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Thought I’d create a place for my Non-WHFB Hobbies n Games (as they’re all I get to play lately)

First up. Here is my Irish warband for the Saga - Age of Vikings game


Here is my XWing Imperial Fleet.

A VT49 Decimator, TIE Advanced, TIE Defender, TIE Phantom, 2 x TIE Interceptors and 4 x TIE Fighters.

And here is my Scum and Villiany faction
A Starviper, !G 2000 Agressor, Y-Wing, 2 x Z95 Headhunters and 3 x Syck M3A interceptors


Nice! Well painted Irish. Interesting to see what other games people play :cheers.

Fuggit Khan:

The TIE fighters are cool, I’ve been considering starting to play that game…is it a fun game? And how long to set up/play a game on average?


For the Saga Irish it was the first time I’ve ever used the Army Painter Shades. Per local advice I applied it with a brush as opposed to dipping the models. They were so very shiny but I was really impressed with how they looked after applying the Dullcote.

Its a good game. reasonably quick and easy to learn. I have a second warband who might end up being “Byzantiums” and I’m using Amazons from Eureka miniatures for it. http://eurekamin.com.au/index.php?cPath=87_126_130&sort=3a

There will be quite a fair few cavalry in this warband just to be different.


XWing is a real fun game. Quick and easy. 1 to 3 hours for a game. If your semi-ready about a half hour set up. You can add little additional rules twists to each starship if you want. A standard game is 100 points each side which for imperials means you can easily have 4 to 5 basic TIE Fighters and another more expensive ship like Darth Vaders TIE Advanced.

Most likely you’d have a 1 ship advantage over the rebels, but TIE Fighters do seem to die as easy as they do in the movies (like they should).


Here is some pics of a Great Hall that I’m building.

The inspiration for this is from:-
War and Peace Games -The Wargaming Specialists
Mine will be a poor imitation and I’ll start with only the first level. But I don’t know many people who can afford to buy the real one even though it is gorgeous


Wow, that`s going to be great. I can already imagine like Etzel (Attila) summons his underlings and gives a great feast in that hall, like in the Nibelungs :cheers.

The feast ends in a fight and a bloody mess certainly ;).


No no, clearly this is Heorot, where Grendel comes to visit :wink:

In any case, things will end in a bloody mess indeed :slight_smile:


Yes, I think there are some rules that govern how much mead it takes to get the brawl started.


And I think I remember the legend of Herots hall from Beowulf


No no, clearly this is Heorot, where Grendel comes to visit ;)

Nah, it's obviously going to be the Golden Hall in Edoras ;P

@ abecedar: don't forget to install a firepit or two. You could use some of those little electric candle things to make it look like the fires are actually lit ;)


Here some WiP shots of my first effort at making a woodgrain effect on the MDF “arches”


Just a couple of pics of some WW2 British Gliders that I built for a friend here. Only to the undercoat stage so he can enjoy paining them. Its for Chain of Command, a 15mm game

I did build two others, the same, last year but no pics. I thought I’d make one a crashed glider just for fun.


Great start on the hall! It’s going to look amazing based on the structure. The woodgrain detail looks great as well.

Fuggit Khan:

Just a couple of pics of some WW2 British Gliders that I built for a friend here.

Nice! Those are Airspeed Horsa gliders, right?


Saga is one of those games that I have always been interested in her no one else I know plays. It’s a shame as I love the Anglo Danish


@ Fuggit.  No, they’re not Airspeed models.  The body is just a piece of wood sanded to shape and the wings are Masonite.  My friend had a resin model and I just copied its shape.

@Miasma.   Saga is fun.  I have an irish army because everybody else had Norse and Anglo-danes and I’m making a ? Byzantine one using Amazon styled figures from Eureka mini’s


Here is my and my sons X Wing fleets.

This is my Imperal Fleet to date…

This is my faction of free and untutored entrepreneurs, IE the Scum and Villiany Fleet…

This is my sons “Rebel” faction …

and this is my WiP “Ugglies”. Those SW ships made by backyard mechanics. A just for fun project, that I will proxy into a game as “official” ships … maybe.

And a shot of the whole lot…


That warband looks neat, and what a good start of the great hall! Nice collection of Star Wars fighters as well. There’s a lot of free spirit in the ugglies. Will you add rad markings and odd paintjobs to distract a bit from the obvious sources of the starships’ parts?