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don’t the beard look a bit familiar

Time of Madness:

Beards do look familiar.

I’m not a big fan of this particular model, maybe it’s just the paint job.

Time of Madness


I’ve never seen a dwarf with a curly beard before :wink:

Not that fond of this 3-up (which seems too skinny/too tall) - but if they come close to the concepts shown:

I think we’ll see many chaos dwarfs armies based on these Mantic’s.


Wonder what happend? as they seems to know how a proper dwarf should look like:


I think, in all, the paintjob, the beard and the shield make it look a bit too much like lego.

With those done differently, it could be a very nice model. Tbh, I quite like the fact that he has legs with knees, and the armor looks good. I’ll probably end up buying some to make into Chaos Dwarves…



that look much better:D


I actually prefered this one :~

And after dwarfs …? … Orcs, I guess. This was showned at Salute 2010:


Hurrah! Hobbycraft in Gateshead are stocking these. I nearly bought the elven army deal last year. I might pick up a smaller box to take a better look.


Oh I dont know those armour clad ones would make cool Iron breaker and Immortal types with very minimum work. I have to say im more looking forward to the missile types myself.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I think the head and beard look a little too “Square” for my tastes. I think the beard needs to come down more to the belt and not look so much like a machine made it. I like the armor however.


Yes the armour does remind me of Juggernaugth (im not sure on the spelling) from the X men comicbooks.


Antoher painted 3up. This time it’s a thunderer.

I’m still not that excited about them. Something about the dwarf proportions that dosn’t seems right (to me that is).


Damn Clam noo LOOK he has knees !


The legs are a bit small compared to the top half of the body. looks good though.


They’re a cheap alternative to GW.

I understand they try to make their figures fairly generic.

Good luck to them. Nice to have alternatives.


I think the dwarven missile unit would make relatively nice blunderbuss models. With minimal greenstuff work would make nice mask models too. Cant see too big a fault with them as they seam how I would now expect a dwarven model to look. Almost perry like in there proportions.


I think there’s some potential here. Might pick some up if money allows…



Nice looking models but nothing stunning!

They are much too awkward and crude for my liking!

But nonetheless much better than the new GW plastics - but still plastics! :~



The Mantic dwarfs are althiough far from perfect quite promising - cheap and will not require extensive conversion to get decent. Way better starting point than Skull Pass.