[Archive] New Skaven clanrat pics


Pyro Stick:

They look a lot better than the old models. You could argue that they look too skinny but that just gives them a more realistic look.


I’ve wanted a Skaven army since the new (now old) models came out in early 2002 (WD266).  It looks like the new army book and models will provide a great opportunity to finally start a Skaven army. Thanks for the link.


The only issue I can see is that the Night Runners are apparently not getting redone - so there will be 2 styles of rat in the army - be interesting to see how they compare in an army… Personally, I think the older style suits the idea of NRs but I’m not sure about the 2 together…


Agree with you, alot better than the old ones! :slight_smile:


The old ones were cuter…:hat off


I think if they had the decent skaven heads (like stormvermin or gutter runners) with those bodies they would look really nice.  As it is though I’m not a great fan.  The heads are not that similar at all really to the old style, and overall they look a bit top heavy for bulk. Maybe they are just mutated now with hunchbacks, as opposed to just being hunched over a little?


Ye gods :o

Games Workshop in Good Models shocker!! They look awesome, makes me want to do Skaven again…

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Now that that’s out of the way GW…let’s get some CD’s happening! :smiley:


Sweet. I’ve always loved Skaven, and this just makes it all the more likely I will do them.

I always thought people were harsh on the current clan rats, but… these news ones outclass them by a mile. The “current” clan rats will become slaves now…

Plus the choice of hand weapons will also look cool now… whereas I thought they looked better with spears on the older ones.

I am curious to see if there will be plastic Stormvermin though.

Now I’ll probably have a Skaven army eventually… shrug


I’m with Grim, they’re too top heavy.

They also lack the character of the older clanrats. I’m not a fan of this trend for making models that sacrifice poses and ease of conversion to make them rank more easily. If you can’t be bothered to number the bases of your models its not our fault if they don’t rank up. There’s no energy to these guys, they’re just static. As long as they don’t cost as much as the other new models. Imagine building a skaven horde at twelve pounds for ten!

Ishkur Cinderhat:


The only thing that kept me from collecting Skaven were those stupid clanrat models that looked more like monkeys than anything else. Now finally these look like ratmen. Me likey. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:


They differently look better then the old models.

My only criticism is the “spear”, which looks more like a pole arm (halberd) then as a spear. There is no way that rat could ever use that weapon, one handed, having that much metal to it.


I like them. My only real criticism: they need more visible fur.

I’m thinking of buying n old box now, and a new box on release, and mixing the two in order to bind it all together in my army.


Curse the rat men, i am just starting an ogre army, these are some very nice models hopefully they will have some for sale at games day uk and i can pick up the new rule book, knowing your enemy is the first step to defeating them :slight_smile:


Wow !! Nice models of Clanrats. :slight_smile:


those stupid clanrat models that looked more like monkeys than anything else.
You said it, dude :) The current ones are awful. I like the way these look like the old metals from 5th ed.


Great figures. I cant wait to see what else is coming.

I’m hoping for Skaven players sakes they are affordable tho. Being so cheap points wise and all.


Classic Skaven Artifice = Doomwheel?