[Archive] Mini Contest- Create a� � Regiment of Renown


Fun mini contest for the writers of the site.

Create a Regiment of Renown.

What to enter?

Create a Chaos Dwarf Regiment of Renown! This will be in written form, no pictures (however winning entries may have their works illustrated at a later point YTBD).

Units should have full rules for Warhammer fantasy battle along with some fluff to describe the unit.

Optionally the unit may include special character(s) for the RoR if you so choice. Such a special character should follow the same rules for special characters in Regiments of Renown. If there are any questions contact either myself of Bilbo for examples of Regiments of Renown.


The deadline for the submission of entries is January 31st @ 11:59pm EST.  

Rules of the Competition

Create a written entry for a Regiment of Renown that based on a unit type for the Chaos Dwarf Ravening Hordes list. Thus it could be for a Chaos Dwarf, hobgoblin, Orc, goblin, black orc or bull centaur regiment.

To list out your entry, download the list file from the attachment. This is the same file that was used for Artisan’s Contest 4.

How to Enter?

To submit your entry send a PM to Staff (a special user that all Staff have access to) (Note: This is the same as the Artisan’s Contests) Make sure that you have checked your work prior to sending it in.

How will this be judged?

After all entries are received I will create a thread for voting and a timed poll of 7 days will be created to determine the winner.

Entries will be judged on balance, point costing, flexibility, and usability. In short the voters will be asked to imagine could this unit be used on the table-top and would it fit the theme of chaos dwarfs without being over the top and/or unwieldy.

Unlike Artisans 5 there will not be a discussion thread as this is a straight up create a regiment of renown contest. So make sure you think out your entry prior to submission.

All those that enter will receive a number of slaves equal to the number of entries. thus if 7 people enter you each get 7 slaves.

The bigger “reward” will be perhaps being featured in a certain ezine, plus something else… what else I cannot say just yet :slight_smile:

Please PM me with any questions.



I see a bunch of downloads of the file so that is good hopefully we will have quite a few entries.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I('d like to point out that the form is mentioned to be from AC4 and then you say it won’t be discussed like in AC5 :wink: I’m hoping to try and get something done for this, particularly since I didn;t manage to enter the last AC. Let’s see what comes out, eh? :smiley:


I’m working on the assumption Champions and other Command models can also be named, is this ok as long as they are ‘1 wound’ level dudes? Like Blind Ibn and Al Muktar for example. Obviously only the hero and champion would be able to challenge, etc.


What is the word count limit for this?


What is the word count limit for this?
lol good question. If they're all as long as mine, this competition won't be very 'mini' :)

Thommy H:

Here’s a question: one of the old Regiments of Renown consisted of two witch hunters, so essentially two special characters hanging around together rather than a whole unit of identical blokes led by a named hero. Would a similar Chaos Dwarf-themed entry be within the rules?

(It shouldn’t be hard to guess who I’m planning on making rules for…)


I will probably have a go at this.  I’ve got an idea already, I just need to think up some fluff.


I’m not sure if I would call 2 guys a unit.  As you said though, they were included under ‘regiments of renown’ at the time.

Thommy H:

Yeah, there’s precedent, that’s all. I’m actually a little bit confused about the “you may include only one special character” rule anyway. Aren’t Regiments of Renown all special characters anyway? It’s not like you can field the Fighting Cocks without Lumpin Croop, or the Desert Dogs without Al’Muktar - they’re not ordinary units with optional special characters, they come as a set.


I'm not sure if I would call 2 guys a unit. As you said though, they were included under 'regiments of renown' at the time.
There were a couple of RoR that were like that. Those Giants with the Druid for a start; technically they're only 3 guys :)

Although he does say:
a Regiment of Renown that based on a unit type for the Chaos Dwarf Ravening Hordes list. Thus it could be for a Chaos Dwarf, hobgoblin, Orc, goblin, black orc or bull centaur regiment.
Booo, allow 2 men armies!! :)


Sorry for the confusion guys, I didn’t think this would garner so much interest! I have ammended it to say you may inlude special character(s). So Baggronor, yes you can have named low level flunkies in the unit like you describe. Thommy, yep that will work.

HB- it means we won’t have a discussion round like last time before voting.

Grim & Baggronor- word count? Well, no novels please say perhaps 2000 max? I wouldn’t worry about the word count on the rules section of the entry either.


no novels please
I trimmed it :) Sent.

Thommy H:

Mega. I might enter this then.


How can we submit the RoR? I cannot attach to a private message…


Create a link to it and send the link to the user Staff.

Thommy H:

Create a link to it? Are we supposed to be hosting this thing? I’m a bit confused, so I’m going to write this just as a basic text file to start with, but if you get back to me and tell me who you want the entries formatted, I’ll change it to that.


That’s what some have done. The other possibility is to copy and paste it into a PM. If that doesn’t work PM. Me then we can work out an email if need be.


We have a staff email account people can use for attachments:


Thommy H:

I’ll just use text. If you can’t use it, let me know and I’ll reformat it.


The template needs quite a bit of adjustment for anything that isn’t a war machine. I’ve been adjusting mine as it goes, but it seems to remove the need for a template in the first place.