat, yours remains more akin to the artwork. Well done so far Grim, will certainly follow this project with interest!


I have tried VERY hard to get all the proportions correct, even when it looks stupid (like the shoulder blade).  I’m trying to get on as much detail as I can.  The little chaos star emblem thing on the shoulder pad was an absolute nighmare to make!:mad  I had to do it twice as well as I dropped it and lost it… cries :frowning:

My version will also include the flies.  The only version to do so.


Ambitious for sure but I believe that with your skills you can pull it off!

Even the flies huh?! Any ideas how? And with that I mean the flying effect.

Kera foehunter:

wow !! great job grims.Can’t wait to see the big axe !!!


Wow, looks downright proper…

Your GSing skills are inhuman…

Good job!

Looking forward to more!

Knight Of Awsome:

The little chaos star emblem thing on the shoulder pad was an absolute nighmare to make!:mad  I had to do it twice as well as I dropped it and lost it... cries :(

Thats happend to me tons of time, like when you step on it too...


This reminds me how much I need to continue sculpting… Well done!


Nice Grimmy. looking “sharp” bwahahaha.

you have the patience of a Buddhist monk :slight_smile:




I plan to do the flies with a leg or wing extended to be touching part of the model or base.

I’ll need to see how this works out, but on the artwork they all appear to be very close to him. So I’ll have a go and see if it works!


This forum is full of win. I have never seen this many capable sculpters all gathered together except when I was able to speak with the GW sculpters in the studios. I am completely amazed at the ability of everyone and humbled and ashamed that I can’t even make fur look right. I’m a mess when it comes to sculpting.

Good job so far, do yo have any more WIP’s?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking flipping excellent! Those spikes will take a long time, but I appreciate how good it looks and will do when finished and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the final result. I prefer to see flying things without a stand/wire, so I hope you do manage the flies okay. Will they be greenstuffed as well?


WOW! - GFS - that’s a


Wow, looks very detailed already, can’t wait to see it finished

Ghrask Dragh:

Amazing stuff so far Grim’ :hat off

I can’t imagine how good this will be with the weapon and cloak all sculpted, can’t wait!

On the way to being the best Chaos Lord I’ve seen!



Some updated WIP photos for you!

There is still a huge amount of work to do.  I won’t list all the small things that need doing, but the last ‘big’ ones are finishing the base, doing the cloak and the fur.

I’ll finish it very soon, hopefully by end of tuesday. If I have time I really want to do the flies.


Very nie indeed. The level of detail is just phenominal, how do you achieve it? I feel terible pointing out anything about a model I couldn’t emulate in my wildest dreams, but to me the pose of the axe seems a little off. the right arm needs to angle in a little more.



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Kera foehunter:

Wow!! that’s so cool grims.Once again another GREAT FIGURE!!!


I know what you mean about the arm, I only noticed that when I was looking at the photos.  I’ll sculpt on the little finger and thumb and see if that helps.

Basically I think I need to bend the elbow closer to the body.

The level of detail is just attempting to copy what’s in the picture.  If I had made up the model completely myself I’d be exceptionally proud, but trying to copy a picture that was probably drawn 10 times larger than I’m sculpting it was always going to be hard.

The fur and cloak are my biggest issues at the moment.  I’ve made the cloak itself, but normally what I’d do is to sculpt folds only on the outside of it (as opposed to sculpting the corresponding crease on the inside as well), so that is one to think on.

The fur is going to be very hard.  Normally fur is relatively easy to sculp, but trying to get to close to a picture is very hard. I’ll just have to give it my best shot.

I forgot to say in my last post that was quite pleased with the skeleton(s) on the base. The one behind him looks like it has fallen quite naturally IMO. Hopefully it will look as good once I’ve finished the base.