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Lost Kingdom Miniatures, a new miniatures company, aim to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund Chaos Dwarfs :

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Wow! Those are not half bad :o. They remind me of a mixture of Russian Alternative’s models and Ravenswood’s Bezhukk… Which is good :).

EDIT: Good luck with ranking them up though. All those swinging swords do not seem to be square-base friendly.


Looking pretty cool!


Indeed, with more than a little touch of the FW Infernal Guard champion, which is also good. Very nice miniatures particularly the details, though I’d fix those with silly underhand grips on their blades. Some blades look a tad thin and straight for the CD-appropriate look they’ve got going on the rest, and all the sheathes are enormous though I can live with that. Bare-headed alternatives are fine, though I’d equip almost all with hats or helmets if I were to get them, and give one bare-headed man curly hair like Baggronor’s dwarves. Hm, mayhap loose hats would be stuff for the next evil dwarf kit? (After some Elves, promised my brother.)

All in all, very nice minis, with some great elements and some minor flaws which a little converting will fix. We’re living in the golden age of evil dwarf miniatures, it seems. :slight_smile:


Pretty cool but too samuraiish for my taste i think. Have to get the minis produced and painted before I can judge them. The hat/helm/mask-less heads are a nice difference though. Looks pretty cool


Nice. I’ll keep them in mind if I ever expand my collection. I don’t mind the samurai aspect at all, Though I’m sure that I would lose detail if i painted them


For a second I thought those were armoured lizard tails on some of them!


Very good sculpt I think. Just hope what the casts will be also good quality. In this case I’ll paint some for my collection


Hm. Pretty cool at first glance but it seems that only heads and underarms are different and the rest is the same on all models. Anyway I`ll check the KS at least. Thanks for showing!


Whenever I see models like this now, I wonder how many I would have bought if they were released 10 years ago! So nice.


pretty nice. IF affordable i will buy definatly.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

They have potential! I might be interested!!


The miniatures have potential, although all have the exact same face (and one with a small straight nose unlike the old bighats).

I will certainly watch the kickstarter.


More pics have been added to their Facebook



I love getting new models for the range, but this Lammasu is (imho) pretty bad, but it might just be the pictures perspective


I’m thinking the same. Something about it just isn’t “right”

Grimbold Blackhammer:

It’s the huge shoulder pads throwing me off. It makes the arms look deformed in a way…


I see what you mean, the front limbs look more like fore legs with hands rather than proper arms.



Front legs should have hooves. Otherwise I like the model, with a nice fresh take on the Lammasu face.


Front legs should have hooves. Otherwise I like the model, with a nice fresh take on the Lammasu face.

Lammasu have always had clawed legs.
Anyway, the plan (according to the guy) is to offer both claws and hooves option, so it could be used as a strange bull as well