[Archive] New High Elf Plastics

Thommy H:

but the shoulders are far too broad
You know they're wearing armour on their shoulders, right? Look at how the arms are connected: the plates protrude, making them appear to have very broad shoulders where the cloak hangs over.


I like the shoulders of the phoenix guard, their helmets no.

Dragon Princes are awesome.

White Lions… need to look less prancey and runny and more… well, I imagine they’d fight like Dark Elf Executioners, with few, but powerful and deadly downward strikes. So why do they look like they’d fight like an Orc?


Hmm, I like the Dragon Princes and Phoenix Guard but prefer the current ones. Might try converting the Phoenix Guard into Black Guard (love plastic) but the scale armour kinda ruins it.

The White Lions look about the same as the current ones, I preferred the 5th ed ones.

Bah, puny High Elves, give us Dark Elf plastic elites. Ahem, I mean give us CDs.

$50 Canadian for ten plastic models
Do what?! :o Its like with the Grave Guard I suppose, £20 for 10. Ridiculous prices.


Bah, puny High Elves, give us Dark Elf plastic elites. Ahem, I mean give us CDs.

I wholeheartedly concur with this statement, and wish to offer no rebuttal.


I really like the Phoenix Guard.

Thommy H
They look really angular.  They seem to have very broad shoulders for elves.  I am not sure how I feel about them.

Agreed, elves on Steroids.
a scary thought.


Lucky i already have a large unit of Phoenix Guard already is all i can say…Dragon Princes are cool though!

Hashut’s Blessing:

The Dragon princes amke me think of lionfish and sea urchins etc, not make me think of dragons. Not a big fan of that, I definitely prefer the older ones (especially since these cost almost as much!).

The White Lions: I thought new plastics were coming out? The difference is simply the scaling. They still look too thin at the legs because of the prostitute min-skirts they’re wearing and have the massive spaulders that make them far too top-heavy, with VERY thick axe-hafts and thick axe blades, which aren’t elven enough for my tastes. Also, White Lions are supposed to be farmers right? So why do they have so much armour? I can understand a breastplate and vambraces, some leg armour, but why the pauldrons and helmet and full-plate on the legs and arms, combined with the scale skirt? The champion looks awkward at best and they all look they are trying to lean forwards and make themselves appear taller by standing on tiptoes. Lastly, they’re all monopose, which is something that should NOT be happening in modern plastic kits. It’s the thing that I hate most about them, actually. Lastly, the price is at a point that I doubt they’ll make more than about 5-10 sales per shop (if they’re lucky to get even that, considering it’s a single army, it’s overpirced and under-designed) and not even break even on the moulds.

Phoenix Guard: I only have four problems with this set - the first is the helms’ wings could do with being a little closer to be flush to the helmet as they look unbalancing and ceremonial, instead of battle-ready and practical, whilst retaining symbology. Having siad that, the champion’s helm is flush enough for my tastes (even if it is a lot taller!). Second point is that the command looks too static - the rest are clearly holding themselves in a single position, but they are in a battle-ready/braced pose. Third problem is the banner - it’s just not to my taste, but easily avoided/swapped out. Fourth problem - PRICE! I bet you all expected that one. I won’t pay £2.50 per model until £17.50 becomes the National Minimum Wage. They have priced everyone out of the market, except for those desperate to have all models and those with more money than sense (even if they were skint, that being the case).

I think that the Phoenix Guard are great and people’s comments about them being too bulky aren’t entirely founded, IMO. The illusion of bulk is provivded by the spaulders (which are the same as on the White Lions, but fitting and not detrimental here), but mostly by the cloaks which are HUGE! They billow around the sides of the model as well as hide the spaulders, making them appear really solid - more so than the models actually are. Remove the cloaks and I think they’ll look “strengthier/tougher” than (note: I know stronger is the real word, but strengtheir is more fitting to what I mean and I’m having a brain-fart) other elves, but in a fitting and not un-elfy way. I think they look great and the faces are particularly cool (the grim, clenched teeth look, with carefulmess to not have open mouths as they are meant to be silent) and the halberds have the strong, but delicate dimensions that are closer to how elvish axe-type weapons should look. But, at £25, I will not buy them (as well as not collecting High Elves). Even £15 is expensive for 10 models and more than I’d like to pay (£12.50 for 10 is expensive, but fair in current climates, IMO), but £25 is too ridiculous to even contemplate it. A box of Phoenix Guard and a box of White Lions or the High Elf Battalion box? You do the maths…


but the shoulders are far too broad
You know they're wearing armour on their shoulders, right? Look at how the arms are connected: the plates protrude, making them appear to have very broad shoulders where the cloak hangs over.

