[Archive] New horrors... Not insane enough?


Dose anyone else think that the new horrors look rather bad? I mean, they are supposed to be crackling, giggling, insane daemons, they shouldn’t look this tough… Anyone else agree?


Do you mean this “guys”?

Imo they are really aweful! :mad



I prefer the old one which in my opinion were perfect or what they are. GW seem to be tacking very good metal model all be it expensive with worse but cheaper plastic set, like the deamonettes, the new pink horrors(some of them are blue you know) and to some extent the chaos war hounds.


I prefer the old one which in my opinion were perfect or what they are.


I too agree, however it won't stop me from picking up a box of the new Horrors.  The Daemon Prince model looks amazing, however. I wasn't ompletely sold from the initial images GW put out, which looked too 40K-ish, but it looks like the kit has some amazing options... much more of a fantasy daemon look to some of the alternate parts.



I was planning on getting some of the horrors, thinking that because they were plastic no matter how bad they looked they’d be easier to convert. I must admit though, now I see all the different shapes I think it’s just not worth the effort to make them look remotely close to how I picture them.

The DP is very nice though, he’ll make a good vermin lord.


Not a real fan. They’re well-sculpted (no doubt about that) and probably way cheaper too when compared to the metal predecessors (not something to be sneezed at) but if the design-team wanted to go for the “wriggling, gibbering, formless essence of chaos”-look, they definitely missed out. I feel I’m looking at mere malformed humanoids instead of random coalescing forms of matter :s


Prefer the old ones, but these plastics might have a few intresting parts that can be used in conversions.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I’m quite a bit disappointed in the DP. Not nearly enough different poses possible with this design, I dislike the feet and there are no god-specific heads or accessories. So all you get out of that kit is one generic daemon prince that looks pretty much the same as everyone else’s. The horrors are also a bit lame, but the riding daemonettes are very nice models.


The seekers look fantastic- And so dose the changling. The Daemonprince is okay, but the horrors look like gene stealers…


I didn’t mind the new horrors when i first saw them but now i despise them quite a lot.

They remind me of how they ruined the good old 6th/7th bloodletters and daemonettes by making them way different.

I mean they used to look badass…The bloodletters looked like they really did belong in a khorne army because they were big, hairy almost at steroid junkie proportion and the daemonettes actually looked like females.

I like the different daemon princes though :slight_smile:


I spoke to Juan Diaz (the guy who sculpted the 6th ed Daemonettes and many of the other Warriors and Daemons metals), and he explained that whilst the metal models are individual projects, the plastics are a comunal effort. This is why he’s not resonsible for any of the plastic kits, as he is based in Spain. It’s a real shame as Juan has produced many of my favourite chaos sculpts, especially for Slaanesh.


Old horrors are beautiful sculpts and fit the horror description very nicely. The new ones are absolute crap, plain and simple.


The wings on that Daemon Prince are very interesting alright!:idea


Daemon prince is fantastic- I’d get one, but im working on my Dark Eldar. I will add some daemon riders as warp beast’s, since i think slaanesh enjoys the pain the dark eldar inflict.


I dislike all of it, but I have embraced my new role as a Privateer Press fanby, and am now obliged to dislike everything GW produces.


I dislike all of it, but I have embraced my new role as a Privateer Press fanby, and am now obliged to dislike everything GW produces.

Ehr, that's just sad... :rolleyes:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I disliked the new pictures of the Horrors at first (when it was nowt more than a sneak preview) and then started to like the prospects as they seemed to have far more variation in them than the metal ones: that was on two models and now I have seen the rest? Well, they’re less well done and look bland. So, they haven’t been made more horror-y and have had the coolness removed as well! I was planning to make a unit buying these boxes, but when they look both boring and poor, with a price-tag of 10 for £15, I seriously don’t think that I can justify it…

The daemon prince: I am pleasantly surprised (even if it does look like it may be difficult to get many different poses) to see that they aren’t so 40k orientated and the like. Another thing that I’ve noticed that I like is that it looks fairly easy to make three daemons from the one box, although I too am disappointed by the lack of extras (excepting the obvious ability to make three).

I still dislike the Changeling, despite it being sculpted well and as the picture, well, depicts it. I just find that it completely avoids capturing the possibilities: it can be mutating and malforming and be an amalgamation of several races/creatures/troops or what-have-you! But, instead, it’s some robes, arms and a staff… Missed the climax of its potential there (as they did with the horrors).

Riders of Slaanesh: Whilst there are some nice new parts (which look like they’d go beautifully on the daemonettes as well), they STILL look like they simply cut off some of the tabard and plonked the current infantry models’ bodies/legs onto the necks of the new mounts. It looks lacking in thought, rushed and as though little effort was put in. I like the new steeds and think that they’d look lovely stand-alone or elsewhere too (especially on chariots and such), but I also love the old steeds and think that those steeds (including riders) are irreplaceable (well, not literally, lol).


Ehr, that's just sad... :rolleyes:

To be honest, and not fanboyish, I've gotten used to a different style of miniature to GW, and now I find I really don't care for much of their ranges. I like other parts, but I find I want to spend my money elsewhere. But that's a whole other debate.

The horrors look stupid to me, not scary or chaotic. The daemon prince looks inorganic, and quite boring. Parts are cool, but I really dislike the torso and the abdominal muscles. Both kits look a bit computer designed, and not in the good way. Prince is ok, and not too expensive for a big model, and the horrors are at least not Greatsword-level expensive.

All in all, no thanks from me.


I agree with Grim, the Daemon Prince could make a GREAT base for a Vermin Lord. I’ll do some conversion work on it, but it’ll be an easy one.


I hate the new horrors so much, I’m going to say they are crap a second time. They are crap. There, I’m done.