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Hi all,

I’ve been working on the start to my Khornate Orc army (will be played as Chaos Warriors) and here’s the result so far.  




looks really kool. Just dont like th cold ones since there the old ones, but over all, good model.


it looks cool, escpacialy the night goblin on top of the chariot.

Kera foehunter:

sweeet !! i like it !!!nice paint job to

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Apart from the fact that these greenskins do not seem to be green anymore, the idea and conversion are very cool! :hat off


Hi all,
I've been working on the start to my Khornate Orc army (will be played as Chaos Warriors) and here's the result so far.  


Hi mate,
- I like the colour for your Orc(s) - and I might steal it :) However the colour on the scales is not my favo, but the rest of it is really cool :)
- The converted chariot is really great looking, and the face of your Black Orc is really one of a kind...
- Will this be the theme colour of your army?

- Keep them coming mate cheers :cheers


Hi all, thanks for all the comments!

@Karak: I know that most people arent too keen on the chunky cold ones, but they just seemed to fit orcs quite well.

@Merchant: This is to be the theme colour for my army. The chaos warriors will be black orcs, knights will be black orcs on cold ones, marauders will be night gobbos, chaos hounds will be night gobbos on dire wolves and so on.




Shock horror! Its another update!

I’ve finished making my Khornate Orc cavalry (will be chaos knights).

Here’s the pics:

The unit from the front.

And from the back, my first attempt at scuplting chainmail. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

The musician, with war drums.

One of the cold one knights.

I think that this unit turned out well, now to paint them!

Thats all for now!




Great idea, I’d thought of doing chaos orcs in the past but you’ve pulled it off really nicely. The only bit of your theme that troubles me is night gobbo’s as marrauders. First of all they’re gonna be dwarfed on a larger base, second, I really can’t see Khorne bothering with anything as pitiful as a gobbo, and lastly I think its just stretching WYSIWYG that bit too far. Surely Unarmoured Orc Boyz would be a better option - right size, decidedly more Khornate and you only get one less in a box - space for a character in the front rank me thinks.

The idea of putting the blorcs on cold ones to distinguish them is really great. You could do normal orcs on new cold oones as marauder horse :slight_smile:

If I were to suggest themes I’d have -

Warriors - Blorcs

Marauders - Orc Boyz

Marauder Horse - boys on cold ones (new)

Warhounds - squigs

Knights and chariot - As you’ve done 'em :cheers

Chosen - Super converted blorcs (loadsa chaosy detail, big axes and super spikey armour!)

Forsaken - Mutated orcs

monsters - As normal

Warshrine - Orcy totem (Kinda like the idol from the Ard boys list for SoC, but for Khorne

Really nice theme mate, keep it up!


I did consider having Orc Boys as marauders, but I just can’t stand the orc regiment set.

I dont think I’m going to take Forsaken or the Warshrine in my list.

Atm I’m considering:

Chaos Warriors - Black Orcs

Chaos Knights - Black Orcs on Cold ones

Chaos Trolls - Stone trolls w/ river troll heads + conversion

Chariot - see above

Demon Prince - Heavily converted minotaur

Chosen - Grimgor, Metal Black Orc boss, Plastic warboss on foot, Ruglud, AoW orc lord & 40k Ork Warboss with attack squig

Tzeentch wizard - AoW orc shaman

Marauders - Night gobbos (I’ll fill their bases out with bits and bobs and arm them with axes)

Chaos Hounds - Night gobbos on dire wolves.

That just about rounds it off I think,



Kera foehunter:

great looking orc on cold ones


Here’s an update!

I got the knights painted last week for the painting marathon. So here we go:

I’m really pleased with the sculpting on the chainmail.


Very nice painting and sculpting there, though the gold scales on the Cold Ones generally puts me off the figures unfortunately. Other than that, nice work.


Lovely banner and some great strong reds. Well done :hatoff. I’m afraid I do have to agree about the gold scales though, I don’t think it looks natural (I know we’re talking about chaos ;)) and that sticking with a non-matalic colour would have been better


thanks for the comments guy, the scales are actually Bronze irl (Khorne having bronze + Red as main colours),

I’m currently working on the shamans for the army


Ohh I cannot wait to see that shaman :slight_smile:


your painting skills are ridiciously good. That banner actually looks made of cloth


It’s update time!

I’ve been assembling the first Squig Herd (Chaos Hounds):

I’ve also finished painting my AoW Orc Shaman (Chaos Sorceror, MoT)

That’s all for now folks, and as always, C+C appreciated.



Kera foehunter:

nice shaman great paint job cool skinn

Tharzhul Firehelm:

I really like that Shaman, its a good paint job, great work.