[Archive] New army book (help wanted)

death bringer:

Come help on an army book that will be sent to the uk (dont worry ill send it):mask

basicly what my plan is:
1.get help to make a army book over the internet, ie: make a text file then email it to me (pics and guides are good to)
2. at the back of the book it will have all our names and emails in a petition to gw and other players
3. if people are willing to pay i will print and laminate a copy and ship it to you
4. send a laminated copy to the head office
5. get more people playing cds:sick

the open positions are:
artists,fluff gatherers, layout designer,unit description writers,

so if you have any questions or want to join email or pm me
also… want a position that is not listed feel free to ask about it (im not thinkin straight i havent slept in 1 1/2 days been workin on army book and thats why i need your help

my email is caosdwrf@hotmail.com

may hashuts alter be filled with sacrafices tonight:hashut:h:mada


I admire your ambition, but are you sure you are ready to undertake this monumental task? Perhaps take a look at Minty’s project. :slight_smile:


I always wanted to write a story fluff on some dwarfs that went to chaos.

So mind if I give a crack at making some lore on some army’s of dwarven chaosness? =p

Cause I believe I can do well when it comes down to it and it also may give me a A+ at school project this year! :idea

Any ways, if you want help there I will try and write some story lore and background after seeing some of the army types built here by the fans. :cheers



hmmmm, your about the 60th person to do it, sorry but they just bin them, but hey, the desing team is actualy working on the CD book with an aimed release date at mid 2009

death bringer:

dude im impacent (did i spell that right…anyways) also all the staff at the square 1 gw i go to, dont respect the power of hashut:hashut

no slaves for them:h:mad


so the GW team is working on a CD armybook or didn’t I understand it correctly


The truth is that we don’t know.

Gav might have written it already for all we know, or they may never do one.

However, there was a rumour a while back of 2009, so if that was the case they must have done substantial work on it by now.

EDIT: Forget about 2009 :frowning:

Dark Dwarf :

Deathbringer, if you still want to do the army book, I can help with fluff and unit description, I’m a master of fluff. :cheers



I got that news.

Today i finally get my 7 th edition rulebook, my birth place is poland so i ordered a polish rulebook wersion, last pages of this rulebook contain all warhammer army reference list, at last place is what??

Reference list for Chaos dwarf, and small note “chaos dwarfs will have own army book” if you want know more visit Gamesworkshop.com


US and UK virsions don’t say that

well…not so sure about the UK version (though i think it’s the same mostly)


dude im impacent (did i spell that right...anyways) also all the staff at the square 1 gw i go to, dont respect the power of hashut:hashut

no slaves for them:h:mad

death bringer
Square One guys are the worst, I agree! haha

Battle bunker not too far off tho, and luckily I live in between both locations :D


Here’s my take on the rulebook if it helps



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