[Archive] Mantic Abyssal Dwarfs - out in February


Some rumours from warseer, I did mention these already, but they deserve a thread imo.

Mantic games are doing upgrade kits to their dwarfs to make them into chaos dwarfs.

Someone who went to the mantic open day last weekend said bob naismith is doing them (I think he did their zombies).

Based on the bits I’ve seen of their dark elf conversions we’re looking at metal replacement parts for everything that isn’t part of the legs.  I think.  So on some ironclads this will mean a lot more metal than others.


From Chaos and Evil

Definitely in metal. Bob N. mentioned he’d like to do about 20 different Chaos Dwarf heads, so as to provide a lot of visual distinctiveness. Some normal, some really wacky, like a giant eye for a head.
Another quote off warseer
The beards are very distinctive - ringlets style.

There was one body being worked on, IIRC it had a large breastplate and very spiky 80’s shoulder pads.  


Well, that’s good news. At least someone is filling the gaping void that GW has left.



i start converting and low and behold!

-maybe some mixed units :smiley:


Unfortunatly no pics. I don’t like the Mantic Dwarfs but maybe the ‘upgrade’ set makes them decent.


Yes, I heard about this too. And I find it interesting - but only make sense if the also did a character pack and one (or two) new war machines. Though, I’m not kean on the idea of just being a upgrade kit. ‘Only’ 3 out of 5 plastic warriors can actually be converted. 2 warriors on each sprue are almost single piece casts (heads can hardly be removed) - so if it only some ‘spicky bits’, weapons and a set of 20 optional heads - I’ll say, that they are not worth the trouble. They should do a plastic set with 5 legs - and could then sculpt 5 additional torsos and plenty of heads - if you ask me :smiley:

And it would have been nice seeing some conceptual artwork. This could just be somebody wishlisting ??!!? :~


It’s not, several people saw the models at the open day, but nobody took pictures.

There is a photo of the dark elf conversion set on warseer.

I’m guessing that the fluff behind them will be that it’s the regular ironclads that have turned to chaos, meaning that if they throw a couple of arms into the sets with the 3 torsos that you could get 5 out of them. Admittedly that wouldn’t look great… but it would work.


The tops of the hat are slightly domed, if they were to put big hats ontop it would be quite easy for all of them really,

weapons are an easy swap over,

the extra would have to include sandard toppes, weapons, hats-if they do big hats, and a few head swaps maybe.

All in all quite easy really.


In terms of how the ones that were on show looked, someone described it like this


Doesn’t sound like a ‘big hat’ to me.


In terms of how the ones that were on show looked, someone described it like this


Doesn't sound like a 'big hat' to me.

sort of a santa's elf look to me :-p


any updates from anyone ‘in the know’?

Lord Archaon:

Mantic Chaos Dwarfs sighted on BoW.


They’re done quite good in my opinion, not as good as Warhammer Forge ones, but certenly better then nothing. :wink:

Blue in VT:

Interesting…they look pretty good…one of the helmets looks odd to me but not bad. My only complaint would be the size of their beards…or lack there of…but that is easily fixed with GS.



Must admit I think those are pretty dreadful. All the hats are bug-eyed, they look like “Naughty Dwarfs” rather than Chaos Dwarfs. I can imagine them marching all the way to the Empire and then slightly messing up people’s gardens before marching home.


As a mantic fan, I’m not such a fan of the heads, the torso’s and the warmachines I do rather like!

I’m kinda glad I don’t like the heads, It means my efforts weren’t in vain.


I’m not sure what to think about these guys. The sculpts look a bit rough, and I definitely get what The_Bear_in_the_Hat means by calling them ‘naughy dwarfs.’ But the war machine looks good, and I will remain cautiously optimistic until I see the finished versions.


Two of the helmets look quite interesting, also the mask of the dog!

The warmachine seems also a quite nice one!

So let’s wait and see - all in all the upgrade sprue can only be better than the “normal” dwarfs! :wink:


Novogord Vivendi:

They remind me a lot of the old style chaos dwarfs (personal opinion), some of them look naughty to… But I’m awaiting more from them and see what it will bring.


One thing to say, its nice to see something a bit different than what I was expecting,


Woaw ! These are pretty good if you ask me - and I usually hate Mantic mini’s design.

Some helmets are cartoony/ridiculous but some are really cool. I hope there will be plenty of different helmets for us to choose !


Separate heads but torsos too :smiley: Interesting. Looking forward to see how they will pack these. The regular warriors only have 8 bodies with a separate torso and 4 headless bodies. Still left with 8 you cant do much about.

And the war machines looks nice. The Organ gun looks very much like the old Goblin Lead Belcher - one. Which is perfect for count as ‘Death Rockets’.