[Archive] New Sartosa Minis

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

I was on the US GW site and it had had a complete overhaul and I was stumbling around trying to see if they sold chaos dwarfs again.  

  However I stumbled on these in the Advance Order Section.  

  Pirates of Sartosa.  


Undead pirate lord.  


An undead pirate.  


A pirate lord

so what does this mean, Sartosa is gonna have their own army book?

zorn sabretooth:

what!!! we have been waiting years for a new army book and gw decides on a new army cool minis though

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Technically we don’t know if it’s an army yet, however the new models sorta hinted around.


thats nice if they do a new army like this, they neglect the chaos dwarfs for these, typical gw

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

I know, every time we think they might come out with chaos dwarfs they do a different army. The daemons, now sartosa. What’s next, bloody Nippon!!!


are you sure about sartosa? they would fit as alternate minis for VC

Pyro Stick:

They look cool! But if they are going to be making new minis there is no reason why they dont do chaos dwarfs. Just wait until Kera finds these.


I would go with the alternate minis for a VC army, particularly as there was the Vampire Coast pirate army. Its easy for GW to make a few key models than it is a whole new army of minis + rules book. Hell, they make unique, not for sale, minis for use as gifts for staff/celebrations that the general public rarely sees.

Kera foehunter:

well guys i love them pirates… wow i can use these rules. Chaos pirate are now back!!!

from undead to mutated chaos dwarf pirates!!!Thanks Godri

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Np, although I don’t see why they made a human pirate lord if it was just alternate for vcs.

Kera foehunter:

Yea who would think a vampier incharge of pirates thats such a silly vampier model to

undead pirates still act like live pirates but they can’t keep the rum down.


sartosan minis?

what the f*ck is going on! oO’


I dunno, that’s either a skeletal foot or a wierd pegleg for that pirate lord. The face doesn’t look undead though, but nevermind, what a nice model. I may even buy him just to paint, or have him lead some pirate dualists in my DOW army.

The other two, meh, less great. The worst offender being the first, with an ugly (and hardly piratey) metal yamika and a spike sticking out of the puff and sash that seems to have been added as an afterthought to make the model more spikey, and irgo in the eyes of GW, more evil. I don’t see why zombie pirates can’t wear their own hats without the aid of a stick either.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

the last pirate dosen’t look dead to me but chaos dwarfs should have an amry book or at lest an army list why are they making new armys when they should update the old one such as chaos dwarf ,tomb king or skavan


cool minis

i cant imagine they would make a sartosan army, as in warhammer sartosans are always portrayed as pirates. more likely a DOW unit, or a mordhiem warband (pirates and undead pirates would be cool for that).

reminds me a lot of the dan abnett book fell cargo

Father Grumpmas:

Since I have a Zombie Pirate army, I am honour bound to buy these suckers.

Whether they are a hint of things to come, an extension to the VC range, or just leftovers from the Lustria book remains to be seen.

Apparently the WD Zombie Pirate list, coupled with the Pirates of the Carribean movies craze, created a lot of interest at the time so who knows what plan is lurking in GW’s heads.

Wood elf players certainly never expected to have to wait for an Ogre army to be released before they got their new book.

The Raven:

Damn you GW, did you not learn your lesson with the Ogres?

Now go make something usefull!

Viskar Zhragoth:

These same minis were shown on warseer on display at a games day somewhere in europe. They were test sculpts/submissions from the sculptor(I think maybe Juan Diaz and it was spain?)

Anyway, they siad there that they were models he either trained on, or did as his “application” (I don’t KNOW, that was just what they said from the games day).

I think the collared guy was supposed to be luthor harkon? but he doesn’t look like the artwork…

And kera, it was for Vampire Coasts Pirate armies…and it was about the time of Lustria (according to warseer) so they were made with that in mind. (they also had them at the warhammer world store in nottingham at some point.)

Now they are released! Yeah!


I’m getting quite pissed at games workshop.



You can understand their reasoning with all the pirate hype from the three PotC films, and little kids just lurve pirates (no offence to Kera and all the other piratephiles who frequent these forums). When they released the Vampire Coast list during Lustria the only thing they did (that i can remember) was do a little deal that combined militia and zombie sprues, at least these make hobbyists such as Father Grumpas happy, as well as having a wide ranging appeal (undead, dogs of war, marienburger armies, pirates, one off painters.)

GW is a corporation, a corporation in somewhat financial trouble. As a publically listed corporation, it bows to it’s shareholders, and releasing all encompassing miniatures that have already been sculpted (by somebody not on the pay register at the time i assume) is another quick buck that they can sell for a few months, stop casting, pop them in the collectors section and charge what they please.