[Archive] My Chicago GT Khorne Demonic Legion Army Updated 11/14/10


I’ve been kind of slow to get over here, been lurking for a bit occasionally here and there, but I’ve seen plenty of Xander’s work and decided I should get on this forum and do a bit of posting.  

My introduction to you if you don’t know my work:  My Khorne Demonic Legion army debuted at the Chicago GT and over the next couple of weeks or so I’ll be showing many pics of the army.  Here is a link to GW’s website coverage of my army.  


I think the debut was successful as the army took Best Army Appearance probably just narrowly edging out Mike Butcher’s horde of Nurgle Demons, that took Player’s Choice.  I decided early on to go with a very strong traditional reds khorne theme with a strong idea of how to base them.  I really wanted to steer clear of lava bases as I have seen that do so often, and have had this theme in my head since I built my Khorne beastmen.  That was back when you could mix beasts, mortals, and demons.  I always had the intention of combining all of the stuff, but in order to differentiate the demons I would take the normal ground basing that my beastmen used but crack the earth and have deep pools of blood with demonic hands reaching up dragging things under to the bowels of hell.  I also wanted the blood pools to look very wet and viscous so that people would not assume it was just poorly painted lava.  Since I can no longer really combine things I changed up the colors a bit, but kept the blood and demonic aspects.

To start out I did up this test piece, in order to iron out the paint colors and schemes that I wanted to use.  It turned out well so I entered it in the Chicago Golden Demons, thinking it might make first cut.  It did make first cut in a pretty deep Fantasy Singles category, I think the free-hand took as much time to paint as the entire figure did, but I was pretty happy with it considering how small it is.  More on the bloodletters later, as to the many changes I made on them model wise:

I played around with the basing for the blood pools a bit, experimenting with various varnishes and clears, using a dead flat clear that I hit the models with normally from Krylon, using satin clears from Vallejo and Golden, gloss clears from Vallejo and Liquitex, and then satin and gloss poly-urethanes from Minwax.   In the end I settled on the polyurethane from Minwax to get a sense of depth.  I’ve heard various people say they don’t like that, but it certainly does add a depth to the pools, compared to the other finishes that I tried.  I think they mostly object to the glossiness, but I think that helps get across the wet feeling of flowing blood.

The reds if anyone is interested are based over a black primer, then using Vallejo Model Color Hull Red for the base, GW Scab Red, Reaper Master Series Blood Red Triad, and then mixing a bit of a bone white with the RMS Blood Red to get a redish pink highlight.  I’m particularly pleased also with the way all of the armor plating turned out which you can see in the test piece for the army.  

The other thing to note is, this is an extremely dark army, I always struggle painting armies red because if you add white to the highlights they become pink, and yellows and oranges make the reds become more orange.  So I made a conscious effort to really control those highlights and tried to play with the overall depth of the darker reds.  I think it worked, and it certainly helped displaying the army under the brightest lights in the hall so it didn’t disappear.  Everything is much darker when you see it in person.  

More to follow soon.   Next up the Core of the Legion:  Bloodletters, along with some flesh-hounds.



Fleshhounds: I must say I thoroughly hate the new flesh-hou…eerrrr lizards, so I used the previous edition buck-tooth ones, with some slight modifications. I did add some hair to them and twist the necks. My thoughts on the paint were to give them a bit of striations in the flesh tones, hence the striping that you see in the ultra-magnified pics.

More to follow soon. Even more pictures of this unit, some very ultramagnified close-ups, are shown in this topic at my personal post archive at the Madhouse Workshop, linked in my signature.


Ghrask Dragh:

These are beautiful, the banner in particular is stunning!

The deep reds really work, I’ve had some of the same troubles with red miniatures, it really works well for deamons. The pools of blood are as impressive as they are sick :sick they look so ‘warped’ again really suits the deamons!

Well done for getting on the GW site, awesome army! :hat off


Long time no see Psychosis. I had a very big fealing you were gonna do daemons eventually. Nice job. I really like the herald with the skull cloack.


