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im not sure where the last one of these went, i think i must have pressed preview then didnt post it, but oh well the 2nd time ive written this.

Ok so what this is, if you havent been reading the marauder mage thread in the marketplace, is my version of the old marauder mage. I have decided to sculpt my own version because of the seriously highly rising prices on ebay (if id known this 15 years ago . . . )

Pyro Stick very kindly posted pictures of his marauder mage, which i then scetched, changed a bit, edited, and came up with my own, although similar, version.

So far i have only really got the main body shape, with some of the folds in the robes, and the feet. The main difference so far, other than my inferior skill :p, is the fact i have decided to go with plate armoured feet and hands rather than chainmail, and another big difference will be the shape of the helmet.

the beard is getting another layer on to make it more 3d, and the robe needs smoothing out a lot, possibly bulking a bit at the front, but im quite happy with it so far.

Pyro Stick:

Looking good so far. Is it still going to have the grenade? Whats the style of the helmet going to be like? For me, the winged helmet is what always made this model look cool.


im going to keep the wings, but change them slightly so i can sculpt them at my own level. its the face itself i want to change the eye slit, and modify that ‘lump’ on his forehead into a diamond. the grenade will still probably be kept, as i was very exciting when i saw it on your picture!

if i cant get this one working i have another armature on the way just in case.

Kera foehunter:

looking good …Take lots of pictures torn so i can build one too


Always thought bat like wings would be better here…


ok update time. im really enjoying making this. i heard advice from someone, i think it was the kev white meeples and minaitures podcast, where the easiest way to learn to sculpt is by copying your favourite existing miniatures. i think thats working.

anyways, what i have done, sliced and filed the robe shapes a bit make them less bulky in places they dont need to be, i have added the main part of the helm, some detailing on the shoulderpads, and his stick. i have also fleshed out the beard a bit around the stick, and added the start of a scroll and THE GRENADE!!! to his back.

the scroll was made by flattening a piece of procreate, cutting into a square with a scalpel and then rolling it up.

i dont really think batwings would enhance the model, but if i like it when im finished i think i will try and make a 2 part mold of it cast it a few times and convert a few alternate versions. might try batwings then.

Pyro Stick:

Looking good. Cant wait to see this finished. Are you going to base it around a certain type of magic? Like i have a pyromancer and i want to make a shadowmancer. Bat wings would only work if it was a vampire counts model


im just going to concentrate on doing him ‘as is’ for now. i have him sketched up with the the regular wings and thats how i like it.

one of the 40k chaos legions have bat wings on their helmets and look ok, like i said if i can cast up a few i can improve on this one, and possibly do a few versions. I think if i was going to do them based around certain magic types i would probably make them a base to reflect that.


nearly finished! just got the helm wings left to do, unfortunately i want to do them in brown stuff, i ordered some last week and it hasnt arrived yet :frowning: and im going away tommorow till saturday, so it wont get finished till next week.

I have done the hands, detailed his staff to be a bit chaotic, can be pustules or just shapes etc, gave a bit more depth to his sleeve edging, sculpted his belt, and finished the grenade which im very happy with!

i dont know if im going to start on another one, as im not quite happy with this one, but ill wait till the wings are done before i pass final judgement.

Pyro Stick:

Maybe you could turn the staff into a piece of Volcanic Rock? That would be awesome. Its looks cool so far for a first attempt.


He is looking great :hat off is his head big enough though?

the idea of different helms is good that could be taken to some great extremes a dragonhelm would be so cool :hashut


volcanic rock staff? i would have no idea where to start with that 1!

i think his head will look a lot bigger when the wings are added. it only looks small because i did the arms too big, which i cant just slice off because there is armature inside unfortunately. i also think the feet are a little bit too far forward.


Great, great work torn - he is brilliant - can’t wait to see the finished version - here, some slaves to help you on!

Kera foehunter:

Looking goooooood!!! Torn .


thankyou very much mr clam!

i have set those slaves off straight away to find where my brown stuff is! they should also bebringing a booklet on sculpting techniques which i will post a link to if its worth buying.


VERY NICE!!! Really.

I can’t wait to see it iished & painted up.

Here is a slave to asist you in your work.


Fantastic work. 3rd edition revivalists FTW!

Pyro Stick:

I just realised that this might make quite a good Mage converison:

Azhback the Grey. One of pulpers awesome sculpts.

Kera foehunter:

wow he has some big feet. But no beard


wow he has some big feet. But no beard

Kera foehunter
well you know what they say about dwarves with big feet

they have annoyed armourers who have to make bigger metal boots...........damn big footed freeks