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Servants of Hashut, i like to introduce my Chaos Dwarfs! :hat off

Maybe you know my first dwarfs, they are in this forum, too. this is the complete unit!

I was inspired by many other artists in this and other CD-forums. Thank you very much, guys! ^^

My Warriors. I tried to give everyone of them a unique look, so they have different masks.

The other side. you can see the armor of the warriors

This is the commando unit. sorry, it’s not the best photo quality

This is the second wave of dwarfs i made. The masks are more detailled and they have converted arms from the thunderers sprue. i like them :slight_smile:

As you see, i also thried to make the armors a little unique. i like the spikey scales.

Hm… some greens :smiley:

Comments are welcome :hat off

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Absolutely love them. Very clean greenstuff work!


is your musician a converted slayer musician?


He’s a plastic miner musician from the Battle for Skull Pass boxed set.

Snotling, these are fantastic. The latest wave looks amazing, and I especially like the leader, who is cool in so many ways though I especially like the weapon.


EDIT: He’s not the miner musician, he’s the warrior musician.

Ghrask Dragh:

These models look amazing!! :hat off

An army of these guys is going to look great keep up the good work! I especially like the two at the back with the scaled-armour sleeves.

Where did you get the chains on the standard bearer?

The Raven:

they are al beautiful, but the dude with the spear does it for me. He’s genius:)


those look great, niceindustrial fell to them, alot of time must have gone into the scale mail

if i’m not mistaken (which i probably am) aren’t the chains of the standard bearer from the dark elf command sprue?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I was going to say I liked the fact that you’ve included various types of scale male, like the rivoted one, the spikey one, different sizes ect. The most excellent painting I’ve EVER seen, good colour scheme that brings the uniqueness of each individual warrior together as a cohesive force. Wonderful conversions, that spear is ultre-cool. In general: well bloody done!


thank you very much for the kind comments, folks! :hat off

aren’t the chains of the standard bearer from the dark elf command sprue?

no, they are made of small chains from an ear clip (?). i found it on the ground of the art rooms in my school ^^. i also try to finde some small chains in a store, but i have no success :~

take a look


Snotling for President. :slight_smile:

Awesome work sir! You have beat me done. :stuck_out_tongue: I need to finish my unit now! Try and get some pictures on a gaming board, with a really good backdrop and stuff! These are poster boys fot the BFSP movement!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

As I told you already, I think these a magnificent. Awesome conversion work and great paint job. These are definitely worth every minute you spent on them. I particularly love the guy with the nose ring in his mask. :slight_smile:


These are really spectacular. The guy with the spear and gas mask is undeniably my favourite. I’ve had a bit of a break from sculpting my CDs, but you have convinced me to do some more! Cheers to you, sir! :cheers


Excellent work Snotling they look very cohesive and individual at the same time, the bug-eyed guy is my favourite I think.


The great thing about these guys is you can pick a favourite! they are all original! little things like the dude resting on his axe instead of holding it you barely notice the first time , every time you look you spot something different!


Im drooling right about now- I love the originallity of the unit

Nice work-cant wait to see more!


REal nice army, specially like your awsome green stuff and painting(gues thats all) So good…


This definately needs to be in a compiled Showcase sticky!

Excellant stuff.��I especially like the standard bearer in the second wave of CD warriors.��Truly an individual and characterful piece.

:hat off

I think you should do some ‘Longbeards’ to mix into the unit.��Show a variety of ages.��Maybe a Dawi Zharr female if you’re feeling brave…��That’s a challenge for you actually :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe a Dawi Zharr female if you're feeling brave... That's a challenge for you actually :P

Mwahaha, not really, i allready started my little miss, and she's so sexy :hat off
but she will be a member of may slave unit... you know, for the dicipline :0

Father Grumpmas:

They look fantastic - both modelled and painted extremely well.

The standard is my particular favourite - I hope anybody at GW who might be involved in CD development is looking.


right, the champion should be entered for golden hat (i know, but look at it) so we can send it into games workshop, hopefully getting snot a job moddeling there (the miniature kind, not the other) unless he dosen’t want to so the new chaos dwarves don’t end up with funnny big hts (i like the hats but there just not evil)

i help out at games workshops on saturdays, but thats not realy helpfull, but i’ll tell the manager to look