Thommy H
Yes I know that, but not being an expert in the name of individual pieces of armour, just calling them the shoulders gets my point across - they do appear to have very broad shoulders - too broad in my opinion, like a spoof 80s shirt with ridiculous shoulder pads, it makes them look like they've jumped through a palace window and got the entire curtain rail stuck on their back. All they actually needed to do was extend the chainmail miniskirts the metal version wear for a much better looking unit IMO.

Micro-nit picking of course, but aT £25 for 10, there should be no nits to pick.


Well I saw the models in person today and I’m a convert to the WLs and DPs. Still PRICE!!


i make armour and weapons for a hobby.

they dont look elegant they look like a bad 80’s disco.

on a side note, i just bought two griffons on ebay today. one for a karl franz conversion, the other for a commander alternative.

I really like the energy on the model.

And it comes with two princes that detach.

Hmmmm, Anyone want the riders for free, just cover a stamp?


You mean the Island of Blood princes? I think it’s only the upper torso that is detachable. :wink:


You mean the Island of Blood princes?  I think it's only the upper torso that is detachable. ;)

hmmm, not in the picrtures i've seen.
might have to do some chopping then :-p


Damn you're right. "nurse pass me scalpel"


Just playing devil’s advocate on the pricing for a moment:

These plastics represent a 16.7% DECREASE in price compared to equivalent metals.

I actually like these figures, kind of makes me want to pick some up for HotTHammer…


It was what, six months ago that 10 metal Pheonix Guard would have cost you £24. Now the plastics are £1 more expensive. THis during a recession when everyone’s disposable income is going down.


Games workshop have been of the opinion for a long time that metal miniatures are not worth more than plastic. They’ve just got to convince the majority of their customers this is the case.


As someone else said, I don’t mind paying for expensive plastic models, the absurdity comes when you could spend 30 bucks for 10 Dark Elf Corsairs, or 50 bucks for 10 High Elf White Lions.

They pack in the same amount of sprues/plastic, and it’s 67% more expensive. The only difference being that in their a little book, Corsairs are marked down as Core and Lions are marked down as Special.

So their logic becomes, “But people will buy less Special than Core!” This is a silly assertion. Tons of people would buy make armies with only White Lions if they were the same price. Many people would buy the Phoenix Guard for use as Heroes or Champions or other conversions. The main advantage of plastic is the modeling potential it offers. This is made unfeasible by having a price which is 67% more than a comparable product.

Heck, I might even play High Elves is the White Lions were the same price. Lion Chariots, Lion (Dragon) Princes, and White Lion troops. It would be a pretty cool army. However, it’s just not affordable to pay 50 bucks for every 10 models which is what it would cost to achieve this.

It’s just sad, really. I was really happy with GW when it had a pricing scheme of 25 bucks for 10 foot-troops and 25 bucks for 5 cavalry. That seemed so perfect to me. I wish it could have stayed that way.


Yeah, GW prices have gone insane. Whan I started in this hobby you could buy a box of 5 space marines for 70Kr now they cost 190Kr! also the starter boxes cost 400Kr and now they cost 750Kr:mad


5 slaves says someone is going bring up how inflation really means they aren’t that expensive at all…

And I agree with Xander, the idea that you price the figures according to slots isn’t such a good one necessarily. On the face of it, yes one would expect Core to sell more than Specials and as such require a higher unit cost. But maybe it should be considered that a more elite unit could sell more if it wasn’t so expensive compared to the rest of the line. Why make new expensive (relatively, to create) plastic elite kits if you don’t expect them to sell. Make metal models that are cheaper, that’s what everyone else is doing.

The bottom line is they think (or even know) that they can get away with it and so price them higher.


A good way of showing the increase in pricing would be to track the price change of White dwarf. what’s it atm? £4.50? £5?

it started at 50p

I know content has changed, colour picture etc…

anyone know what years they did the price jumps?


I remember back in the early nineties being annoyed that Lords on foot cost 2.50 when regular infantry cost about 1.50. I figured that I could live with it since they would sell about 50 times more infantry guys than the Lords, and I only bought four or five Lords for the whole army anyway. The new pricing is on a completely different scale.