[Archive] My C.D. Conversions BullC & Taurus


I’m a newly converted Chaos Dwarf converter.

i do love the idea of starting a army where every model really should be converted.


Bull Centaurs made from modified old pistoleers horses with the old Orc bodies to show the fact that they bigger than normal dwarfs. Armour made from green stuff, and big hats.

- pictures will follow.

Taurus made in a similar way to other threads, but using the TEXAN BULL FARM LIFE ANIMAL COW FROM PAPO 54007 - this is underway, using the wings from the plastic balrog model. i’m going to do lots of flesh tattooing with a soldering iron. and perhaps a bit of green stuff to make it neater.

-the model looks like this: http://thumbnail.image.rakuten.co.jp/@0_mall/are-sore/cabinet/papo01/pp-54007-01.jpg i think it looks a bit angrier than the RODEO BULL BY SCHLEICH model used in other threads, also it is a tiny bit smaller. The model is far more mulcular and has a better ‘flesh’ affect on it.

- pictures to follow when i find my usb cable.

EDIT: And i forgot, i’m also making a few Inferno Golems out of something i spied in the BFSP boxed set.

i had the idea for the arms and legs pretty much in the bag, big maces, small cannons etc… but the bodies were a problem for me, a strait sculpt scared me a little. until i saw: - http://www.bitzbox.co.uk/images/battle_for_skull_pass_kings_wall_large.jpg

what i see is three small torso’s waiting to be Chaos’ed up and i think they might well work. as the centers.

- any ideas??

- i also found this guy, and felt rather inspired: http://marbles.frothersunite.com/imag/dwarf/mars_golem.jpg

a bit too clean for CD but rather nice!


Sounds interesting!

I curious to see your BC Conversions! Are they visible as former Orks? What paint scheme will you use?

I also eager to see your Golem and Taurus creations!


black hammer:

I’m really anxious to see how the taurus turns out. I’m really wanting to convert one in the near future and i’ve considered using a toy bull but I’m not sure if it will turn out all that good.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m quite curious as to how well the horse and orc bull centaurs will come off… What sort of arms will you use? Will you only sculpt armour onto the “bull” part of it? What heads shall you use?

That toy is an excellent basis for the Great Taurus, good find! I love the idea of branding it with sigils and runes etc. Top knotch notion :wink: Get this done quickly so we can all see :wink:

For “CDifying them”, I would recommend trying to make the beard seem a little more ringletted, make sure there are some spikes, maybe add a scowling brow to the forhead and change the helm for a hat, then the rest should be fine.

Just add some runes/change some features subtley and it should be fine :wink:

Also, please use the edit post button in the bottom right of the post if you forget something and wish to add it.


Consider your Golem idea Stolen!.. LOL


Consider your Golem idea Stolen!.. LOL

I thought it might be, thought they were kinda cool.

Its just the orc bodies i'm using, the heads are dwarfs modified with big hats. I'm using ork arms modified from the ard boyz double weapons arms, to make great weapons.
These guys are going to be bigger than the normal dwarf torso's but i thing it'll work considering that most real life bulls are fecking huge!
So i'm using the horse as a building frame, and basically bulking the legs out, lowering the rib cage at the front to form a more square body. Armour is going to match the whole of the guy, bulls will be sculpted with scale mail in patches; Shoulders, groin, backs, bums.
I'm curious to see if these guys come out looking cool, if they do i already have thoughts for a second unit wielding one handed axes and shields.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, it sounds like you’ve got it figured out in detail and it sounds like it’s going to come out VERY well. Get a test one made to see if you like it and then give us some pics of the results!


Well, it sounds like you've got it figured out in detail and it sounds like it's going to come out VERY well. Get a test one made to see if you like it and then give us some pics of the results!

Hashut's Blessing
Will do, i'll get one of the Bull Centuars done for feedback, i think they'll work nicely. they may be beefy (a-thank-you) but i think they'll fit in.

John P.

EDIT: A-ha, found a picture of the torso's, well one of them: http://www.bitzbox.co.uk/images/orc_warriors_body_1_large.jpg

the shoulders will be a bit tall, but with enough curly locks over the shoulder and down the back it should work.


(i promise pictures will start apearing soon)

Been thinking that there aren’t that many eruption guns on the conversion pages.

so i want to make a few.

basic construction, cut the legs of those damn old elf horses is have but will never, ever use at this \ / kind of angle.

then set one of the empire barrels that come with the mortar/cannon set, so it sits slightyl fore of the legs. then infront of that put a plumbing ‘joiner’ part for 12mm pipes, this makes a perfect length for a cannon. then on top of this place some arms from the choas mutant sprue (40k) as arms so it looks a bit like a tyranid biocannon thing. from this i’m gong to sculpt ontop of ever surface bar the mutations bitz, this should give a nice organic feeling walking demonic mutant thing

any sugestions. (the mouth is the gun, a tongue has a feeding mouth on the end - otherwise how would it reload & eat??)

Kera foehunter:

how soon where waiting !! * kera starts to hold her breath*


as soon as i find a camera that can zoom back far enough to bring minatures into focus

- my digital camera is kinda poor at it.


just an update,

got two eruption guns, which are 90% green stuff made, one looks really cool, the other well, he still looks ok - might be better after painting

Come up with an idea with the Obsidian Guard, i found an idea for a really nice head design that makes them look like a special, so i’m going to make one i like and make some green stuff casts to duplicate a few of them. - should be cool!

Sculpting scale mail is going well, doing it mainly on the bull centaurs, getting far quicker with each one done.

I’m still a bit scared about attempting the curly beards, i’ve seen quite a few ‘how to’ videos but i’m still a bit muddled, and i’m putting off trying.

Camera should be going home with me tonight, i’ve got LRP to run tonight, but i should have some up tomorrow night - Huzzah!


hmm, i have the pictures, but now photobucket won’t let me download them because of a ‘network error’

anone have any ideas?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think you mean upload them. It’s been a while since you last tried, so give it another go. If it’s a network error, it’s usually fixed after some time :wink:


or it could be that your pictures are too big, try resizing the pictures to smaller size. I used photoshop but im sure there is other similar programs out there

Hashut’s Blessing:

It usually resizes them for me. You could paste into paint and reduce it there if you don’t have photoshop :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah, i’ll try again tonight, its weird that photobucket was doing that, never done it before.

@ Hashuts Blessing’s - yup i did mean upload :P, and usually it resizes them to the correct size as i download them.


Kera foehunter:

well did you get it done sweety


i’m going to try again tonight on my wifes laptop, see if photobucket likes that computer.

Ironically i now need to update the pictures, done more work on the Bull Centaurs.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, just get them up when you can :smiley: Show us the old ones and the updates :wink: I like to see progress, if that’s cool?