[Archive] LOTR Chaos Dwarfs..?


I need some help deciding on the scale of these models.


If only they were a bit bigger I would happily buy enough to make a unit.

Looking at the seperate pics of each models they don’t see too small at all…??��I thought all LOTR things were a slightly smaller scale than WHFB?��:?:�� I might need to see some in person, because if these are ok I might go and buy a unit. Pretty expensive though :frowning:

Sure they won’t be featuring in White Dwarf, but hey, who cares if I like them!

The artwork for these guys brings a nice eastern feel IMO.��This btw is what I plan to make my CD like, giving scale mail, scary masks and a few engineering bits, but basically doing the legs and that the same.��So even if I don’t use these models, this artwork will be the base.


�I thought all LOTR things were a slightly smaller scale than WHFB?�

They are normally smaller scale, partly I suspect to stop people using them in Fantasy.
Fortunately, Dwarfs are small anyway :rolleyes:
That figure looks to be about 25mm scale to me. If you really want to know, print it out, cut out the dwarf, then place the cut out Dwarf next to the picture of the base, and figure how tall he is relative to the base in the photo. Then get a real base, and measure from that how tall the model is.


Damn it, thats a good point…

Just copied it, resized and held up a base (I presume they are on standard sized round bases). They are too small :frowning:

Oh well, I guess I will just have to make a bigger version somehow. Maybe using 6h ed dwarfs?

The Flying Beaver:

One of the staff at my local GW store plays LOTR dwarfs, and I can confirm that they’re too small. Sorry Grim.


They don’t make them like they used to these days…


There tiny and pretty characterles IMO… see it as a blessing in disguise