[Archive] Need help choosing my super-weapon


My condition’s slowly becoming more manageable and I have decided to get back to modelling (which is a relief - I was going mad!) and have decided that I will treat myself with a forgeworld model “super=heavy” for what will be my joint Nurgle and CD army using the Tamurkhan rules.

So far it’s a choice between

1x Giant + 1 x Great Unclean one OR

1x Tamurkhan on swamp dragon OR

1x Chaos dragon OR

1x Forgeworld mammoth

In perspective, I have a giant already, but very O+G and I hate the new plastic ones.

I have no swamp dragon, or any dragon for that matter.

I have recently started sculpting my own mammoth from a mumakil (using a terrible amount of GS as unlike most conversions I’m beefing it up to proper proportions)

Your thoughts are appreciated as always :slight_smile:



go the mammoth!

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I concur … War Mammoth! :smiley:

That’s a good choice!



Looks like I may be going with the mammoth, though the dragon is much bigger and I really love how it’s done to the scale in the books rather than the models.

Here are some WIP photos of my own Mammoth.

I aim to make it as big as the FW one, and am getting there well.

I’ve sculpted the fur and most of the facial structure from scratch, as well as elongating the jaws and opening the mouth more (allowing for me to put in chaosy teeth when the current layer of GS dries)

I still have yet to finish the fur on the trunk and the ears.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:




I’m welsh, my vote is dragon by default! :wink:


I'm welsh, my vote is dragon by default

I second the dragon and I am NOT Welsh.


I really do love the dragon but I’ve always wanted the mammoth… The dragon is much bigger than the mammoth and would provide me with more painting hours in my opinion as I’d paint it in a very Nurglitch way.

I could always get the mammoth in a few months after saving up my spare cash for a while.

Do you reckon it’d look good painted in a Nurgle scheme?

@Nitro and G2 - Welsh also, although I love them both the same :yar


Hashut’s Blessing:

I would say don’t bother with buying a mammoth - you’re already part way through making your own.

Also, you said that you have a giant, so maybe don’t bother with that (maybe replace it with something else and get that and the GUO).

So, either toad dragon or chaos dragon, I guess, lol :smiley:


A dragon is going to be usable in any Chaos army, so I’d go with that rather than hoping that someone is willing to play with FW rules.


I might just go dragon for now and paint it up all Nurglitch to suit my Nurgle WOC army. :slight_smile:

I think I’ll get the GUO from Ultraforge after looking at their products; it looks much more impressive than the FW one in my opinion.

@HB - do you reckon the fur looks alright so far? Sorry about the quality of the pictures but I’m still unpacking at my new house so I haven’t re-discovered my good camera yet.

I guess I’ll end up getting the mammoth later this year. Always wanted to do it but I think that the Chaos Dragon would present me with more playability and painting time due to the uniqueness of all its textures, if that makes sense.

Will still think about it for a few more days as I have to wait for the banks to re-open after Easter.


Ishkur Cinderhat:

For me it would be the Mammoth. It’s an ancient FW model and still holds up to today’s standards.
Plus, it is the friggin’ definitie AT-AT of the Warhammer world! :slight_smile:


I’ll put it in a different way - which one do you guys want to see painted most? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really do love the mammoth though so this is a really hard choice.



Just to note: I won’t be able to order my choice until next week, as payday’s this Sunday :yar



The only model out of those that could easily be converted to be vaguely CD themed would be the mammoth as all you’d need to do is put CD models in there or a hellcannon etc.  Something to consider for your joint army.

The toad dragon could be possible as well with a howdah and is considerably cheaper of course, but you’d have to make up your own rules (or use those of the mammoth for the howdah).

Having said all that, I voted for the chaos dragon as it’s my favourite. :slight_smile:


@Grim - wouldn’t be using it just for my CDs as I also collect DE, O+G, OK and WOC (Nurgle) so I have a lot of choices :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have to agree on the chaos dragon being my favourite model, and I’m already sculpting a Mammoth near from scratch (almost all its surface is GS save for the howdah coming with my squiggoth) and I’m converting a toad dragon from the squiggoth and a nurgle dragon from a stegadon.

I would love to do a war mammoth though, with minor conversions to make it more Nurglitch, but the size and detail of the Chaos Dragon is what really gets me. It’s the size of the one described in the Gotrek and Felix series by William King - the one that’s the size of Malakai Makaissons’ airship. Don’t know if anyone else has read the series but it fits the exact description. :slight_smile:



Went out and stocked $350 into my visa today so I’ll place the order tomorrow when it clears… Still not sure what to get though



It’s still a tie between the Chaos Dragon and the War Mammoth, and I think that the War Mammoth and Chaos Dragon could both be pulled off in a Nurglitch fashion. The mammoth can be used with siege tower rules, but I’m wondering if that means that any units can use it (once it’s in contact with the walls) to climb it and walk onto the walls? I know that only local game stores/clubs will let me play with it (as it’s non-tournament) but I live a while away from any GW stores so that’s not much of a problem.

My main problem with Chaos Dragons is the scale of them (really small compared to the fluff) and its stats (Come on, the original Chaos Dragon Galrauch only has a strength of 6 while Kolek has a staggering strength of 8)

This doesn’t sit well with my view of them as Galrauch is meant to be massive, while Kolek, although huge, should not be as strong as the original Chaos Dragon. In my opinion anyway.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:



Go mammoth and make it yourself too !!!



I think I might as I’ve always wanted one since I was a kid and I can just get a Chaos Dragon when I’ve saved up my drinks money again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m worried my scratch-built one will look silly in comparison, though I am building it to the exact dimensions of the forge-world mammoth.



Having really bad doubts about it now. Have read up on a lot of horror stories on it (there aren’t many happy stories out there) where pieces come in a bag in a box with a single sheet of bubble wrap on top. I don’t know if I’d be better just ordering from Ultraforge and not putting the (let’s face it, overcharged) money into GWs pocket.

On a side tangent, I think Daemons of Chaos and Warriors of Chaos should all be a single army again.