[Archive] Midwest Rampage (Illinnois, USA)


I’ve advocated on other sites, and I don’t think I put a thread on CDO for this.

First weekend of May. 2250 Points.

Midwest Rampage Site

It’s a two day event. Though there are one day passes. Either way the cost includes a dinner Saturday night!

Lists are asked to not be over-the-top, and there is composition scoring and such.

I’ll be taking the Chaos Dwarfs (new style) to this.

I highly recommend this tournament which is why I’ve been plugging it here and there.

I’d really like to see some of us there with Chaos Dwarfs in tow, but it’d be nice to see CDO members regardless!

Right now a little over 30 people signed up (though there’s plenty of spots open), and I suspect it will get up to 40+.

So I hope to see you there!


i’d love to come, to bad i live in sweden…

Tarrakk Blackhand:

It sounds like it’s going to be a wonderfull day! I just wish it was closer.

I’m curious though Swiss…what do they mean when they say “Lists are asked to not be over-the-top”. Is that just a non-ballanced list, say with too many Uber-powerful figures/war machines?


It sounds like it's going to be a wonderfull day! I just wish it was closer.

I'm curious though Swiss....what do they mean when they say "Lists are asked to not be over-the-top". Is that just a non-ballanced list, say with too many Uber-powerful figures/war machines?

Tarrakk Blackhand
Basically it's trying to discourage some of the harder cheese out there. It's really designed for my mentality "You can be tough, but not be a jerk". So a competitive list is fine... but keep it in reason.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Kool. I wonder what would be a good example? Are you limiting it to points cost, say 1500 points?


Oops, forgot to mention that. Post edited.

It’ll be 2250 points.

Also for one game you need 250 points of Dogs of War (with a few restrictions (No fen beast, and a few other things)). You’re given a free rare slot (in essence you’ll have default + 1) to allow for the DoW unit if you’re already using your normal ones. For example I’m taking BC and a shaker… but for that game I can still take a DoW unit.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Wow! Sound’s Great! Now I really wish I could come out to play against you!

However, I’m no where near compleating my BFSP set. Still have to do a lot of painting and converting. I’m somewhere between Hobgoblins and CD’s. I also have a set of Space marines and Ogres to finish - Yet I’d add in my DoW from the Ogres.

Have fun and I wish you the best Swiss!


i'd love to come, to bad i live in sweden...

IMO this sounds like a petty excuse ... :D

Is there any problem to make a quick turn to Illinois? :P

From Germany that´s a real problem and challenge but from Sweden ... ;)


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Ticket to America from Sweeden costs almost 3 times more money than from Germany to America. I looked it up last time I visited the travel agent.


Well I could always threaten to start posting Beatnic Poetry if you folks don’t come! :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides… how cool would it be to see a bunch of CDO folks?

Come on people! pulls out chainsaw, attaches plunger as a bayonet and gets out whip

Let’s get people going to this thing!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hmmm…Beatnik poetry might actually be an improvement on our newly formed Star Wars web site!

(Can I get a Base line and some Bongos? - Dim the lights!)

Now dig this funky vibe, Katz!

Xander’s taken the fall from grace,

Flew away to outer-space!

Now Willmark chops with light sabre glow,

To thwart the evil posting foe!

Oh Xander, where are you now?

Squashed in your Porsche as the girl katz weep!

Brand new Admin to greet us from our sleep.

Shudder! Shudder! With snapping fingers,

As the world washes away like the tide on the rings of Saturn!

Can you get behind it Katz?


(Strokes his Goatee!)

Kera foehunter:

i can’t make it i, be out of town !! planting time


As of today there are 46 people registered.

Here are the army percentages…

Orcs and Goblins are 17.39% of total armies! (8 armies)

VC are 10.87% (5 VC armies)

Ogres, Chaos Mortals, Wood Elves, and Demons are 8.7% each (4 armies each)

Lizards and Dwarfs are both 6.52% each (3 armies each)

Tomb Kings, Beasts, and Dark Elves are 4.35% each (2 armies each)

Skaven, Chaos Dwarfs, Empire, Dogs of War, and High Elves each have 1 army present or 2.17%

Kera foehunter:

Well i wish you good luck saturday swiss


In the plains of Zharr two roads run parallel, leading past black obsidian monoliths that jut out of the rock at an angle that is seemingly unnatural. A black obsidian skull with warpstone eyes states upon the plan, as if to judge all those before it. Two collums walk silently across the blasted road. Many of them wear grim helms, revealing no emotion. Their slaves scuttle along the road, silent for fear of the slavemasters whip.

The dark dwarfs of the east march to war, and with daybreak they set forth to find new slaves and new lands to plunder for the riches contained within. Those who oppose them will be blasted with great weapons of war, or be hacked down by the axe. The dark ones know that some will not return, but that doesn’t deter them from their mission.

With a roar, the general’s great taurus gives an omen of victory.


In a few hours I set out for this event! Just finishing up a few things, but I will be done in time. Thanks to those that have helped along the way.

I shall try to bring back a detailed report.

Kera foehunter:

Kera gives  a hug and a gun  go get them guys swiss !!

now that swiss is leaving kera goes to his house and start to drink all his beer


Kera: I planned ahead. The booze is with me :stuck_out_tongue:

Kera foehunter:

Damn damn damn !!Kera heads off to Bilbo"s he probably the next closes

Kera foehunter:

kera wait up the street to see if swiss will come home in victory

let us know please


I figure swiss will post how he does. I haven’t seen him online yet and I see no posts from him on his normal haunts.