[Archive] My Bull Centaur Lord Conversion WIP

Da Crusha:

I have seen these Bull Centaur Lord conversions on the web and they have inspired me to convert my own.

so Here I present my Bull Centaur Lord!!!

He is made of a a great Taurus lower body a minotaur upper body, arms and weapon and a defiler head. and a whole bunch of blue tac.

I really like him a lot but I do think that his legs look a bit too small for his body so I think I can try to green stuff his legs to look bulkier, or add armor to his legs for more bulk, or split the great Taurus body on the seam and add a space about 1/8th inch wide and green stuff the gap, repositioning the tale.

tell me what you guys think!

Gavan Sing:

your BC lord kickass, I do NOT want to mess with that guy. pure brute strength. finally something good being done with the new mino model.

Warlord Zharhak


Is he the bull god? Or the avatar of the bull god? HE’S BIG!


“There is no such thing as too big!” :stuck_out_tongue:


The parts work realy well together and I agree the legs might be to thin. Seeing the model like this, I think you should give him blue glowing eyes, I think that can realy work on.



how about that, those new minotaurs were indeed intended for some greater purpose. :smiley:

That model is so intimidating! it must be bigger than a bloodthirster…x.x



God damn id be scared if I were one of your opponents seeing that.

Da Crusha:

thanks for all the comments guys

this ones for m3lvin

bigger than a blood thirster but not a large target and doesnt cause terror… except in the hearts of opposing generals. muhahahahahahaha


“Oh yeah, bring it on!” puny blooddrinker… :smiley:



Hey you know if you tackled it rigth and painted it so you could get away with that quite easily as a greater daemon of hashut ? You know making a cool themic base to slot the Cavalry base into ? Just a a idea maybe ?


Great Centaur you make here! Awesome dude!

However you are right concerning the lower body part - it seems a bit too small and not bulky enough!

I’m not sure maybe you could use the lower part of such a bull - Maul used for his great Taurus?!

Here is the homepage of the company (Schleich):



Da Crusha:

zanko: thats a big one I dont think I could ever fit that one on a cavalry base, but maybe Ill look into other bulls… if only scibor would finish his bull Id use that one.


The intention was not that you use this slightly “oversized” Bull …  perhaps a more smaller but quite similar ones! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Da Crusha:

what do you guys think of putting a gap in the middle of the GT body to make it wider, do you think it would do the trick?


I think it looks good as is. Widening the body might just end up looking strange.


I like the mesh with the Minotaur actually… looks very much like one i made for a friend… but i used a chaos ogre and the taurus body…


I think proportions are correct. Heroic miniatures have oversized chests, heads and hands.

It’s pretty cool, the only criticism is the disappointment when the Bloodthirster will crush the bullcentaur hero :wink:

well maybe the bull lord has armor of the furnace and the bloodthirster a flaming weapon… if so, it’s all fun! :smiley:


It’s amazing and with the correct proportions :wink:

Only you have to sculp on it a very important thing:


But the model (with or whithout beard) as so cool!

Da Crusha:

ok cool I think Ill leave it like it is without putting a gap in it.

I definitely want to but a beard on him but I dont want to make it too big and end up covering his muscles.


Wicked Model! will lok awesome with a few other centaurs flanking him! definitely need some what of a beard though… but yeah, not too big! way to go!