[Archive] Madness from the marshes - rise of a Nurgle army


Hi Folks,
don`t want to spam this area, but for better structure I preferred to open a separate thread for this. For some time a little WoC force is growing steadily in my cupboard. In late summer I planned to sell them all and cancel the project, but I was convinced by my son and a reader of my sales advertisement to keep them.
The army groups together around a mighty warlord, who summons people and monsters from the swamps and bayous around the big river deltas of the North.

Eventually I really started painting them last month and now take part with them in a pledge project as well (4x500 pts, first 500 until Dec 15th). Part 1 was finished yesterday.

Some impressions:

Some further WIPs:


Ugly. Is that a suitable compliment for you?


It is ;). Thank you!


Nice start! Love the feel of these.

Where are those marauders from?


Your painting skills have improved a lot during your time here a CDO. It’s been a joy to follow.


Your painting skills have improved a lot during your time here a CDO.
Thanks, Blood. You`re right, they have improved due to the learning here from you and others, latest example your great scifi terrain thread. It is very inspiring to look at all the work. There is still a long way to go.
Nice start! Love the feel of these.

Where are those marauders from?
Thank you! These are the Wasteland Barbarians from Russian Alternative. The models are promising. I hope I can achieve satisfying results at the paint job.


Father nurgle is pleased


Very nice nurgle m8.

I like the corrosion and rust on them! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much :hat off.

I try my very best.

A strange green mist emitted from the dark between the dead trees. The soldiers in red gazed like frozen in shock at the forest as the vapors reached them and the first line dropped coughing and screaming to the ground.

A strange creature stepped forward only a silhouette in the moonlight.

This creature was called Ten Bairan in his former life. As a shaman and healer he helped his people and was a wise leader for them until he rose to a higher spiritual and physical level, slowly leaving his mortal body and growing stronger and stronger…


Show must go on.

The first five of my barbarian unit are finished. In the background there is the beast from the swamps, summoned by nurgle`s followers.

The barbarians are from Russian Alternative, the beast from Mierce.


Looking great man. Keep up the awesome stuff


Gross as it all should be!


Something new to show.

The beast is ready:


It’s a cthuhlugator

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It's a cthuhlugator

Yes, it could be a Lovecraft story "The Thing from the Swamps" ;).

Three little pets without and with riders.
I made 50x50 and 50x75 bases to play them as toads, as riders on daemonic mounts and as "Skullcrushers".

A picture of the past 500 points:


That beast thing is one cool model!


It is. And in 9th it is even playable :-).

I completed the toad riders and my General, Khazhyk the Befouled:


I have always and will always love Nurgle. This army is getting pretty gross. Lovely.


Holy shit! Sick army, mate. Puns intended. Awesome choice of models.


The Chtulugator is amazing. Great stuff here.