[Archive] Marauder Mage

Pyro Stick:

I have been trying to get hold of this model for ages and i finally did. I painted it with a blue cloak but now that the cloak is done im not sure it looks that good. I am thinking of changing it to Red or Grey. This model isnt finished so dont bother commenting on the base and i know the thing on his back beside his grenade isnt finished.


The blue looks fine, but I am not sure it works with the gold and silver. Red might be really cool. :slight_smile:


Yeah, Xander’s right; the blue would look perfectly good except that it clashes with the metallics.

Here’s a colour wheel, hopefully it’ll help you with your painting scheme:

Notice that the colours that match are:


colours next to each other

all primaries

all secondaries

(I’m pretty sure there are some other exceptions, but my knowledge isn’t that indepth)

Good luck.


nice colour wheel, but i think for artistic purposes a traditional RBG does a bit better, because the colours are less ‘pastel’ and stronger, which is better for miniatures who arent pansy elves.

i think the blue is fine but maybe the gold is too dark

Pyro Stick:

Well im just confused now cause i liked the helmet and not the cloak lol


theres nowt wrong with the helmet at all, i just thought it would be worth considering. at the end of the day theres nothing stopping you trying many different colours.


Well im just confused now cause i liked the helmet and not the cloak lol
Haha, you could always try to lighten up the blue, that might work (close to sky/white blue)

Pyro Stick:

Totally repainted this guy. And made a fancy base. Ill get a better pic of the whole thing tomorrow. I never had any good light as i finished it at night.


Looks great.And I love the base might actually borrow it…pinch


Looks great ,alot of flaming backdraft (lay off the pork)thats some base.I did like the earlier blue too but he is now a CD that will fit with your excellent collection:hat off


:hat offDid quite like the gold.

Pyro Stick:

The gold looked good but the beard had too think a basecoat, the blue didnt go with the rest of my army or the helmet and the staff also had a bad paint job and it just wasnt that good. Now its awesome.


Much agreed.

Ghrask Dragh:

Didn’t mind the old paint job, but love the new one!!

Great stuff on the colours and base, you have quite a collection there!


Cant wait to see some new editions…to your army:hat off


WOW! I love your new Mage - Pyro - you did a great job on him!


I’d really love to know how yu made the base… hint…hint…


Have you considered reverse highlighting the flames?

In other words, have the yellow colours in the crevises then dark red/black on the raised areas with various gradations of colours in between?


Yes, this new version looks much better! Cool base, too. I think my favourite part of this model is the grenade (!) that he’s carrying.

Pyro Stick:

The base was made by sticking a 40k base on a cavalry base then adding in some green stuff to make it look a bit more like hes standing on rock. The wasll of fire was just a bad attempt at green stuff. I made th basic shape (which completely folded in on itself casue it was so heavy) then i sculpted the flame detail (badly) on top of that.

@wallacer: I never really thought about reverse highlighting… Since it had a black basecoat the yellow would of looked terrible unless i gave it a massive layer. Or a white basecoat i guess.