[Archive] New daemon models

Time of Madness:

In case you haven’t seen them. Here are the new daemon models

Time of Madness


Flippin’ sweet!

Do you know i9f the Bloodcrusher is plastic, and also is it known if the hooded/robed guy is the Changleing, or who?


the hooded guy is the Changeling, though it would make a good herald of Tzeentch too.

I like the changeling model & the jugger (assuming its plastic), the rest are a bit meh imo

disappointed by the lack of movement shown in the Seeker models.

Thommy H:

I really like the new Lord of Change. The current Greater Daemon models are horrible, so any improvement is good in my eyes. A plastic Bloodcrusher also makes me want to collect a small army of Khorne Daemons too - the prohibitive cost of anything but Bloodletters has always discouraged me in the past.


SHOCK HORROR Loving the horror’s I must admit I like this stock of new GW models and the jugger shows a lot of potential for converstion …

The Stormchild:

By Hashut’s horns!

Those are some pretty awesome models!


I think by seeing those modals I’v signed my wallets death warrant.


I think by seeing those modals I'v signed my wallets death warrant.

You said it!!

Thanks for these ToM... glad I held off on buying Horrors this past Summer



I must have those!!!



Deamon Prince is a totally different one than the (claimed) plastic whfb one. This is clearly a 40k model.


Seekers, sure maybe.


I’m liking most of these, but those horrors are pathetic. What happened to the fluid posing and feeling of ever-moving transformation of the old ones? The older models are beautiful sculpts, so I guess I’m going to be stocking up on those now. The new Tzeetch stuff makes me itch to get that new Forgeworld Lord of Change as well, which is never a good thing. (for the credit card)


snowblizz: you can build both fantasy and 40k form the same kit, thats what I have heard.


I really like some of these. The Changeling is very nice, the mounted Daemonettes aren also cool (apart form the riders’ faces but that is easily rectifiable) and I’m even liking the Kairos/LoC model. The Daemon prince is fantastically Meh but thats nothing new. The Jugger is in a bad pose and the Horrors are inferior to the 6th ed ones, but all in all not so bad.

Thommy H:

snowblizz: you can build both fantasy and 40k form the same kit, thats what I have heard.

I wonder if that might be the reason for the delay. A weakness of the Daemon Princes released during late 5th Edition was that they were blatantly Fantasy and didn't look right in a Chaos Space Marine army. Then they did the metal 40K one much later and obviously that didn't work for Fantasy. They may have realised right before releasing these ones that they fell into the same trap and pushed them back in order to turn into a kit to do both.

At least, I hope that's what it is. I'd probably never buy it (not while Heresy are still in business) but it would be quite a versatile kit.


I might buy it, it looks like it will be alot of bits in the kit.


I like the new horrors - shame they no longer split into tiny blue horrors, I loved that rule.


I quite like the new horrors, being plastic they will be much easier to convert into something that is actually horrifying.

Seekers, shame they didn’t bend the legs of the riders a bit. The DP is nice, as is the changeling and jugger herald. I’m not a fan of kairos though, not scary enough.

Time of Madness:

I like most of the models, I’m just happy they are starting second waves of models.

Orcs and goblins just had a small splash release and empire/high elves are up next.

Time of Madness


Those are some sweet looking models, i can now dust of my khorne daemon army and add some new stuff to it :slight_smile:


Pretty good for the most part. Those Slaanesh riders in particular are superb.