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Hi all, I’m in the process of making a 2000pts Abyssal Dwarf army for Kings of War using miniatures from various companies. I feel like making a blog will help to motivate and carry me through to the end. I’ll start with my plan and update whenever I make any ground, then link to completed units from this post. This is the first time I will be multibasing my units. This is a pretty big project, physically and financially. Looking forward to the challenge!

Will make this up to 2000pts after the Clash of Kings book drops.

Immortal Guard Regiment

Forge World Infernal Guard

Slave Orcs* Troop

Games Workshop Clanrats

Gargoyles Troop x3

Privateer Press Grotesque Banshees

Lesser Obsidian Golems Horde

Forge World K’Daai Fireborn

Slave Orc Gore Riders* Regiment x2

Forge World Wolf Rats

Games Workshop Chaos Chariots

Abyssal Grotesques Horde

Forge World Bull Centaur Renders

Forge World Bull Centuar Taur’ruk

Katsuchan Rocket Launcher x2

Forge World Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

Overmaster on Great Abyssal Dragon

Forge World Warpfire Dragon and Daemonsmith

Abyssal Grotesque Champion

Forge World Shar�?Ttor the Executioner

Supreme Iron-caster on Great Winged Halfbreed

Forge World Drazhoath the Ashen

There will be extra models on top of the initial 2K points, whatever I feel like painting. Initial plan is subject to change. Comments are very welcome. Thanks for looking :hat off

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Looks like a good list and a great choice of miniatures (almost the same as I’m using, haha) good luck with the project, I can’t wait to watch it develop.



Thanks! I wasn’t sure about the MOM Orcs until I read your post on them. As I hadn’t heard much from anyone that had bought their miniatures. Hoping to order some soon. They look great, perfect fit.


I bought some RA Great Weapon Dwarves to test the paint scheme. I’ve done the base colours and shading. I’ll begin to tidy it up and build the highlights now. I’m pretty happy with it so far… fast and gritty!


I always balk at seeing blue but I use it myself all the time.


It’s Royal Purple… it does look like a Midnight Blue. It’ll look more purple after highlights :slight_smile:


I’m not the biggest lover of the painting part, largely because it takes me so long. I stayed up late to finish the Blacksouls test model. If I can keep this standard for the rest of the army I’ll be more than happy!


Nice little Dawi Zharr there!

I love purple Chaos Dwarfs!


Always been a fan of purple on those models, it was supposed to be the color scheme of my blood bowl team in the start.

Good model and good paint, now onward with the other 19! :wink:


Looks good!

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It's Royal Purple.. it does look like a Midnight Blue. It'll look more purple after highlights :)

Yep. It does look much better. I've used Necron Abyss on stuff and it comes out very blue in photos


Looks great already.

I played KoW, too, a few times but then came back mainly to the 9th Age which is a really big thing here and followed WH 8th Edition (is also the ruleset for the upcoming ETC Tournament)…

It worked very well to base the models individually to be able to play different rulesets.


Looks great already.
I played KoW, too, a few times but then came back mainly to the 9th Age which is a really big thing here and followed WH 8th Edition (is also the ruleset for the upcoming ETC Tournament)..
It worked very well to base the models individually to be able to play different rulesets.

After having a look at the 9th Age forum I am pretty tempted to single base but, most people that played 8th at my local club have moved onto KoW. I never actually had my own army for 8th, I played with my friends armies from time to time. I was actually collecting an Empire army when AoS happened. I may have to accept that I missed the Warhammer bus.


The test model looks great.  The purple is and uncommon color choice, but fits the model very well.  

One suggestion.  A little variation on the axe or axe hilt would add quite a bit to the model.  Either a color on the handle (brown leather wrapped, etc.) or picking out the details on the axe and hilt in the gold you used on the remainder of the model would do the trick.  Currently it is a solid block of silver/steel/gray metallics from the forearms through the entire axe.  Certainly not essential though, you do after all have 19 more to paint and the unit will look great as is.

Your list looks good as well.  You have a good amount of troop models, and I like your varied models and manufacturers.  I’ve found having those Horde units in play is essential.  They have both staying and hitting power compared to smaller units and can be very effective.  It’s great that KoW allows so much flexibility and is model agnostic, allowing the use of anything that fits the bill.


Fuggit Khan:

I’m always impressed by how good purple and gold work together…a very striking color scheme. Very nice start :hat off


Nicely painted and good colour scheme. Plus i really like the RA miniatures!


I’m a huuuuuge fan of the Russian Alt line, and your color scheme looks great on them. The purple over the midnight blue color really gives it some depth.

Have you had a chance to test drive your army list yet?

I’ve been playing Abyssal Dwarves for awhile now myself having allot of fun and (a refreshing change from my utterly hobbled Dark Eldar) winning allot of games with them.


Solid and striking colour scheme. I agree with Jackswift regarding the axe. Good start on your army!


Appreciate the replies and tips! I bought these models before I had decided on my final list so I’m only painting 10 of these. Will put them on a troop base.

@Jackswift Fully agree with you. I will definitely go back and sort out the weapon… I think I got a bit lazy there!

@Carcearion I’ve only had the chance to play against a friend of mine who is also new to the game. I’m pretty happy with the Abyssal Dwarfs. I tried to make up for the lack of speed by fielding four flying units, I think I’ve found my balance. Fire-teams are amazing, still not sure if I should ditch the rocket launcher and take another one.


Yeah, looks so much better. Thanks for advice!