[Archive] My unusual tournament winning list

Twisted Dwarf:

So I just recently won a 2 day 40 man tourney with the following list. This is before the 50% lords issue. It was uncomped out of the box Warhammer.


+ Talisman of Preservation

+ Arabyan Carpet

+ Enchanted Shield

+ Level 4 Wizard

+ Lore of Death

Daemonsmith Sorcerer

+ Power Stone

34 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard

+ fireglaives

+ Deathmask

+ musician

+ standard bearer

+ Banner of Swiftness

8 Bull Centaur Renders

+ additional hand weapons

+ musician

+ standard bearer

+ Razor Standard

8 Bull Centaur Renders

+ great weapons

+ musician

+ standard bearer

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

K’daai Destroyer


I’ll send you some slaves for that victory! That is super great man. Congratulations. And the army is pretty unusual.

No magma cannons, large BC units, no BSB, and 170 points sunk into fireglaives! Ha!

Tell us about the games, the enemies you crushed.

How many points are there in total?



What lore did the daemonsmith have?



16 Bulls, No BSB, Flying Carpet Sorc-prophet, 34 Fireglaviers!!!

That is surely something unusual xD


Greatly done indeed :cheers love carpet sorcerers with top and es!

Real cool the BC blocks, how did you make them not run away??

Fuggit Khan:

Congratulations on your tournament victory, Hashut is pleased :hashut

And what an unusual list…my first thought was no Iron Daemon?

I have not played a game in a while, but I think I will have to try out your list next time I play (if you don’t mind me looting your list)

Again, congrats :cheers


Well done! It’s good to know CDs can do well without the usual Magma Cannon and Iron Daemon combo. Very unusual list.


How did your level 4 not take a cannonball to the face! He should definitely be named Aladdin

Twisted Dwarf:

Sorry I have been busy and haven’t checked the forums much.

It was a great tournament and I didn’t expect to do so well because it was an uncomped event and I knew there was going to be some serious filth there. I normally us this list in a comp’d environment and it performs quite well I think it’s a 10 on the Swedish comp.

I don’t run a BSB in my centaur lists because he is never where he’s needed most, which is around the bull centaur units. This is why I have a prophet on a carpet. Leadership 10 where I need it just saves me so many times. The prophet is normally safe due to his 4++ and the look out sir roll he gets for being within 3 inches on infantry models. Also he’s a little hard to snipe out with a cannon due to his small base and how quickly he can zip behind cannon stopping terrain. His T5 and 2+ armor make him immune to most magic missiles and ballistic shooting and the lore of death makes him well deadly. He works well with Hashut as well because he makes the most out of the shorter ranged spells.

Game 1 Orcs and goblins

40ish savage orc big uns

20ish night goblins with 3 fanatics

40ish Black orcs with flaming banner

18 Trolls

2x doom diver

2x mangler

2x pump wagons loaded up

Lvl 4 big waagh earthing rod Rest of the characters I don’t recall

So this game was an interesting one, I have no chaff to handle the fanatics and the manglers, and My units can’t out fight his. My plan is to  snipe the Manglers and pump wagons out with My rockets and fireballs from my level 1 fire mage. Get the destroyer into the black orcs, and avoid those damn savages.

I didn’t roll a single double on my spell generation but I rolled up purple sun and soul blight. He rolled up foot of Gork which he cast every turn on 6 dice and stomped on my Centaur units.

How it all shook out? Well I cleared the manglers and the pump wagons by turn 2, thanks to rerolls for the rockets. I got the destroyer into the black orcs where he just laughed and laughed at the flaming attacks they had. I cast purple sun and misfired!!! When I had a shot down the flank of his orcs and his TROLLS. Then proceeded to pass my initiative check PHEW. I cast it again the next turn and decimated the savages so they were useless against my units.

It was a close game because he kept dancing on my units with gork. In the end I won with max tournament points. We played with objectives and scenario points etc. But all I had left was 1 single fireglaive, 2 severely depleted bull units and my caster. He had his savages, or what was left of them.

It was a good game and the player “cody” won last years GT so no slouch.

Game 2 WoC

DP slaanesh lvl 4 all the tricks

BSB unkillable on foot

20 warriors MoT board and sword

8 chariots on slaanesh

6 jugernaughts

Yup. it’s going to be one of these days. Thats how I looked at my chances against this list and the guy playing the list is my nemesis, and a former GT winner. Yay for me what a lucky draw. oh and I roll no doubles for spells again!

My first thought is I need to drop rockets on that DP and try and kill it and I need the destroyer not to get destroyed by those juggernauts. I know I am only going to get 1 or 2 chances against the DP with my rockets and he goes first so lets make that 1 turn now. I fire my rockets and they both miss, makes up for them being snipers in the first game. He then charges my bulls with his DP and I stick with steadfast 10 and somehow I do a wound to him. He’s casting random movement on my destroyer and setting up the juggers to charge him. I kamikaze my great weapon bulls into the juggers to try and save the destroyer. They do 3 wounds and get butchered back, but hold!. This was massive. The other bull unit breaks from combat with the DP and he pursues trying to get off the board so I can’t hit him with rockets. The destroyer is moving randomly all game, I hate that spell. In his turn my bull unit breaks and he has to pursue with the juggers (My bulls get away!) which brings him 3 inches close to the destroyer. I now have a possible combo charge with my fireglaives and the destroyer on the juggers with the destroyer only being in contact on the corner. I make both charges and break the Juggers. This same turn I snipe 2 chariots with my rockets and put 3 wounds on his DP with death spells (he healed one previously with soul feeder). Next turn he miscasts with the DP and takes off his final wound. I run away from the warriors with the BSB and snipe chariots with spells and rockets. In the end the game was a draw in my favor because you needed 350 victory points for a win but i picked up all the other points for objectives and scenario (mine was kill his juggers) Kadaii burned himself out else i would of had the win.

