[Archive] New Vampire Counts Models


See attached files. :hat off

Bring out your dead!

Pyro Stick:

Im not that impressed to be honest. The corpse cart is kind of cool. Is it a chariot type thing or something. And are those meant to be grave guard? I hope not.


Hm, well the corpse cart is pretty hilarious, and I like the new skeletons far more than the old ones. But, ever notice how GW can’t sculpt vampires to save their lives? Vlad’s armour is kinda neat, but the faces are awful. Since when did fangs = buck teeth?

Pyro Stick:

Vlad Von Buckteeth.

“The new plastic skeletons are amomg the most intricate we’ve ever released”…Whatever. GW must be pretty crap then lol


the female vampire looks out of proportion. her arms are too skinny and long.

the corpse cart is O.K., not wow though.

Pyro Stick:

the female vampire looks out of proportion. her arms are too skinny and long.

I just realised that her foot has the same armour as archaon on foot has.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Oh man sforry if thissf isf hardf to readf but my keyboardf isf full of drool :o


some more incase you missed these ones

grave guard

von carstien

fell bat


that is no fellbat. that is a wargulf.

Father Grumpmas:

The skeletons look okay to me - I will definitely buy a box or two.

The corpse cart is sort of alright - I would have preferred something more like a real cart than a undead construct.

The characters are just terrible - Vlad is over the top and achieves nothing. The female vamp is stiffly posed and looks like a 5th edition model.


imo the cart is aweful, the female vampire is isabella von carstein


The corpse cart is superb.

The skeletons are better than the current ones.

The Vampire characters are, frankly, embarrassingly bad.


its the zombies i have more of a problem with than the cart itself, they might look better in the “flesh”


I agree with ishkur on this one, i am very impressed with the plastics, especially the skeletons (really intricate compared to GW’s other plastics) although not as impressed with the vampires


Looks pretty good to me. The new skeles are at funny angles though, their legs look a bit odd. I’m not drooling, but they are better than the current ones and none of them are bad at all.


Is it just me or does the female vamp look like a pirate?

If only she had a hat like keras, she would be the perfet substitue for Luther Harkon from the zombie pirates!

Plus, the corpse cart is really cool!

With a few tweeks here and there, that would make a great chariot of nurgle, or a plague cart


The skeles are good but suffer once again from beignSO DAMN EXPENSIVE I WON’T BE ABLE TO AFFORD THEM


The skeles are good but suffer once again from beignSO DAMN EXPENSIVE I WON'T BE ABLE TO AFFORD THEM

They are plastic, so they should not be too expensive.

Kera foehunter:

great post X. i like the warri0rs

warplock it you ! pirates don’t fight in costums like that. unless it captain jack sparrow!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think that the skeletons do their job. No better than the current ones though. I like the grave guard that is like a dead marauder/chaos warrior though. The fell bat/strigoi is a cool model, but not a good depitcion of either IMO. The vamp on horse looks quite good, not sure on the positioning though. The vamp. characters in the first post are abysmal. Especially the male one. The corpse cart is taken straight from warcraft and looks kind of, urm, stupid?