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Like these a lot :slight_smile:

EDIT - Some more:

Shame the cover art is ballsacks but oh well.


The coven throne is certainly an elaborate figure. Tbh, my initial reaction is that i’m not sure whether I like it or not, but it is undeniably impressive.

Thommy H:

BEST DAY EVER (except my wedding and, like, loads of others, but you get the idea).


They look amazing the big thing is impressive but alittle eh?!


My first reaction: I do not what to transport that to any game table other than my own (oh and I dont have a gaming table).
If you do transport this you better start buying your superglue in bulk…

[edit]but I do like the fact that there is no game terrain high enough for this thing to hide behind. Ready… Aim… FIRE!


etherial cav? don’t like the sound of that…


My son is going to be very very happy! £18 for black knights too!!


Holy …! :o

That Coven Throne looks incredible - and should be rather fun painting. Does it come with a special custom made foam bag for transport?

Besides the Hexwraiths, I really like these - but where are new Zombies? How can they keep on insisting that we use those outdated miniatures?

Ghrask Dragh:

Krell looks awesome, Mortis Engine wins it for me though!!

Pyro Stick:

The coven throne/mortis engine is one of the coolest models i’ve seen in a while but i’m not looking forward to seeing the price. It doesn’t look like it will be cheap.


sooooo awesome, I love what GW are doing with their plastics now!


Whoa, pretty cool stuff. :slight_smile:

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Seeing those models makes me glad for one thing - I don’t have to paint that throne. I imagine very few well painted ones. What a beast…!

Grimbold Blackhammer


That is huge! I can already imagine it falling over onto my troops due to being poorly constructed by a 13-year-old

Thommy H:

It’s not as big as it looks I don’t think - that’s only a chariot base. And, in rules terms, I’m going to assume they’ll work like chariots too, but the “beasts” pulling it will be a generic mob of Ethereal whotsits. Should be cool - pity I can’t really justify either a harem of sexy vampires riding about or a sort of spiky stairlift thing for a Necromancer in my Vampire Counts army.

On the other hand, I did just get 60 Mantic Zombies for Christmas, and I’ve got some cash to buy a Terrorgheist with next weekend so I think this is all pretty good news for me.

If there’s ever been a better time to play Warhammer, I wasn’t around for it.


That throne sure is a thing of beauty.


I want a coven throne even though I don’t do VCs. who thinks that I could convert it into an over the top empire war altar?:slight_smile:


Though I have no VC army I like their stuff a lot!

Especially the new Coven Throne is awesome, really amazing stuff of resin!

Damn if GW had created such stuff and models in my youth I would have collected them!

@ theforgefather: I’m afraid the use of the Coven Throne as an ordinary empire war altar is a no go!

    If you really want to use the model you need a good story and an appropriate god to whom such an altar is scared!


Thommy H:

The Coven Throne/Mortis Engine is a plastic kit, not Finecast.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Actually I think it is ethreal Fast Cav and they give D6 ST5 to any unit they pass through. I’m not one to cry broken but…really? Really??

Grimbold Blackhammer