Game 3 Wood elfs

Lvl 4 shadow Acorn

LvL 4 I forget

BSB Boom arrow

16+ glade guard True flight

10 GG poison

10 GG poison

10 scouts  poison

7 wildriders

10 way watchers

10 way watchers


Well, this list means my destroyer will be dead right away so I just pretend he’s a throw away unit. However this list is where my bulls should shine. Summary is like this, he shoots and shoots and shoots. I run at him. T5 and 3+ armor is a nightmare for his list. He kills a bunch of my stuff, I then touch him. Game over. it was close in points, the key things that happened was I death sniped his BSB turn 1, My bulls took the charge from the wildriders and held (love T5) I walked away with full points.

Game 4 High elfs (Dale Johnson host of Chumphammer podcast) also a former GT winner

LVL4 on moon dragon high magic 4++ and khaines ring

BSB banner of the world dragon and dragon armor (Kadaii killer)


10 archers

10 archers

14 silver helms

2x bolt thrower

2x frost heart

Ya triple frosty list. and the guy on the moon dragon can heal them with apotheosis and will almost always have a 3++. Frosties have magical attacks so I just assume my destroyer is fucked. This game boils down to the fact he over estimated his frost hearts vs my bulls. They never had to fight more than one at a time and he seemed shocked he wasn’t breaking my units when i was remaining steadfast. In order for a monster to break a unit of bulls reliably in needs to knock them below 3 models to break my steadfast. That is not going to happen unless you gang up on them. I think that was his biggest mistake. He had 4 flying monsters and could pick his fights and he didn’t converge on a single target. This gave me a chance. The game boiled down to 2 things, My destroyer held against the BSB and a Frostheart, giving me a flank of the frosty with my fireglaive unit. This broke both the frost heart and the BSB and allowed an over run into the flank of the silver helms (also now going to die). Game changer 2, I death snipe the mage and then the dragon. I feel like if we played this game again he would trounce me and not make the same mistake. Oh and i failed to roll a single double for spell generation yet again.

Game 5 WoC

Disk lord unkillable great weapon

BSB on jugger

disk mage metal extra spell

18 warriors MoT board and sword blasted standard

18 warriors MoK halberds frenzy banner

War shrine

5 juggers

hell cannon

Not your typical final table warriors list. This game went fast. I snipe his BSB turn 1, I kill the shrine with bulls and some doom and darkness which makes it break and i get into the hell cannon. Kadaii goes and eats some warriors, and a rocket hits the disk lord and he rolls a 2 on his ward save. Good game. Oh and for the 5th game in a row I rolled no doubles for spells.


winner winner chicken dinner!


Haha Love it! :slight_smile:

Have to ask… do you have 16 FW bull centaurs?! :smiley:

Certainly going to try this one out! :slight_smile:


Holy shiet that was some mean opponents! Very good players with good armies

Twisted Dwarf:

Haha Love it! :)
Have to ask... do you have 16 FW bull centaurs?! :D

Certainly going to try this one out! :)

I own 24 of them. I have a rather large CD collection all forgeworld and the models they don't make I convert.


Congrats on the win, surely well played on your part. Did you find yourself making many leadership tests with the fireglaives or centaurs? Additionally are these yours?


Morgrim Bloodbeard:

Love those bases and movement trays! How do you make them or where do you get them?

Your army is very cool and very different I like it a lot. Great work on the win, even with the bad luck spell wise!

Twisted Dwarf:

Congrats on the win, surely well played on your part. Did you find yourself making many leadership tests with the fireglaives or centaurs? Additionally are these yours?


Yes, all the chaos dwarfs by toad painter are mine. I build and convert, sadly I can't paint, he's a friend of mine and paints my models. He's an amazing artist.

Twisted Dwarf:

Love those bases and movement trays! How do you make them or where do you get them?
Your army is very cool and very different I like it  a lot. Great work on the win, even with the bad luck spell wise!

Morgrim Bloodbeard
Bases are from a company called base x of war.

They are simple, but it allows the models to stand out after all they are the Center piece.


I need more pictures! I REAKKY want to see all the bulls together

Twisted Dwarf:

I need more pictures! I REAKKY want to see all the bulls together

I'll put the army together for pics and a video the next game I play. I have another tourney this weekend I'll take some then.


… the pain of seeing your own spelling mistakes in capslock quoted… xD

Sounds great. Keep us updated on the bull thing that you do.


Gratz on your win and wins;);). A really cool and fun list, I must try it soon. (sadly with some proxys.)

BTW, those BC looks awesome!!! We need pics of all om them and a army photo:)