[Archive] New Warhammer World Daemonsmith


This just cropped up on the old Twitter -


I really, really like this.


following the wave of the " k’daai" :smiley:


YES! We’re not dead :). I love that model. I want that model. They even gave us our mustache back :D!

EDIT: If you are an old timer like me, and you like 40k’s lore, then scroll the pictures onwards. The cult is back :o.


The mini looks well. Very good news for us!

P.S. Anyone lives around Nottingham? I’ll be happy to buy this mini or trade for Bezhukk


Great! Hat and 'stache, the whole mini looks like a brand new sculpt if I’m not missing anything obvious

Anyone live near Nottingham? I’ll buy the mini or trade it for animated statue/s and/or escort vessels. Please PM me for details, and we’ll settle compensation that way.


but not nice that it is store exclusive !


The most beautiful chaos dwarf since Astragoth!

Thank you forgeworld you magnificient bastards.


Amazing looking model! Glad to see CDs aren’t written off yet!


Think ill be dropping to warhammer world in the summer.


Awesome! I have to pick this one up.


Very nice. Also: Chaos Dwarfs live!


Looks fantastic!

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And the best part is, he’s wearing the classic big hat.


Would love one but its a bit far away


Hell yeah ! Any one sending one piece to Switzerland ? :p.

Expecting some great releases

Pyro Stick:

(click for fullsize)

Very nice. I wouldn’t pay a fortune for it on ebay though which is probably going to be the only way to get hold of it easily.


Mhhh the first model from the forgeworld range I don’t like.


great piece!

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Fantastic model. I’ll be getting one.

And thanks goodness they called it what it is, not a Dark Duergar Firemetalsmith of Zharr or whatever the new things are.

Fuggit Khan:

Big Hat!

A nice model to be sure, even the shoe style is more akin to the classic 4th edition models (which can easily be painted in leather tones or metal as seen here).

But the most impressive bit of this model is the painting…look at the flask of green liquid! They actually managed to paint the top of the flask to look like clear glass and the green liquid is sloshing around inside. Impressive!

And as Bitterman said, thank Hashut they did not give it some weird Duergar name :cheers