PsychosisPC is a total baller. Much more of his work can be seen here: http://z9.invisionfree.com/Madhouse_Workshop/index.php?act=idx

He’s also the guy who made those “Evil” Dwarfs I posted a little while ago that everyone didn’t like. Haha, it’s ok, PPC doesn’t like them either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe we’ll see some real Chaos Dwarfs from him, someday!

Welcome to the forums, PPC!

Kera foehunter:

oooohhhhhhh love the bases great job on the figures too


stupendous work! I checked out your site too, and great mother of pearl!


I had envisioned using the screamers or skysharks early on, and had it set in my mind how I would model them. Game wise I have not found them very useful with the army so far for their points value, but I was going for appearance at this point. My whole concept with them was to play up that manta-ray/skyshark look and the plus the 40 mm bases allowed me to expand on the devious basing theme. The skysharks would not get painted Tzeentchy colors but painted instead in traditional Khorne colors. I also had a concept of playing up the slashing attacks by adding hooks and spiked balls on chains that hooked to demon, then it was like well if I do that I need to play up the whole collecting of skulls concept. That led to the trophies spiked on them. The following are pics of the unit.


Fabulous work mate, good to see someone else did red screamers as well!


Very nice indeed. The freehand on the banner is great and the rich red works really well.

I didn’t use to like the flesh hounds figures much either, but they have kind of grown on me.


Next Update: Herald #1

I knew early on that I was going to build a whole bunch of blood crushers and 3 jugger mounted heralds, one of which would be Skulltaker. To do this I was going to need to distinguish the Heralds from not only each other but from the bloodcrushers. For this one I rotated the left front leg forward, repositioned the front hoof, and rotated the head and neck of the jugger. On the model the GW herald just has bracers on the fore-arms, so for the armor of Khorne I added the shoulder and thigh armor to the model.



Been awhile, but here is the Big Daddy.

This is my Blood Thirster for my Khorne Demon army, a miniature that took as long to build and paint as all 32 Bloodletters. My photography skills really suck, a very difficult model to get very good photos of, but I did take a ton a pics of the model. So we can wade through them. I updated the model, trying to rid it of all of the old stuff as much as possible, and changed the position of the legs, gave it a neck, added new symbols, skulls to the wings, armor, a neck, new hair, a new tabard that uses a skull belt buckle that I sculpted and the chains from the 40k Termie Lord.

If you want to see the face of evil, well here it is:

More to follow.

Viskar Zhragoth:

Awesome. I can see why you won the BA at the GT! Congrats on that. Love the bases. Pools of blood really work with the army of course, but you also really pulled it off “right”. Can’t wait to see more!


Awsome work on th GDoK dude. You can reslly see the movement in the model.

Kera foehunter:

i think this is the best group of reds i ever seen on a army

i like how you did a great job on the baces


Shamelessly promoting your work everywhere, eh? :wink:

Big fan of your models. Incredibly impressed by your Dragon Ogre conversions, so much in fact that I’m attempting a similar job. Similar = using Cold Ones and Ogre parts + green stuff. Because I don’t think I can hope for more similarity than that.


More pics:


Holy crap that’s an impressive army, I’ll have to go over it again to take in all its awesomeness.


That bloodthirster is incredable:o i’m speechless, it;'s just incredable


Its been awhile since I built anything for this army. Really did not have any plans to expand it, but with 8th out it is the only army I have even close to playable at the moment. Soooo…

My Khorne Demon army is in need of reinforcements and a bit of restructuring to be playable in 8th edition while I build my Warrior of Chaos. Definitely need more infantry, and I also decided to build some heralds on foot. So some additions are in the works…This is the first herald on foot.

If you are going to give them Armor of Khorne, then give them armor. Basically with this guy I decided to armor him up a bit more than my regular bloodletters.

Also sticking with what I previously did on my Khorne heralds that were mounted on juggers, I decided to paint the weapons in the orangish hues. Definitely makes the characters standout from the rest of the bloodletters.